Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Things That Make Me Smile

Welcome Through My Back Door on this beautiful May evening. I am so happy you stopped by. The coffee is on, DD Hazelnut, and Dasko just had a bath, so it is nice here this evening. I heard yesterday coffee is going up again about 11%, but I guess I'll just grin and bear it. So don't worry, there will always be coffee on Through My Back Door. I really appreciate all your birthday wishes. That makes me smile. My birthday was so much fun, I may be in the winter of my life, but we celebrated with a I felt like Spring, My card group had a party on Monday before. That is always fun. Then on Sunday my domino group went out to lunch and celebrated. Sunday night the family celebrated, and on Monday night
Deb, Michael, and Curt took me to dinner. All of that made me smile. I have probably gained five pounds.(That does NOT make me smile) Of course I received many wonderful gifts which made me smile, but it is the love and friendship of these family and friends that really Makes Me Smile! I am so blessed.
Another thing that makes me smile is sitting out on the porch and seeing this.
I have a lot of daylillies and they are budding. Won't be long until I can show you pictures of them. Do you remember several years ago the song, The Tree? It was a sad song, I don't remember who sung it, but it talked about a tree and how big it had grown and his wife who had planted it had died.(I told you it was a sad song). Well anyway look at how tall this tree is.
This is the Tulip Poplar, which is our state tree. They give a"stick" probably 2 feet tall to the fourth graders in our state. Or at least they did. My next to the oldest grandson wanted to plant his here. He and his Granddaddy planted it, we didn't expect it to live. Look at it now. I have no idea how tall it is. But it makes me smile! He is 26 years old now and still checks on "His" tree. This is another tree that makes me smile when sitting on the front porch. It is a magnolia .
This was a stick too and was given to us by a dear friend now deceased. I love the blossoms. They smell so good and this tree makes me smile because of all the wonderful years of friendship we shared.
It doesn't take a lot to make me happy, but when I come home and turn in my driveway and I see this, it makes me smile.
It makes me smile when YOU come Through My Back Door where life is good.
ps I just have to leave you with one more what makes me smile. Guess who?


  1. Hi Betty! What a beautiful view from your front porch. I hope we can sit there and have our coffee. You have many reasons to smile and the best one is that cute little fella smiling back at you! Don't they just melt your heart? Your post made me smile. As always, thanks for the coffee!

  2. Betty, Bobby Goldsboro sang that was called "HONEY"

    We have a tree in our yard that we never expected to live when we planted it. My son was 4 and he wanted a live Christmas tree. Well, the one he picked out was not much more than a branch. We had no lights and about 6 or 7 ornaments on it- that's all it could hold without breaking--, but it was HIS! The tree (and I use the term tree loosely) is a MONSTER now with about 6 or 7 tops and it is quite a sight! It is a homely one to be be sure, but it has been out back for 31 years this year and it STAYS!!!!

    I like yours better, but I LOVE mine! Thanks for the DD...


  3. Your home and yard look beautiful Betty! You have lots to smile about, so glad. :)

  4. Hi Betty,
    Thanks for inviting me on your porch. Love your trees. and your little guy is so cute.
    Love DD coffee..FAV!! You are blessed!!
    Have a wonderful day.
    Granny Trace
    I'm having a giveaway!!

  5. Betty, DD hazelnut sounds perfect to me! Coffee can go up all it wants but that won't stop me, too. I just put in a tulip poplar stick last month - hee hee, good thing I chose a roomy spot. Yours is very pretty!

  6. Everything is so pretty!
    Happy Birthday too!

  7. Betty,

    YOur view is amazing, it would indeed me me smile as well! In fact it did just reading about it.

    that little ole cutie pie in the last shot brought a big ole smile to my face as well.


  8. No wonder you are always smiling Betty ... you have a lot to smile about! I enjoyed the photos of your home & yard & that little cutie in the last photo : ) Thanks for sharing them! Blessings, Betty

  9. hi, Betty~
    Love the view~ looks like you are surrounded by beautiful trees~ Pretty tulips & poplars~A few of my lillies have buds~ won't be long~
    enjoy the day~

  10. Happiest of belated birthdays, Betty!! It sounds like it was filled with wonderful things! Your views are stunning....Love your trees! Wish we could grow magnolias here....This is third time (in as many weeks) that I've heard of a "tulip poplar" tree.....Hmmmmm ~ I'll have to google them and see if I can find out more about them - certainly have an interesting name! Thanks so much for sharing your porch with us! Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  11. Betty,
    Just found your blog today and I just love your front porch. So homey and inviting. Just right for sitting and sipping a glass of iced tea and enjoying the view. Nothing like the country life. I live on a farm and love the outdoors. Every time we get a bad wind storm I go and check to see how many trees we have lost. I feel sad after they are gone. Especially the big pine trees. Love to hear the wind whistling through them and the smell of fresh pine.
    I am a follower now.
    Have a great day
    Country at heart

  12. Hey, do I see one of the blue's brothers????

    I love how your porch looks!

  13. Betty,
    Happy Belated Birthday! I love the pictures of your property and especially your house/porch with the bunting on it. Would make me smile, too as does that "little dickens" in the last pic. What a cutie! I bet he gives you a "run-for-the-money!" Fun, fun, fun! Thanks for stopping by theoldefarmhouse. {{Hugs}} Joy


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