Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mothers Day and Being Thankful

Welcome Through My Back Door this Mother's Day eve. I am always glad to see you and of course the coffee is on. It is a little cool and I thought we would have a cup of DD hazelnut. I have just gotten addicted to it again. It is so good when the weather is cooler, don't you think? Of course to be truthful I can drink coffee in any weather. What about you? Are you like me thinking about your mother today? I think of mine every day, even though she has been gone 10 years. It just doesn't seem like it. She was such a wonderful woman. She certainly loved the Lord. She was so strong in her faith.  She was so young at heart and lived alone until she died at 88 years. She could stretch a dollar farther than anyone I ever knew. She gave up driving completely on her own. Just came in one day and said it made her nervous and she told God if He let her get home without hurting herself or anyone else, she wouldn't drive again.She didn't. (My kids will have to arm wrestle me to the ground, to get my keys!) My granddaughter, Amanda, and I, did a  family cookbook in her memory one year for the whole family, for Christmas. We all cried and said it was the best gift ever. She loved Christmas so much and cooked the meal every year until she wasn't able to any more. Then I took it over, but she still sat on a stool and made pies. I was an only child, as was my Mother. We were very close, she my grandmother and me.
I miss them very much. However, this past Christmas I decided I wasn't going to be sad about that which I no longer had, but be thankful that I had had those people in my life. So this Mothers Day, I am so thankful for having had my Mother, and for her Christian influence and love. She truly loved without any prejudice or harboring any ill will toward anyone. She would forgive you, no matter what you did. She gave unconditional love. I will never be like her, even though I would like to be. I want to take this Mothers Day and wish you all the best. If your Mother, like mine, is no longer with you, try not to be sad. Talk about her and laugh, remembering all the wonderful times you had. Be thankful, not sad, and if you are blessed to have your Mother hug her, embrace her, and laugh. It is these moments that sustain us later in life.Some of you have your Mothers this year but maybe they don't recognize you, or maybe they are ill. Cherish the moment. Be thankful for what you have had.  You may not have children, but I still wish you Happy Mothers Day. I know somewhere there is a child who has benefited from your  love and nurturing. So Happy Mothers Day everyone, and thank you for coming Through My Back Door, where life is good.
ps: People are talking about what kind of decorations to use between now and Memorial Day. These are just a few I am enjoying for the moment.
These set on the floor by the fireplace and hides the outlet plug!
I love pansies! I also love geraniums!
Well I hope you enjoyed your visit. Next time we'll talk about Watt Pottery and yellow ware.


  1. Betty, Thanks for sharing memories of your Mom. Sounds like she was the kind of lady I would have enjoyed knowing. My Mom is 95 years old, totally blind and her mind... well she's in her own little world. So sad to visit her at the nursing facility everyday, and most days I don't think she knows I am there. She is just a little tired lady in her shell, waiting for the Good Lord to call her home. But we do have the memories. And because of her, I am here today. Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day with your family.

  2. Happy Mother's Day, Betty! Have a wonderful day with Deb and the rest of your family!


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