Thursday, April 17, 2014

Letter O----------OCEAN

  Good morning and the sun is shining as you come Through My Back Door this morning. The coffee is ready and I am on my second cup.The letter O is the letter today and I thought of lots of things, but Ocean kept coming to my mind. I LOVE the ocean. I have been to the coast from Maine to Florida. I have been on the Atlantic and the Gulf side in Florida, but I LOVE the Panhandle. Several years ago my friend Carol, who she and her husband Jim, own a condo in Seagrove offered it to us. We went and it was the beginning of a love affair, that is still going on.
The water is green as can be, thus they call it the Emerald Coast. The condo is so convenient to Destin and Panama City, as well as many other little beach towns.
Yes, this is where I am so at peace. Not any beach, but beautiful Seagrove in the panhandle. I know that all is well and God is in control. I always think of the words ,"Dear God your sea is so vast and my boat is so  small" but I always replace boat with "me".
So there you have my love for the Ocean. I hope you love coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Thank you for the Comments about Jason, Lori's son. Please continue prayers. You can find a link to his page on my timeline on FB


  1. Hi Betty, so soothing the ocean is, blessings Francine.

  2. Dear Betty,
    I love the ocean too. I grew up in Long Beach, CA. My friend Sil and I used to go to the beach almost everyday in the summer when our moms were at work. Can you imagine young girls going to the beach alone today??? Our Pacific Ocean is not as pretty or warm as the Atlantic or Gulf.... but I love it anyway. Like you, I always feel close to God there.

    I hope you will drop by my O post today. I always enjoy your kind comments. I will add Jason to my prayer list.
    Have a good day. Hugs, Grammy

  3. I have only been there once and it was beautiful.

  4. It's been a long time since I have been to the ocean, but it is so peaceful. Been thinking of Lori and Her son, praying for them! OLM


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