Monday, May 16, 2011

What's On Your Walls?

Good  Monday morning everyone and welcome Through My Back Door. You know the coffee is on,Kona today, so help yourself and have a seat. We will just have a nice little visit. My friends , the Butlers, from Newark, Ohio, have been here for four days, and left this morning. It is very quiet here now, so thanks for coming by. I haven't done a lot around the house, but have found myself thinking about walls. Not just walls, but what we have on them. I didn't think I had my walls full, but you know what? I do. Oh how I need to do more decluttering. I just don't know what else to put away. Oh well, it is what it is, so here are my "full"  walls!
This is my favorite picture. It is done by a local artist and is called The Spinner. I have always loved it.
You remember my wall of love.
On the porch. I always have liked this.
Deb painted this for me. It says,"As for me and my house we will serve the Lord". It is on the front porch too.
Deb did this one too. It is special.
Bathroom wall.
Kitchen wall. These were my great, great grandmothers spoons.
Kitchen wall, above my sink.
 A Buckley Moss school house print.
A primitive sampler in my reading nook. The figurine is a Sebastian, depicting the family who reads together.
I have so much stuff on the wall! Oh my!
These are in the hall. Baskets and candles. I just enjoy them both.
My youngest son when he was nine and his dog, Herk!
My favorite shelf with a candle holder. Well that isn't half of it. But I think it is enough to show you in one day. That didn't include the mirrors on the walls.! Oh my, I need more walls or less stuff!lol
Before we leave I'll show you the front porch. You've been Through My Back Door, but not the front.
This is one end, down toward the barn.
This is the other end. I hope you will come and sit and visit with me one day on the front porch.
I am so glad you came Through My Back Door today where life is good.


  1. Hi Betty, Really nice wall displays, my favorite is the spinner picture and your great, great grandmothers spoon collection, just love stuff like that. My hubby said I needed more walls, always running out of space. LOL I will have to visit you on your porch, something I don't have, something I always wanted, just have benches sitting around my house and gardens. I enjoyed my visit as always, we will have to meet someday in Kingsport, so we can shop. Take care, Vicky

  2. You have some wonderful things on your walls....I love your favorite picture as well.....I also love coming to visit through your back door :)
    Blessings on your week...Shelley

  3. Love your front porch! Looks so welcoming!

  4. Betty, Don't worry about decluttering. I did that a few years back, the house was pretty, still home but now I am finding I miss all my "junkie loveables". I find myself every weekend asking hubby where something is, and he will drag it back in for me. Luckily I stored my goodies in my craft barn and didn't get rid of it. Just yesterday I ask for my old wood ironing board. So that will come back in soon. I am not a little person, a rather good size woman, and I tell everyone if I have room to get thru my house then anybody should. (lol) I love your home, its so cozy, and I love your front porch. Thanks for welcoming me into your world. Love to visit.

  5. Betty~ you have lovely things on your walls! Thanks for have such a warm and welcoming home! We just moved into our new home last May, after recovering from our house fire. We have NO wall space left! I LOVE my new stuff but miss my old stuff very much. I did not realize how cool my stuff was until it was gone. Thanks for having me over..I always enjoy my visit here!


  6. Betty: I love all the variety of your wall decor. I wouldn't take any of it down. I, too, try to de-clutter but eventually it all goes back up...besides the nails are already there. LOL
    Stuff on walls is like jewelry on an outfit which makes it complete. Thanks for sharing and the sweet comment on theoldefarmhouse.

  7. I love all the things on your walls! I don't have near as many things but because we have paneling it's hard to hang things on them. Love your front porch too! I have always wanted one of those and we are hoping to build a covered porch this summer! As always, I've had a wonderful time seeing all your things :)

    Take care, Trish

  8. I loved all the pictures, they are all just wonderful.esp the Spinner, and the bathroom cupboard. Your porch is beautiful, I could "live" on that great porch! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Your walls ... in fact your entire home ... looks like they are decorated beautifully! I also love the Spinner picture & the Moss print. Everything is lovely : )

  10. Hi Betty!
    I love your walls! I really like the things Deb made for you! How special! You have such a talented family! I can see why you like "The Spinner", it is beautiful! And I don't think your home is cluttered by the way!

  11. Hi Betty,

    So love the spinner picture! Clutter is what makes a home as long as it looks good! Keep up the good work...Love your home....

  12. Hi again Betty,

    Yes prim living is great! Good thing is dust doesn't show! Thank You for stopping by today...Um...stopping in or stopping by...You know what I mean!

  13. Dear Betty,
    I know that I would love you just by taking this trip through your house and looking at your walls.
    What a warm and friendly home. I think I could come in through your back door and feel right at home. I especially love your "As for me and my house we will serve the Lord" plaque. That is one of my favorite scriptures. I don't have it up on my wall but I would like to.
    I so appreciate your kind comments on my blog and your prayers. Hugs, Lura

  14. Thank you so much for visiting Cranberry Flats!! I love your blog, now I have some place new to visit!! And thank you so much for telling me about Dog Heaven I am going to look for that book now!!


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