Saturday, May 21, 2011

To Everything There Is A Season

What a beautiful day it is here in East Tenn today. It feels so good to say that because we have had a lot of cold days and I am ready for the beautiful summer days that are coming. I am so happy you have dropped in this morning. You know the coffee is always on and today we are having Kona. Why don't you get a cup and fill it up, then we'll go sit on the porch. I just love that you make yourself at home when you visit. You know in the South, drop in company used to be real common.Not so much anymore. I think somebody somewhere said it wasn't polite. I always loved drop in company. To me it said we just wanted to see you. We don't care if your house is clean and tidy. We just want to visit. I miss that.
You may be wondering about the title of my post. Well, Monday is my birthday and I have been reflecting on my life. Do you do that? A while back,Linda Rudman, Behind My Red Door, did an awesome post, called the Winter of My Life. That post stuck with me for some reason. So, with this birthday coming up, I realize I am in the winter of my life. Does that make me sad or depressed? Not at all. Winter is a long season and has seemed to have gotten longer. Anyway I have been reflecting on the seasons of my life.
 I think I am three here. I am wearing my Mothers locket. Deb now has it. It has my Mothers teeth prints in it.
This is a picture of my daddy and me. Those things on the truck was what he hauled casing for wells on to the well machine. We called them cow catchers.
As you know by now I was an only child and only grandchild, so I guess I was a little spoiled. I was very loved too. I had a happy child hood and loved school. I married young and never regretted it. I had three children and life was good. My kids were so much fun. I remember one year when Deb was ten she had organized a surprise birthday party for me. It was at our house and it was a surprise! I think maybe my mother was in on it too.
 Come to think of it, my youngest son planned a birthday party for himself one year when he was seven. I wouldn't have known it if a mother hadn't called to see for sure what time! We had a birthday cake, but had to scramble for the rest of the stuff! No wonder birthdays are scary here . You never know what to expect.
I have always enjoyed life and expect to continue so for a very long time. I have been blessed with lots of experiences. I went to the International Special Olympics one  year and attended the Kennedy luncheon. Met Maria and Arnold, that was a happier time for them. I met several other celebrities and it was so much fun. I did a TV commercial, my home was in CS, as well as my friend Carols, and Debs is going to be.I have been blessed with so many unexpected blessings. The top of my blessing list,other than serving God is my family and friends.
This is Gabe. Remember he came 3 months early. Look at him now. Would you guess his daddy played baseball?
This is our little Mollie. She is a sweetie.
This is Andrew and Mollie. He is well known to all of you. See why I can't be depressed by a birthday? I am so grateful for my greats! I am for my grands too. They have all made wonderful adults that I like as well as love. My grandchildren are happy that I am  somewhat computer savvy. I am on FB and they have asked me to be their friends! I swell with
 This was taken last summer in Destin. We are going again soon! My oldest son wants no part of the beach. He is a part time farmer and would rather be working in his garden than traveling.
This is him with his two sons. The one in the middle is mowing my yard as I write.
I am blessed with lots of friends.I play dominoes once a week with a group of beautiful, Christian ladies. I play cards with a group I have played with for 28 years. We have lots of  history. I have a group I play cards with on most Friday nights. You see I am very busy.
So To Everything There is A Season. I may be in the winter of my life, but it is still summer in my heart. To all my blogging friends I say a big thank you for your visits, e-mails, and comments. It makes me happy you come Through My back Door where life is good.
ps There are several celebrations coming up for my birthday. Have already had one party. Next time I'll share those with you.


  1. Happy Early Birthday Blog Friend!!
    I would love to stop by and have a cup of coffee with you. I would bake and bring some homemade apple cake.
    May your birthday be filled with laughter love and sunshine.
    Hugs Granny Trace

  2. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, Betty
    and many, many, many more to come! I love
    coming through your back door for a visit!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  3. Betty............what a wonderful post to read. I
    remember that post of Linda's too.
    I just know your Birthday will be so great. You do have a beautiful family, by the way!
    Nice visiting with you again.

  4. What a beautiful post, Betty! As always, I enjoyed my visit. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and I know you will. Enjoy every bit of the celebrating!
    Happy Birthday!

  5. The coffee and company were wonderful as usual, Betty. I also miss folks just dropping in sometimes. My (late) aunt and uncle were from TN (Morristown). I remember going to visit them and life really is more easy going and, if I may say, Friendly in the South. I LOVE New England, but some folks can be a little stand offish...NOT ALL OF US, though, luckily! If you're ever up this way...drop in. The Dunkin's will be brewing!

    Have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Birthday!


  6. Such a sweet post Betty. Happy Birthday a little early. What the heck,,, celebrate all next week. Dominoes bring back memories. Daddy use to have a group he played with when I was young. My grandmother lived with us and on game night she made sure she had a pound cake baked and they would sit round the table playing and have cake and coffee. Remember them letting me in a few times, but complained that I took too long to figure out my moves. Loved it when one of them could "sow" it up and no one could make another move. Holly has bought some for Darbee to help her to learn to count. Thanks for the memory. You have a great family. It's so good to be blessed with a good family and great friends. That scripture in Ecclesiastes is one of my favorite Bible passages. I heard a minister do a funeral and use it years ago and it has stuck with me. That's the passage I want read when I am gone. You take care and have a great weekend and week ahead.

  7. Happy Birthday, Betty! Enjoy every minute of the celebrating -- sounds like you will have a wonderful time!

  8. Hi Betty, Hope you have a great birthday, love the pictures of you growing up. Those are always special. You have a beautiful family, your grandkids are really cute. Take care, Vicky

  9. Happy Birthday! I really enjoy your blog. You have a beautiful family. God bless you!

  10. Happy eraly birthday, Betty! I hope this year is your best yet! I hope it brings happiness and treasured friendships! Sure do enjoy coming in through your back door! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  11. Betty: What a WONDERFUL post! I loved it and I, too, always remember Linda Rudman"s Birthday one too. As I approach a BIG one the end of this summer I have been reflecting on my life and am trying to figure out where all the years went! You, too? Loved reading about you and your family. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! {{{Hugs}}} Joy

  12. Happy Birthday, Betty! Oh, what a wonderful life you have had, and CONTINUE to have! You have a happy, full life. And you are so lucky and blessed to have such loving grandchildren and GREAT grandchildren! And oh, how I loved your story of your son making a birthday party for himself, inviting his friends, and you didn't even know about it! LOL! Aren't those stories the best from when our kids were little? Well, I hope you have more wonderful birthday surprises coming your way. You seem to be a terrific person and so I know you deserve it!

  13. Happy birthday, Betty! You are so blessed with such a wonderful family.

  14. Happiest of birthdays, Betty! I agree. There is no cause for worry when you reach our age. There are so many good days in our past and there are surely many good to come. You have a beautiful family and loving friends. We can enjoy every day we have and we will surely rejoice when we do go to be with our Heavenly Father. I, too, am glad I have become part of this computer era. I can have contact with my distant family and sweet people like you! Linda

  15. Betty,
    What a wonderful post! Your family is SO blessed to have you, I know they know it too! Love all your pictures, and I am glad to know you!
    We have no control over what life throws our way,I hope that I can pick up a bit of your stamina as I am getting older myself.
    Thanks for sharing!
    God bless,

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  17. Happy Birthday Betty! I enjoyed today's post very much ... as much as I enjoy all of them! Your blog is such a delight to read : ) I liked seeing all the picture of you & some of your family. I agree with you about drop-by friends. I miss that too. Where do you live in East Tennessee? I have tried to email you but always get an error message. I used to live in Nashville once upon a time ... then before moving here we lived in Crossville for a while. Now we are living in central Kentucky. I still come to Knoxville to see a doctor there : ) Once again, I wish you a VERY happy birthday! I hope your day & the coming year is filled with much happiness! Blessings, Shirlee

  18. Betty, I wish you a most Happy Birthday! You have a beautiful family, and it was a treat seeing your photos both recent and not so recent! Enjoy your special day!

  19. Betty
    Hoping you had a wonderful birthday~ filled with love & joy!~~
    Hugs to you!!

  20. Happy Happy Birthday to you sweet lady!!!! May you and your beautiful family share many many more filled with much love and blessings...thanks so much for coming by and happiness to you always....Picket

  21. Dear Betty,
    Happy Birthday to you today. I am glad that your family and friends are making it special for you. I wish you the very best.

    This is a busy birthday week for us too. My husband's birthday is Wed. My grandson and niece have theirs on Thur and my s-i-law's is Friday.
    I guess that lots of special people were born this week.

    Have a great day. Happy Birthday Hugs, Lura

  22. Hi Betty, What a nice post and Happy Birthday also! I love all of the photos you put on of your family. AND my goodness you are a celebrity
    it sounds like you have had a wonderful life and some great adventures..Love your positive attitude...I wanted to tell you that I also had a skunk under my shop and had to rent a machine like you said to draw out the smell!!! YUK! Had to close for 3 days....I love critters other than skunks...Have a nice evening Betty...


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