Wednesday, February 26, 2014

This, That, and Some Other Stuff

Well by golly it is cold again. Come in grab a cup of coffee and let me tell you about my week. I apologize, still no sweets. But you know those scales aren't moving a bit. I tell you I am just disgusted with myself. I am blaming it on those cold, snow days. I swear, I ate everything that was loose. Did you do that? Well, anyway there won't be any sweets here for a while. UNLESS I find Cadbury Caramel eggs. I adore those things. Last Easter I couldn't find them Only the creme. They don't tempt me, but oh those caramel. Oh well, hopping on! (How did you like that?)lol I have put out some more bunnies. I just couldn't help myself. I will share those with you in a minute.
I want to tell you what I did on Monday. I admit to eating in the livingroom and not at the table, most of the time. Not good, I know, but I did it. When my kids were home and even when it was just Curtis and me, we ALWAYS ate at the table. Now I have gone to being lax and just eat in the livingroom. WELL<<<<< on Monday I decided I wanted pancakes for lunch. They were so good, BUT, I was eating away and all at once felt sticky on my arm. I looked and the syrup had run down my shirt, onto my pants, socks and even my shoes! The chair was covered as was the floor. I know you are thinking How much syrup did she have on those pancakes. Not that much really, but what a mess. Everything had to be washed, the chair scrubbed, and the floor.  I repeat,what a mess! The moral of this story is, eat pancakes at the I decided my plate was too small! That is my story and I am sticking to it. (not too much syrup)
I posted a picture on a FB decorating forum  and asked the members if this bunny should be out or in the basket. There were so many responses I couldn't count them all, so I came up with a solution. I would leave him out, except on days I was using the table for guests, then I would set him in it for easy moving. I have a feeling he will be out, more than (except for pancake day)
Several people suggested eggs and I appreciate the suggestion but I really want simple.
No bunny, but redware eggs. I got these at The Hen a couple of Easters ago and really like them
My friend Carla Herron made this stitcherie and Deb the bunny.
My family loves Heavenly Tea. It is recipe from The Mitford Series cookbook. Cynthia says it is better made in a crockery pitcher, so several years ago on a trip to the Seraph I bought this pitcher.
It makes almost a gallon. I love this pitcher, however my family makes fun of it being so heavy. I tell them I paid more for this than any pitcher I have ever had and to get over
I didn't realize I had a collection redware I do like redware.
I have gotten Dodd and Renda hooked on it too. I love drinking out of the mugs. The feel of the potters hands and imperfections are just wonderful to me.
Enjoy my lantern so much. I love the glow of the candles burning.
Well I am so glad you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I have so enjoyed hearing from people who are now making sure they have lotion on their heels. I love it. I said we would beautify America one heel at a
PSS: I am getting excited to take my trip in a few weeks. I hope the weather cooperates.
PSSS: My son Dodd, decided to get into the County Commission race in his county. I am not believing that. I also want to thank you for the prayers for Doug. He is doing well.


  1. That tea is heavenly! I'm glad Doug is doing well. Best wishes to Dodd in the race! Hope to see you soon!

  2. I'm finding I like simple better too. Life gets busy and home should just be uncluttered. I'm a long way though.LoL. Gotta giggle the other week I dropped in on my grandma and she was making pancakes for lunch. She did eat at the table though. Warm Blessings! Amy

  3. Betty... I wish you lived next door & I could pop on over for coffee. I just LoVe reading all about your goings on. You are so sweet! I can just see syrup dripping everywhere. Funny, but not really:) I Love the lantern , a beautiful soft light burning. So warm & inviting. Thanks for the coffee and visit! Have a great day.
    Hugs Marg

  4. You have inspired me to start bringing out a few of my spring goodies. I do love that bunny both ways...I am the same way with decisions. Have a wonderful day sweet Betty!

  5. Now my friend this is s fun post.
    I just lotioned my heels with peppermint. :0)
    I love the bunny and all your wonderful red-ware.
    Still no sweets here.
    I have been working out, no bread nor sugar.
    Down 8lbs..So hard to lose but so easy to gain back.
    Oh pancakes and syrup..I think Hubby and I may cheat Saturday for breakfast out with pancakes. Yum
    Woolie Hugs to you my Friend

  6. I like the bunny in and out of the basket. You could just change it every few days.

    i do love your candle lantern so beautiful.

    i had to laugh about the heels thing. I sorta don't like that either and I always pamper my feet after I bathe.....feels so good.

    Stay warm, more snow and ice this weekend. Don't know if it will reach you or not Betty.


  7. Hey Betty, I did not want to brag before.....but my heels are clean, no unsightly cracks and they are soft! LOL It feels so good to be able to tell you that....I always keep them that way!

    I love your bunny either way...looks so cute!


  8. Just made myself some nice hot tea, nothing better..i have been cold all day!!! So over this! Nice seeing bits of your decorating and love your redware! Enjoy your evening Betty! ( ive been know to not eat at the table and make a mess too)

  9. Hey Ms Betty just dropping by! I have not posted or visited for a little while now.. just to busy and not much to say for a post... I love all your decorating! You just are gifted with a great eye for Prim decor... We are expecting another Winter storm for Sunday and Monday...ugh! I am so tired of snow... I have ate way to much also.. I do believe this long Winters to cause us to eat more.. that is my story and I am sticking to it! My hubby and I eat on our trays in the living room too. We never did that when the kids where home either but hey, we deserve a little relaxing.. It is lonely at a big table without all the kids.. Have a great Sunday and Blessings!

  10. Betty, I am with you. I need to cut out the sweets... I don't know what has happened... the stress or what, but I can't stop.. or buying it...sigh... BUT, it tastes so good! BUT... I am trying too. OLM


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