Tuesday, March 4, 2014

"Spicing It Up and A Few Boxes"

Good morning and come in and visit. I am so happy to see you this morning and of course the coffee is on. There are tea bags if you prefer hot tea. What ever makes you happy, is my philosophy. There is a story behind those words. Years ago when I was a Sp Ed teaching assistant , there was a supplementary reading book, with a story about a fish and a dog. The fish was tired of swimming in circles in a glass bowl and wanted to see the world. So the kind dog took the fish to see the world. Every time the fish wanted to move on the dog would  say, "Whatever makes you happy," then it would read, said the dog to the fish. Well that became a special saying between Curt and I. It was "our" saying. We still use it with one another. SO, if tea makes you happy, have tea. lol Yesterday was another cold, sleety, snowy day here. Now it appears we are having spring like weather the rest of the week. Now that makes me happy. lol
One of the FB decorating groups I belong to was showing boxes, so I decided I would carry it on my blog. Also a bit of mustards to spice it up. I love the color mustard and a few years ago went on a mustard painting spree. Curtis said he was afraid to stand in one place too long or he would be painted too.lol
There is a lot more mustard here, but don't want to "over spice" it.
Now for boxes. I do like boxes. They have a lot of uses. Deb uses them in here bathroom to hold all sorts of things.
Oh yes I like boxes!lol There are more of them too. I have to admit I don't buy them anymore, as there is no room. I have found a lot of mine on the longest yard sale. You know I wonder when I get some of mine,what the person who originally owned them, intended to use them for. You know it was for a purpose. I also wonder what they would think if they knew someone enjoyed them and kept them on display in their home? I am thinking, they would probably think we were crazy!  You all know that I only want things around me that I love and that means people too. So be sure you only buy things you love and today I loved that you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I have some fun things to look forward too. I love being with friends and there are some friend moments on the horizon
PSS: I read where someone said they thought bloggers were braggers. That is certainly not my intent. I like to share and to have you share with me. How do you all feel about that statement? Agree or disagree?
PSSS: Lets continue to pray for our fellow bloggers. I can't name them all, but so many are experiencing difficulties right now. I know for one thing, bloggers are prayers.


  1. No I do not think bloggers are braggers. I agree with you, I like to share with others, my "simple pleasures" and enjoy reading about what others are doing. I also love the color mustard! Enjoy your day,I am also looking forward to some trips soon,hopefully up your way!

  2. I guess those people who believe bloggers are braggers just don't get it! Can people not share their love of a certain decorating style with each other? I LOVE seeing other people's decorating, and have NEVER thought they were bragging... What a silly idea!
    That being said, I LOVE all the photos in this post! I love boxes, too, but have run out of places to display them! And your mustard-colored items are just wonderful.... such a soft, soothing color. And it looks so nice with red (which I know is your fave!).
    Prayers to continue for fellow bloggers...
    Have a great day, Betty,

  3. Some of course may be "braggers" but I think most are just "sharing." I think it is for the same reason I like to read them- it is encouraging and motivating. I love your mustard!

  4. I'm a lover of boxes too Betty - I have a lot on display and a lot MORE stored in closets - waiting their turn in the spotlight. Can you tell me the name of your Facebook group? Sounds like it would be fun to visit.

  5. Love all your boxes Betty .And I too love the color of mustard. Mr.P..Just finished building an entertainment center for a customer. The finish was to be dark forest green and it almost made me sick. Don't get me wrong, it was what the customer wanted and all our taste are different, but I felt it would have been beautiful mustard. Winter returned here again yesterday after a beautiful weekend. I feel like us bloggers just love to share ideas with each other. Personally no bragging here. Hope you have a great week.

  6. I too love the mustard color! Oh and boxes too! I dont think bloggers are braggers i think we like to share! And more than happy to send thoughts and prayers for those in need! You bloggers were there for me even before i had a blog of my own! Enjoy your day abd thanx for the coffee invite!!

  7. I think bloggers are sharers, anyone that was part of that community would know that ..smile.. You have such beautiful collections. Warm Blessings! Amy

  8. Hello Betty, I love your warm cozy home, your decorating is wonderful. I also love boxes, yours are great. blessings Francine.

  9. Hi Betty just dropping in for some of that coffee and spice!!! I just love all your mustard pieces and boxes. I too wonder when I buy something what the history is and I've been known to make up my own story since I don't know. I do the same thing with old houses! I have to chuckle because anytime I asked my Granny for something, she ask "Now what do you want that ole thing for"?

  10. Very pretty betty!!!! and no I never thought for a minute that bloggers were braggers. we are happy to share and enjoy each others lifestyles, treasures, birthdays, trips,shopping, eating, yards, and you name it. Now Facebook, that is another story. I do not care for Facebook at all.
    ******I Love Blogging******* I have made some wonderful friendships blogging :0)
    You keep on blogging!!!!

  11. Really Betty? Bragger?? some...sigh...they just don't get it.. I have never thought of anyone as bragging...simply sharing what we love best, having everyone come in for a visit! Love visiting you! And your box collection....oh my!!!! Hugs!! OLm

  12. Hi Betty....I really enjoy all your blogging posts. I do not consider it bragging at all. I have "met" a lot of wonderful friends in the blogging community.I LoVe all your prim boxes Betty.You have a real niche when it comes to decorating. Your primitive cupboards are gorgeous!
    Have a great day....hugs

  13. Hi Betty - are you amazed that I'm actually here! lol
    I decided today was the day to visit my friends blogs...those that are left anyway, many chose going over to FB and never came back!!! I'm sorry for that as they always had so much to say in their blogs - now all you get is a one liner...so sad. I miss them
    I'm so glad you are still among us bloggers and I do not think we are braggers - WE HAVE A LOVE OF 'FRIENDS' and 'FAMILY' and we love our surroundings and so we love to share that....nothing wrong with that if kept in the right frame of mind.

    I so love all your Mustards. I guess my main color is Black - I don't have much in Mustard except in the fabric on the sofas and chairs.

    Boxes...most of mine are put away. I don't have much level displaying surface it seems. I think this Spring I may go around and change things up.

    Thanks for sharing with us today kiddo...always a pleasure.

  14. I love those boxes and wow the mustards are wonderful.
    And here I thought you were a red girl.
    Thank you for the coffee and visit.
    Woolie Blessings

  15. Betty, We all LOVE to look and share and NO you aren't bragging so keep it up! Always love to visit your blog.

  16. I love boxes too! Especially old ones.. they are very useful and just look good.. I love baskets too! Great storage! Are you planning a great Spring trip with friends? You always take such great trips... We are having sunshine the next two days and then the nasty word is in the forecast for Thursday... blah! Have a great week! Blessings!

  17. Wow I just love your boxes and I am a fan of mustard too. Love love all your mustard pieces.

    My crock bench is mustard over black and I am thinking of doing my coffee table that color too.



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