Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fall Keeps Pushing Its Way In

Hello everybody. come on in Through My Back Door, and I have a confession to make. Of course the coffee is on, but its DD! I bit the bullet. I can never find my Kona at Marshalls or Ross' so I paid the price. Grab a cup and don't hesitate to drink it because your hostess is complaining about the Lets just enjoy it,okay. I could only think if my Mother knew how much I was paying for coffee! What do you say, since we're talking about fall, we drink out of the redware. Anyway, I am glad you stopped by. I have been home since last Thursday with a summer cold. It knocked me off my feet. I had to go get Dasko food today, he is on a vegetarian food, and I have to go to Oak Ridge to get it. SO I stopped in Clinton at Corner Antiques and brought this home with me. It made me feel better.
It is only 5" high and 7" across. The blue paint is not original, but I really liked the size. Out of all of mine, I didn't have one this size.
The mornings have been so cool here I have been able to have my morning coffee,(I am all about the coffee)lol on my porch.
When I am out here of a morning, see that red cup with the lid, it is never far from me. Tamera, Country at Heart, sent me that in a give away. It is perfect. Bugs can't fly in and it keeps it hot too. Wasn't the color perfect?
I can't stop the fall from coming in. I actually am not trying, I held the door open I'll show you a little bit of fall through my back door. I hope you enjoy.
One end of the living room. See the settle in the fireplace. Kathy Trouts husband,Merle, made it for me and I love it.
On my childs stepback in the kitchen corner.
My husband about wore this whisk broom out. I gave one to Deb.
On top of the entertainment center. I just like to stick a little simple fall here and there.
This is the old box I found on the longest yard sale.
The pillow my friend Sue, from Prim Sues Heart and Home gave me.You want to know a secret? I dress my beds for the seasons. Here is the bed with its fall clothes on.
Remember to have only the things around you and the people that you love. Thanks so much for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS This is nothing to do with prim. If you know me you know I am a big Lady Vol Basketball fan. We have a fantastic womens program at the University of Tennessee, with a wonderful coach, in Pat Summit. She is the all time winningest caoch in college BB history. Men or women.She made the announcement she has been diagnosed with early dementia, Alzheimers. Would you remember her and her son Tyler in your prayers please? My grandson Curt, gave me this autographed ball, as a surprise for Christmas after they won the last national championship. I will treasure it for two reasons now.
This was after the 2008 National Championship.


  1. Glad to have joined you on your porch with coffee mug in hand, glad you like it. I have a favorite one too. And yes, fall will be here soon. I love the sprinkling of fall you used in your home. I love the blue bucket you found.I have been working on some fall sewing items since I am off work this week and even decorated the breezeway outside.
    Until next time, keep the coffee hot.
    Country at heart

  2. hi, Betty
    Hope you are feeling better~ your home looks wonderful~ always inviting~ is that a tail I see in the photo on the porch?

    I will keep your friend & her family in my prayers~


  3. Yes Teresa it is a tail. It belongs to cat someone put out on me that was so thin, the thinnest I have ever seen and had no hair from the waist back all the way. I think she had been scalded. She is fat now and her hair has grown back and she has a home waiting on her. One of the domino girls is taking her when her husband gets out of the hospital. Her name is domino!

  4. Hi Betty ,hope that you are feeling better.Wonderful pics of Fall gathering in at your home.Hugs,Jen

  5. Betty, Am loving all your snippets of fall peaking out throughout your home. You home is beautiful and so cozy and homey. Bet we could carry on some good conversation over a cup of coffee, huh? I take mine black. Love the firkin and your bedding. I am going to be on a search for some textiles if we get to go to Ohio in a weeks. Am trying not to get excited but hopeing we get to go. Take care of that cold, hope you are getting better.

  6. Betty ... Your home looks lovely & I envy you being so close to Corner Antiques. The next time you go there, tell Jerry I said "hi" : ) Tell him I am the lady from Kentucky who purchased stuff there & then got home & called asking him to mail me other things ... lol! I really regret not traveling to TN anymore cause I don't get to see his wonderful shop. I am so sorry to hear about the BB coach. Her diagnosis hits a little too close to home now : ( Blessings, Shirlee

  7. Your home is as lovely as the last time I was here Miss Betty - even more so I think with the touches of fall - that adds a whole 'nother dimension of beauty....Your bed is just dreamy....Love that kitty glad she's been cared for and has a home waiting on her....Prayers for Coach...what a horrible disease that one is....Hugs ~ Robin (PS - any cookies to go with that coffee??? I have a horrible sweet tooth tonight!!) ;o)

  8. Oh I loved this post and the basket ball just made me cry.

  9. Betty, your home is beautiful! I won't tell your mom how much you paid for coffee! It is expensive isn't it? I love your touches of fall, and your new firkin is very nice! Love the bedding too!
    I wish you lived near by! I also hope that you feel better soon! Congratulations on the basketball, I knew you were a fan! Sad to see things happen to people like that.
    Have a good week Betty!

  10. Betty,
    I always love seeing your home.

    Sorry you've been sick. I won't say anything about that as I've already prescribed my methods. ;)

    We are really hoping for Clinton this Fall if life cooperates!


  11. Betty: I'm from PA, but have followed the Lady Vols for more years than I can remember. I was absolutely devastated to hear Pat's news. If I ever met her, I would probably faint. I surely am gonna keep her and her son in my prayers.
    They should have another great season this year.
    Hope Pat can sit at the helm and relish the wins!


  12. I couldn't answer our e-mail but she is so down to earth and such a wonderful person. Thank you so much for your comment. Some of our players came from Pa. Michelle Marciniak comes right to my mind!

  13. Everything looks so festive and inviting. I really need to get going on the fallish decor myself. I love the pantry box. It was really nice visiting your blog. -Steph-

  14. Hi Betty: I have been away from blogging for several months but wanted to let you know how sad I am to hear about your friend being diagnosed. They have wonderful drugs now to help that and hopefully she will respond to them well. My prayers are with her. I will be back soon!
    Hugs to you, Joy


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