Friday, August 19, 2011

Fall Is Creeping Through My Back Door

Come on in Through my Back Door where the coffee is on and fall is trying to creep inside! Well lets just say it has made an appearance. I still need some bittersweet and some mums, but that will come. Things have been hopping around here, so get your coffee and lets visit a while. Do you want to?
Last night Andrew came and spent the night. We were up bright and early this morning. He had breakfast,which consisted of 2 peanut butter sandwiches and ice tea.(His parents can do the healthy stuff, here it is what ever he wants) This is what we were doing before 8:30.
After that came this of course.
We played, watched cartoons, and had a picnic outside. All of this before 12:00! What fun I had. He is the light of my life, as he thinks I am a cool great grandma. You will have to ignore the mop bucket and the step stool. The stool was out for him to stand on, while he stirred the cookie dough. Now on to that other visitor. Fall decorations. While we were at the gathering lots of fall decorations were shown and sort of got me in the mood to decorate. So I did put a little fall out. I will give you a peek. (That is probably all you want as I have been told I am rushing the season)
I am trying to keep it simple.
This stove board makes me think of prim friends. Angela gave me the candle and Sue gave me the dish towel.
I love the little pin keep Marla gave me. I won't make you look at any more decorating for fall, But I do want to share some of the books that come out for fall here, Through My Back Door. I am an avid reader and love to decorate with books. (I have pushed books on all my grandchildren.) I like to display certain books during the various seasons. Here are some of the fall favorites.
Susan Branch books make me want  to snuggle in with a cup of something hot,(usually coffee) have soft  music and candle light. They make me want to enjoy home and bring out my nesting instincts. They are just warm fuzzies.
I also like the GooseBerry Creek books too.Lots of easy recipes.
Of course, next to Gladys Tabor, this is my favorite. Tasha Tudor. Her illustrations are so pure. I love everything she has written. Pumpkin Moonshine, has to be out until after Halloween.
This, of course is not seasonal but don't you love the fall colors? You will always find seasonal books when you come Through My Back Door, where life is good.
ps: I just have to once again say thank you for reading my ramblings and sharing my coffee. It is wonderful to read your comments and know you have been here.


  1. Betty ... Your great grandson looks so cute : ) I like your idea of displaying books with the seasons/holidays. I have so many packed away. One of these days when I can totally unpack I will have to try to remember to do this : ) Blessings, Shirlee

  2. What a wonderful post, Betty! And what a very lucky little boy to have such a fun great grandma, the way it should be! Everything looks wonderful, and I have to tell you I was thinking of you the other day when looking through my back issues of County Sampler for the umpteenth time and so enjoying the photos and article of your beautiful, beautiful home!

    Hugs and Blessings,

  3. Betty.......what fun to have Andrew over and you get him all to yourself!
    I also love Tasha Tudor books.
    I didn't know that you were once in Country sampler......what issue was it?

  4. It is all so beautiful Betty, especially that sweet Great Grandson. I am with you, when they are here if they want sweet tea and peanut butter sandwiches...that is what it is! Blessings!

  5. Hi Betty,
    Looks like you were having such fun with your grandson! Enjoy! They grow up fast don't they?
    I don't think you are rushing fall....I am SO ready myself...Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Ooooo....can I please have one (or two!) of Andrew's cookies with my coffee??? I'm so needing to make some homemade cookies soon....Love your fall touches...I've snuck a few pieces in here and there - but am holding on to our "little summer" for dear life. I love decorating with books too - especially children's books - I have few favorite "newer" ones - but most are vintage - and I claim them among my most prized possessions! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  7. Mmm, cookies for breakfast sounds awesome! Loved your touches of Fall!

  8. Hi Betty, Andrew is so cute, I know you enjoy him visiting. Fall is my favorite time to decorate. I usually start on labor day with my house getting decked out. But since I started fall handmades a few weeks back I put out some to get in the mood to create fall. I love your fall decorating, can't wait to see more. Take care Vicky

  9. Good Saturday morning Betty, So glad to hear you DO NOT spoil Andrew. (giggle) Sounds like you and he had a great visit. He is so cute. He is so blessed to have such a loving great grandma. Love your fall decor. I usually have most of mine done before we go on vacation after Labor Day but this year Mr. P. has furniture for the show in front of my fall crates. So for the time being I can sit and enjoy all the fall displays on the blogs. Hoping you have a great weekend. Take care

  10. Gradson is adorable! So nice to make special memories.The little touches are perfect.I love gooseberry patch and susan branch books.Susan does cozy illustrations but I tend to use more of the gooseberry patch recipes.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  11. hi, Betty~ Andrew is so cute~ sounds like you both had a wonderful day together!!
    I for one don't think your rushing fall~ I am getting started with mine~ it takes me forever to go through stuff!!giggles~ arrange~rearrange!!
    We love to decorate so I think that is what makes us want to change!!! Your displays look wonderful~ love all the goodies from the gathering~
    enjoy your day

  12. I should hire you to come decorate my house and studio! I have been to busy weaving to think about decorating much. Your home looks great, as always, and Andrew is such a cutie!

  13. Hi Betty,
    Love your blog along with the fall things! You had asked where we live. We are in Indiana. I was just talking to a lady a few weeks ago about Tasha Tudor. Unreal....Have a wonderful weekend and Thank You for stopping by to visit....


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