Monday, May 5, 2014

Oh Happy Day

Good morning and welcome Through My Back Door. I want to share my weekend with you, but first grab a cup of  coffee and lets go sit here. It is a beautiful morning and we have been looking forward to coffee out here for months. I am sorry there is nothing sweet, but I have been gone.
Nothing changes out here. It always looks the same. But I love sitting out here and reading.
Anyway, I have stated before I have 8 grandchildren. Each one is a unique person with lots going for them. I have 2 still working on their college degrees and I am proud of each of them. However this past weekend belonged to Curt. Curt has always been there to help on whatever project was going on at my house. He wasn't made to do it, nor asked, he just came and helped. He has cleaned out my rose garden when I had one, he has painted the old building behind my house, and my back deck. He helped put down and stain my wood floors. He is a hard worker and I must add here, that all of my grands have a  good work ethic, that I am proud of.I think I may one day do a blog on each of them. Anyway, Curt decided to become a Pharmacist like his Dad. People don't realize that Michael is a Doctor of Pharmacy. He would never tell you that. He is just "Mike" to his customers. Many who go to my church say, I just found out my pharmacist is your s-i-l and he is so nice. I digress, this is Curts day! Anyway I went with Deb and Michael on Thursday to Nashville. Friday was honors day and a reception. We were able to be there for all of that. Sat was graduation and they were hooded.(I was hoping it would be like med school and the dads or moms who were pharmacist could hood their child) It wasn't. When Beth finished Ryans dad who is a physician hooded both Beth and Ryan. It was touching.
I do want to say it was refreshing to attend a commencement and hear God's name, prayer, and reference to the Scriptures. Don't hear that at the University of Tn nor any of the other graduations I have attended.(BTW  have attended a few)lol
Proud Mama and Daddy
Honors day. That is Linz sitting next to me, her Mom and Dad. Yes they came too. Everyone on both sides was there for his big day, but Beth, She was working(taking care of the sick) or she, Ryan, and Amelia would have been right beside us.
On Friday Amanda and Clay with Mollie and Andrew came over and so did Linz sister Whitney, her husband Ryan and Brynne and Emory. What fun. BTW Whitney has a blog,Keeping Up With The Bandermann's.   Check it out. I could never KEEP UP with the Bandermanns
Anyway Whitney works part time at her church's preschool program, is the mother of two, yet she took time to make these fabulous cookies for Curt. They were as good as they looked.
Isn't this sweet? On Friday night we ate at Pucketts in Franklin. Michael and I enjoyed looking at the pictures they had on the walls. The food was good and they accommodated all 15 of us with out a hitch.So sorry our little Mollie can't be seen in this. She is beside Deb. And she is SO cute.
 We went back to hotel room to visit and eat these cookies
Saturday we went to graduation, skipped the reception and went to eat lunch where we could all sit and visit before we headed back home and they head to Missouri. It was a wonderful weekend and I just had to share it with you. Hope it didn't bore you all to
I have to admit to doing something I haven't done since Andrew has been big enough to want to help, and that is bake cookies alone!(Sure hope he doesn't find out I did, or I will be in trouble) Whitney I did my recipe leaving out the vanilla entirely and using only the almond and they are sooooo good. However I have to admit, they are just plain round cookies. But I will ice them.
It was an Oh Happy day and it always is when you come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Curt and Linz have bought a house and will be moving home in June.We will get to see a whole lot more of the Pingles. Linz Dad is a history buff and fits right in with us! We love the whole family and Mollie and Brynne were so cute, but I have no pictures. Maybe later.
PSS: Tomorrow is election day and tomorrow night we will know if Dodd has won.Win or lose I am so proud of this boy.I will say if he loses he will still be an advocate for Blount County.
PSSS: Let us continue to pray for our fellow bloggers who are having a hard time right now. There are several.



  1. What a wonderful post. I always love having coffee with you. It sounds so nice that you all share in each others lives and celebrate together. I have always tried to do that with my children and their families.
    Congrats and good luck to them all- you have done such a nice job with your family. Blessings~Sara

  2. Such an accomplishment for your grandson... How nice that so many of your family could attend the ceremony! Best of luck to Curt... and Dodd tomorrow at the election! You have a wonderful family.

  3. Just loved this post Betty. So good to hear all about the family. So nice that Curt will be living nearby too. Have a great week!

  4. I always enjoy our visits to you Betty. Best wishes to Curt as he embarks on the next step of his journey.

  5. Congrats to Curt! Best of luck to him. Those cookis look so yummy. Janice

  6. Very very proud and a lot of HARD work!!!!!!

  7. Congrats Curt. I know you are one proud grandma.

    Many wonderful family memories were made.



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