Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Longest Yard Sale

It is so hot outside, so come on in and have a glass of tea. It is the sweet tea with pineapple and is so refreshing. Lets just sit and enjoy the coolness in here, have a glass of tea and be grateful for central Anyway I am so happy you came Through My Back Door this  evening. I'll tell you about the Worlds Longest Yard Sale yesterday. One word can describe it for me. HOT! It was so hot. My daughter, son in law and I went. You know my s-i-l had fallen off a barn and has cracked ribs and is still sore. What you don't know is I have Plantars Faciitis in my foot along with a painful heel spur. So Deb was a little skeptical about going with two not so healthy , quote, unquote, people. Well I'll have you know Michael and I did fine. I walked as well as any body. So But when I got home last night, wow. My foot hurt. We went out to dinner for my Grandson Curts birthday, and by the time it was over Michael could hardly move and I couldn't walk. Oh well, back to the yardsale. It was wonderful as always. So many goodies, it would be nice to have bottomless pockets. I only bought two things. I went with a certain amount of money and wasn't going over it. (I did take a check with me though. You gotta' cover your bases). I have been looking for about four years for just the right spice cupboard and found it yesterday. This is it.
 It actually has  old bittersweet paint on it, although it looks more mustard in the picture. The drawers are all sawtooth, and did you notice the pulls? I bet some little man had this in his workshop because of them. I love it. I  paid a little more than I wanted to, but it was love at first I also found this.
It too was love at first sight.Most of you know if I don't love it, I don't want it. I cannot wait to see this decorated for fall and Christmas. Michael collects certain tools and he found a bunch. Deb bought some pewter, a crock, and a mortar and pestle. They also bought the most gorgeous dry sink. We were in Michael's Flex so they just paid for it and will go back in the truck after it. I will post a picture next time. It is beautiful.
Shirlee over at Farmhouse Ponderings did a give away. She also did a runner up, which I won. The box came today and I was so excited.

It even had a card with the directions on how to open.
Isn't this beautiful? I love it. I have already found a place to put it.
On my dresser! You would think this was enough, but there is more. A few blogs ago I mentioned being addicted to Deb Peterson pinkeeps. Shirlee found her and got me this.
Can you believe it? Now here is something Shirlee doesn't know. I got so excited opening and placing I forgot to open my card! In the mean time I had e-mailed her to let her know it had arrived safely. I didn't mention or thank her for all she went through to get this, because I didn't know until later! Can you say excited? I was! Am!
Here is where I put it. I love it.
Don't you? Go read her blog if you can. Thank you so much Shirlee I will enjoy these so much for a long time to come.You have no idea how I appreciate all you did.
Well thanks you all for coming Through My Back Door today where life is good.
ps Happy Birthday Curt. I am so proud  of you and love you bunches. (he is twenty four, in pharmacy school and engaged to be married next summer to the sweetest girl. More about that later)


  1. Betty, love your spice cupboard and the old wooden box. And your gifts from Shirlee are so sweet. Nice of her to send something she knew you would want. Love the box and the pinkeep. Looks great in that chair. Happy Birthday to Curt. Hope you are rested and feeling better. Have a great evening.

  2. I would LOVE to go to one of those longest yard sales!! Lucky you!!! (Well, maybe it's a good thing - I'd probably get into way too much trouble and bring home trailers-full of things I can't afford and don't have room for...Resistance is not one of my strong points...I love your goodies from Shirlee...and were just runner-up???! Yikes! That box is awesome...and I know both treasures will have a good home. Hope you and Michael are recovering....Happy tomorrow...Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Just found your blog and I'm now following. I didn't go today on the Yard Sale maybe tomorrow.

  4. Love it all you more.

  5. Yeah, on the goodies you found. I am heading out to the yard sale on the Ky side today. I think we are going to head North this year instead of South. I hope I find some goodies too. I always enjoy my visits with you Betty. Have a great day and Blessings!

  6. Betty.......what fun that yard sale must be. It must run close by you.
    Love that spice cabinet. and your gifts from Shirlee are so so nice!

  7. Oh I love yard sales Betty! SO much fun..Congrats on your win from Shirlee. What a sweetie she is. I loved the story behind the pinkeep too. What great friends we are blessed with here in blogland.
    Thanks for the tea. yummy!
    Hugs Trace

  8. Wow, love all your new goodies. How fun to get to go to that huge yardsale. maybe one day, I will too. I just wish they didn't have it during the summer. It would be so much more enjoyable in the Fall.
    Congrats on your giveaway win! have a wonderful day!

  9. Love your yard sale finds. Hope you feel better this morning and wow what a great present!!

  10. I am so glad you like the pinkeep! You know I had a hard time keeping my my closed!!

  11. You've had a good week! Love all of your new things and I'm happy you won! Thanks for the tea! See you soon!

  12. Hi Betty, My hubby and I keep saying we are going to go to one of the long yard sales and haven't yet! Maybe soon....Love your new goodies..Isn't it wonderful to find a bargain?
    Saw where you stopped in today...I will check back..Can't wait to see you post a evening photo..Have a great evening and a relaxing Sunday...
    I love them!

  13. Well Ms. your goodies that you found at the yard sale!! Bet you guys had so much fun. One day I would love to travel along the worlds longest yardsale...better play the Your winnings are beautiful. I could feel your excitement thru your posts!!! Enjoy your day.

  14. Hi Betty! This is Lindsey's mom, Rene'! Just wanted to tell you hello and that I'm your newest follower! Curt is here this weekend and we have had a great time!

  15. hi, Betty
    Wonderful gatherings from the yard sale~ lvoe the spicey cubby!
    Great goodies from Shirlee!


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