Monday, August 1, 2011

Where Is Summer Going?

Good Monday morning. Can you believe it is the first day of August? I can't wrap my mind around that, quite yet. Anyway come on in and have a cup of coffee with me. We are having DD hazelnut this morning. It has been a while. Thought I was out, but found some in the pantry. There isn't much going on here right now, so I am  happy to see you, come on in. Where is summer going? My family has several teachers, and depending which counties they teach in, some have gone back to school. In fact the county where my son and d-i-l teach, the students return tomorrow. The rest this is their last week. I remember the count down before school started, and I would be excited and trying to cram so much into those last few days too. In special education it would take a while for the kids to get in a routine and to trust you. I miss those kids!. I still use some of the things they said in my conversations. Did I ever share why I worked 30 years in Sp Ed? Well I'll tell you. I volunteered for several months and fell in love with the kids. One little boy with down syndrome, was so special to me. His hair was always down in his eyes, his shoes were always untied and wet, (we all know why little boys have wet shoe strings) and he didn't love  just everybody. He was very particular. He was from a wonderful family. One day he came to school with a knot in his shoe. They had tried to get it out before he came, but ran out of time. Anyway he asked me to get it out. We both sat down flat on the floor and I worked forever getting out the knot. When I did, he grabbed my face between his hands and said,"Clo,(that is what he first called me. Later I became sweetpea and that is what I remained until his death), you are a genius!" No one had ever called me a genius before or since!lolSo I stayed in special education for 30 years Danny is now a heavenly angel bringing smiles to everyone he sees. His mother once said she didn't understand why Danny had to have down syndrome. My answer to her was because he brought so much joy to those around him. To this day I can't think of him without smiling. To all of you parents with special needs children. I know it gets hard, but your kids bring so  much joy and inspiration to  others. It is a privilege and an honor to know them.
Thank you for letting me share my Danny.
It has been so hot here. The flowers look awful and my back door looks sad. It won't be long until we can put our fall stuff out and that will perk us up.
This fellow has not been feeling well. Had to go the vet and now seems to be on the mend. I have had rotties before him and they never had allaergies or hot spots. This boy has them all. He is on a special diet and still has hot spots. He also had an ear infection.
Haven't been buying much this summer. I am trying to save money and besides I am totally out of room. I did get this. Bet you can't guess where. Yes, the Hen has some pewter she is selling, so I bought these.
I only had one porridger. I actually will use my pewter from September until spring, whenever I entertain. You know me, life is short use what you have and enjoy it. I don't like washing dishes, but for some reason don't mind hand washing these at all.
Where is summer going? I am already talking about fall. I bought a new Family Weavers throw to use as a table cloth. Sorry, I don't have a picture of it. It is brown tones. It really is pretty.
This is what I have on my table right now.
So simple.
This is the week of the Worlds Longest Yard Sale. Will be going one day this week. I do enjoy that, but all I am looking for is a wood tub to put my Christmas tree in and a small firkin. I need one more to complete my stack. Will post pictures after that.
Well before I close I have to tell you about our family miracle. You all are acquainted with the worlds best son in law. Well two and a half weeks ago he fell about 20 feet from the top of a two story barn he was working on. He had three cracked ribs, but no internal injuries. Can you say Thank You God? We certainly did. The doctors were amazed. His son in law and daughter are both doctors and they couldn't believe it either. We are so grateful to God for our family miracle.
Well summer is leaving us at a break neck speed. Everyone is so busy, and I am both flattered and humbled you took time to come Through My Back Door where life is good.
ps Since life is short spend your time with people you love and enjoy it


  1. Morning Betty, First let me say I am so thankful your son in law was spared a serious injury. God is good. Hoping he is not in too much pain with those ribs as I hear that can be painful. And am hoping your precious pet is on the mend. When my Peek a Boo was with me, when he got sick, it was almost as bad a when Holly was sick. Gota love our animals.
    Holly is going back to teaching this year after taking last year off to be with Darbee Rae. I will miss her, but she has that gift and loves what she does. Pre planning for her started today. Thanks for sharing the story about Danny. Sometime the simplest of things stick in our minds and make a lasting impression on our lives. Have fun on the longest yard sale. Hope you find your goodies. Try and not get too hot. Enjoy.

  2. dear Betty,
    I was leaving you a comment and it just disappeared as I was typing. I don't know why that happens to me... but it does from time to time???

    I am so glad to hear that your son-in-law only got broken ribs from his terrible fall. I know from experience that broken ribs are very painful and take a long time to heal... but it could have been so much worse. I wish him the very best. What a blessing.

    Your story about Dannhy touches my heart. He was as blessed to have you as you were to know him.

    Have a good week. Hugs, Lura

  3. Glad you SIL is Ok.Ouch but it could have been a lot worse.I have a itchy scratchy dog too.So I know where you at with the allegies and ear infections.Yes they are just like having'm dreaming of fall too but seems all year I dream of it.It's been HOT so some crisp fall days will be more than welcome.I never knew you worked with special needs children must have been so rewarding for you and them you have the kindest heart.Good luck finding your treasures.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. Hi Betty ,it was wonderful to read your story about Danny. It was very touching,what a blessing he was to all . Glad that your SIL was okay,how scary! My pooch has allergies year round and has lost a great deal of her fur.Hope that you find the goodies that you are looking for at the longest yard sale.Hugs,Jen

  5. Your home is beautiful. I am new at this blogging thing and will be posting some pics later on. Stop by and check out life in Virginia.

  6. Ouch! Praying for a speedy recovery!
    Summer has flown by for us. Just too busy, I guess.
    No more lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer for us. Really super happy you got to meet Sue. She is a darling gal.
    One of our doxies gets hot spots but she seems to get them regardless of the season. We use a topical spray called 'Betagin'. It seems to work for her. Our neighbors had a bulldog that had allergies to everything. Not fun in the summer, for sure. I hope your dog gets better with the change in season!
    Have a wonderful week! ★Linda★

  7. Wow, that truly is a miracle about your son-in-law. Praise God!
    I needed a tissue while reading about Danny. I taught preschool and for some reason, I always got all the "problem children." But they were never problems for me. If a child is bored, they will get into mischief. I tried to keep my kids busy and happy. I sometimes miss it. Teaching is a wonderful blessing.
    About summer, I am always happy to see it go! We have such horrible heat & humidity down here. Today was just awful. Beautiful day, but only looking through the windows. Too hot to be outside in it.
    I love your porridgers and will be back to see your new table runner. Have a great week!

  8. What a nice story about Danny. We have a little girl who works with the cleaning people who has downs syndrome. She is always smiling and laughing. She had a birthday last week and turned 46 she says, we don't know really how old she is.
    She has such a happy outlook and we should be so lucky. Even when her foot and leg gives her trouble, she comes to work and never complains.
    She is such a joy to be around, with hugs for everyone. I am also looking forward to fall this year with all the heat and all. It has been such a hot one that no one wants to be outside. So summer is coming to a close with our school starting in about a week. Hope you find some goodies on the longest yard sale. I have a friend who went for a few days and found all kinds of good things. Too bad it is in August.
    Good hunting at the sale.
    Country at heart

  9. Lovely post, as usual, Miss Betty. So glad your SIL escaped with relatively minor injuries...but, still, OUCH! Hope he heals quickly....And hope your pup gets on the mend soon too as well - seems like the bigger they are, the harder they fall...The snow dog has all sorts of problems this summer - hot spots, weird eye issues, and now the vet is telling us he has acid reflux and needs to be on Prilosec....yikes. He's on almost as many meds as I am!! Love your Danny story - a close friend of mine has a child with DS - at first, I wanted to "feel sorry" for her - then I realized how truly blessed she was. He is such a loving, giving, child and I adore him. I envy you your world's longest yard sale adventure - I have always wanted to do that...but it's probably a good thing I haven't been able to - I'd probably come home with a trailer full of things and no place to put them! Have a wonderful week! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (And, hey - it's way too early for school to be starting!!!) ;o)

  10. Hi there Ms. Betty,

    I could just picture your Danny as she talked about him! Ally Down's Syndrome children I've ever known (and we have one in our family) are the most loveable people! They are precious! I loved hearing about him!

    And PTL that your son-in-law is okay. God is good! That definitely is a miracle!

    Also love your pewter and your table.

    And I don't want to think about school starting yet.....I haven't even ordered our curriculum yet! Summer has flown by!

    And the world's longest yard sale sounds awesome! I've heard of it and how I wish I was close enough to take advantage of it. Hope you find lots of deals and share them on your blog!

    Have a great rest of the week! :)

  11. Betty,
    I love the pewter. I love your house. I like simpe too, but got to get rid of a bunch of stuff before I Can be 'simple'.

    Talk to you soon.

  12. Sweet story about Danny! I work at a therapy clinic and see so many special needs kiddos come through the door and they just touch my heart with the things they say and do.
    I am SO GLAD your SIL is OK! Thank you GOD!
    Have a blast at your WL garage sale, sounds fun!

  13. BEtty,
    How in the world did I miss that post? I am glad that he wasn't more seriously injured! Is that why Deb got that recliner? Now it make sense!
    Of course~ the story of Danny~ can you say my waterworks was flowing? What a world it would be if there were more people as accepting as you!
    Those kids were blessed by you, and you were blessed by them, and you are right~ they sure do know a genuine person.
    I am jealous you are having fun at the garage sale! JK!
    Dasko has allergies? Did you see a specialist? We went through this same thing with our Golden~ he was allergic to EVERYTHING! I do hope Dasko finds some relief. I can give you some tips sometime, we can talk more about that.
    BELIEVE me~ I have experience! LOL! My husband said one time~ Can't we ever have one thing that is normal? LOL! Well~ I guess God knows who can take it! LOL!
    Hugs to you Betty!

  14. hi, Betty
    enjoyed the story about Danny~ thank God you son in law was okay~ wow that is a fall~
    Hope Dasko mends~poor guy~the table is beautiful!!! love the weaver!!

  15. hope I have this figured out so I can post comments

  16. yeah I love all of the things you have


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