Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lots of Company Through My Back Door

Good Sunday evening and welcome Through My Back Door. I have the glasses out and the tea is ready. I hope you like it with the pineapple nectar, because that is what we're having. I am sorry but I have had all the coffee I needed today. It has been a wonderful day, Through My Back Door and I want to share with you. My friend Libby,Rusty Shed Prims, and her husband came from West Virginia to visit today. Well, she came to pick up a pie safe she bought and the visit was the icing on the cake for me. Guess what. I have no pictures! I know shame on me. She has one she will e-mail me later. We had a wonderful visit and then you guessed it, we went to Clinton to visit my two favorite stores. The Speckled Hen and Corner Antiques. After shopping and finding lots of bargains they headed back to W. Virginia. I hated to see them go, but we are going to see each other again soon.
While at Corner Antiques I ran into my friend Carol and her sister Mary Ann who is visiting from N.C. You all know Carol, you have been to her home several times on field
Anyway they had been to Cincinnati To see Paul McCartney and had gone on a shopping spree. They brought me a beautiful red ware candle stick.
I love it. It will look better when the geraniums are put away. I think they were sweet to think of me. We all like the same things. Carol and I have always been kindred spirits and in the last few years have won Mary Ann and Debbie over to our way of decorating.They visited for a while and we had a lot of laughs. There is nothing like friends to make you have a good day. I sold the pie safe, so I moved my dry sink where it was. I was so crowded I wanted to thin out some things. It fits in the space like it was made for it.
I set my new spice cabinet on it because I couldn't find the right place on the wall. Maybe later, but for now this is fine.
Because it is between seasons for me, this is what I have on the table right now.
Linda over at Parkers Paradise will be happy to see I used textile with this.
Last night while reading some blogs I went over to Vicki's, Out My Window, and she had posted a picture of her favorite room at night. She asked that those of us who would, to do the same. I told her I would. Now my favorite part of the day is morning. I love sitting around drinking coffee, reading the paper, reading e-mails, and just being. BUT, my favorite room shot is night. I love the way the livingroom or greatroom looks at night with just very little light.
I am so looking forward to fall decorating. Then just think the next will be Christmas! AHHHHHH!
Well thanks for letting me share my wonderful friends with you and for stopping by for tea. I love it when you come Through My Back Door where life is good.
ps:One more thing. Remember last post when I told you how Shirlee had found Deb Peterson for the pinkeep for me, in her give away. Well the very next day the mail man brought this. I had ordered from Deb
I will add a little pumpkin later. Isn't this neat? She does make the best pinkeeps!


  1. What a wonderful day you have had!
    I always love looking at ypur pics! I love the way the room looks at night too! Makes me want to come sit in there!
    I love the way you displayed the pumpkin pinkeep!!

  2. Betty, Sounds like you are so blessed to have so many wonderful and caring friends. Glad to hear you had a special day spending it with those you care about. Love the pic of your room in the soft glowing light. So cozy. Sending wishes for a great week your way.

  3. Hi Betty, I love you room!So warm and inviting...Isn't it funny how lighting can change the look of a room? I just know I would love your home....Feel like I know you...Thank You for letting me know you posted this....SO much fun isn't it?

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your friends -- isn't it fun to have friends who are also kindred spirits?!! Shopping, sharing ideas, giving special gifts......
    Love your LR with the soft lighting -- so peaceful and comfy-looking. And the pumpkin pinkeep is great -- I love it!!
    Have a good night -- and a wonderful week ahead....

  5. Hi Betty,
    I can't believe you didn't take pictures with Libby! You must have been too excited! I'm glad you had a great visit. Love the redware candle holder and the new pinkeep. I like rooms at night with accent lighting. It just feels so warm and cozy. See you soon!

  6. Glad to hear you had a friend-filled day dear Betty - they make the heart warm and the soul full. Your home is incredible....I know I could move in and probably not even miss my things, because your treasures are so wonderful....Your table display is spot-on perfect too....You've got the gift....Wishing you a wonderful week full of blessings. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  7. Hello! You have such beautiful things, a lovely house and such nice friends! I remember how good they were to you for your birthday! :)

  8. Lucky Libby! Got that beautiful pie safe! I love what you have done~ the table is simple and sweet.
    You think I should keep the red bucket? I was thinking a tree might look nice in it too! LOL! Love the pumpkin pin keep and I hope you have a great week Betty!

  9. I love visiting you and your cozy home friend!
    Know wonder you have so many dear friends!
    Love the pinkeep and candlestick.
    Thanks for the sweet drink.
    Hugs Trace

  10. Glad you had a nice visit with Libby! Your home and pictures are beautiful, thanks so much for sharing with us!!

  11. Sweet Betty ~ lots of friends~ Beautiful displays~ inspiration for me!! Love the table display!!I am getting anxious to decorate for fall~ I think because it is too hot~ I am ready for the season to change~ I love summer, but Wow, this summer heat has put a damper on my ambition~ giggles~
    hugs to you Betty ~ thanks for always visiting me with your kindness~

  12. Hello Betty. I always enjoy coming in your back door and visiting your lovely home. It is so warm and welcoming. I am glad that you had a nice visit with Libby. Friends are such a blessing... and you have lots of them.

    I am not a prim but visiting your home makes me wish that I were. Thanks for the cool drink and sweet welcome. Thanks too for the encouraging comments you leave me on Grammy's News. I hope that you have a good week.
    Hugs, Lura


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