Sunday, May 8, 2011

Who Likes Yellow Ware?

Hello everybody and welcome Through My Back Door. I hope all of you Mothers have had as good a day as I have. Would you like a glass of Heavenly Tea? It is too late for coffee and besides the coffee pot is in the dishwasher. So come on in and lets just relax and enjoy this wonderful evening. It has been a beautiful day here in East Tn.You know I told some one I had complained more about the weather this year! In the winter it was too cold or too much snow. Now it is too chilly or too much rain. I am so ashamed of myself, I am just going to stop it. So What about you? Do you find yourself doing that too? Oh well,enough of that. I think I'd best get back to what we were talking I know a lot of you collect yellow ware. I have seen your collections posted and you have a lot of it. I really like it, but don't have much. Just a few pieces. I don't know if you are aware or not, but I don't have much cabinet space. I have NO built in cabinets. I just use free standing antique cupboards. So as you can imagine, I don't have a  lot of display room. I use almost everything and enjoy doing so. I have only bought one piece of yellow ware, plus two small custard cups. The rest are family. Except for the first piece I got. Remember the Simple yellow bowl I blogged about? This is it.
This was my first piece. I treasure it.
The mold in the middle and the two little custard cups are the only pieces I have bought. The two small bowls were my Mothers. She would save left overs in them.
This larger bowl was hers too. She served her mashed potatoes in it. She had certain bowls for certain things and it was always that way. My Grandmother was like that too.
This is the largest one and I don't remember what she used this one for. I use it for fruit, most of the time. That is all of my yellow ware. I told you I didn't have much, but I think every prim/colonial home needs a piece or two. I love the look of it, whether it is on the table or in a cupboard for display.
I also like Watt Pottery. There are so many patterns of Watt, but I like the most common, the Apple. I started collecting so many years ago and only collected pieces with advertising on it. Even though it was made in Ohio, most of my pieces are from graneries in SD, ND, Mn, or Iowa. The reason I collected advertising it was harder to find. I don't have it all out anymore but I do love it in the step back cupboard. We actually bought this cupboard for the Watt. I use the bottom for the necessary things like pots and
Well I hope you enjoyed our little visit. I love showing you my few little collectibles here and there. I don't add to any of it anymore. There just isn't room for anything else. It is to the point I have to get rid of something if something comes in. That is not good! I firmly believe you should only have the things around you that you love. Today I hope each of you were surrounded by those you love. I was.
Thanks for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
ps: I want to show you a picture of my grandson Seth and great grandson Andrew. They were sitting in the swing at Deb's playing their harmonicas. I just found this too sweet.
Seth is going to be an actor. He studied Shakespeare in Mn this past summer and graduated from the University of Tn last May. He is my youngest grandson. Andrew of course you all know. He is four going on thirty!


  1. I dearly love the Watt apple pattern. I once had a small pitcher like that. sigh
    And your yellow ware is even more precious because it was passed on to you. I love it all.
    I am still in the midst of a purge, trying to find homes for all my things.....

  2. Love the Watt and your yellow ware. So pretty.
    I bet you treasure the ones from your mother.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Belated Mom's Day
    Granny Trace

  3. I love your yellow ware, it's beautiful.
    I don't have any, never seem to find any,
    when I am out and about. Thanks for
    sharing your wonderful things with us.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  4. Another wonderful collection!

  5. Betty, I think we must like all the same things. You know, I have a Watt collection and have accumulated several pieces of yellowware. I enjoyed looking at your collections, as always.

  6. Betty: I love yellow ware, too but have only about 3 pieces. I never see it in stores, just flea markets but it is really scarce here. Love your blog; you inspire me. My camera has not been working...duh! Needed new battery so plan to get some shots in a day or two for posting.

  7. Morning beautiful those treasures passed down from your mama and those watt pitchers are just adorable..So glad you had a great Mother's Day..hope you have an even greater week...Picket

  8. I just happened to see your blog on anothers, and what a delightful blog you have! I love the story of your Mom and Grandmother using the same bowl for things. My aunt always did that and my mother sometimes did it too. Your grandson and great grandson are both very handsome too! I also read a couple of your previous posts and I really laughed when you said your great grandmother called her husband Mr. So-and-so and you thought it odd then, and still think it's odd. LOL! Nice meeting you!


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