Friday, March 21, 2014

Travels With The Crowes

Good morning everyone and come in for a cup of coffee. It is quite cool this morning, so hurry and get a cup. I am sorry there are no sweets, as I just came home late yesterday. What a wonderful time I have had the last few days with Dodd and Renda. We saw a lot of Pa I had never seen, and I have visited several times. Used to go every fall. Anyway we left home Saturday morning at 6am. Yes, 6 am. I had forgotten 6 o'clock came twice in 24 We arrived at our destination around 8:15. We stopped and antiqued a lot. Found only one shop that had anything we wanted. Now in Wytheville there are 3 shops on a hill, I have told you about before. Two of them have mostly junk but one has fine antiques with very high prices. We enjoy all 3 of these. (Bought nothing) We found this shop off the road and I am sorry I can't remember where, but I do remember Staunton wasn't too far from it. (We didn't go to Staunton). This guy was very friendly and would deal with you. Renda found a gorgeous coverlet, and Dodd got a candy container pistol and a metal toy gun. Here are some pictures.
The cat in the window is painted. I asked him if I could take these pictures and he said sure. I think his name was Wayne. He had a set of beautiful matched rope beds. I enjoyed our stop here.
One of the things I was disappointed in around Lancaster County was how unfriendly the folks running the malls were. They followed you around like they were afraid you were going to steal something, and I know  people do, but unfriendly shop owners do not make shopping fun. We were in Strasburg at a mall that had some nice things and were enjoying it, but when we went up stairs they followed us and then wouldn't allow us to use their restroom. Didn't leave Cackleberrys with a good feeling of wanting to go back.Found this attitude in a couple more. Some of the stores that were open in downtown Lancaster were very nice and cordial. In Lititiz we only found one shop opened the day we were there. It was Moravian House. It was going on 5 and Dodd asked her if we had time to look a minute. She was so nice and said to take as long as we wanted. She had gorgeous pieces and the shop was so nice. She even told us where to go eat. I made my only purchase there.
A German sheep. We will go back there if we ever make it back to Pa.
We made it to Harrisburg for supper and ate at a 50's diner. It was so neat and the waitress was so friendly, as well as people sitting across the table from us. Hearing our accents they asked where we were from and we had quite a nice conversation with them. Left there and went into Hershey and found our condo.
This is my room and I had my own HUGE bathroom. It was so nice and convenient to everything.
Gas fireplace and it was so cozy as the weather was cold and when we had run around all day to snuggle in front of it at night was just perfect.
We only used the kitchen for snacks and
Sunday morning we were looking for a breakfast place and found this one.
We ate breakfast here every morning. It was so reasonably priced and the food was so good.Renda and I tried several different things. Here is my artichoke/spinach omelet baked in a delicious pastry.
Dodd has always loved oatmeal. He has it every morning. lol I enjoyed breakfast here. Good coffee too and the service was good. The prices were so reasonal. As cheap as eating at McDonalds. I would recommend anyone in the Hershey area try it.
We went to Hershey on Sunday. Quite a history behind Milton Hershey and his chocolate. (I had done this before but enjoyed it again)
Dodd and I at Chocolate world. Would you believe we went to the museum and Chocolate world and bought NO candy?lol I guess we had seen so much chocolate we didn't want We spent the rest of the afternoon recuperating from the long day before and just being. Had a great time. Renda did run over to the outlet mall and shop. (we were close to Tanger) (I had spent all day Friday in Pigeon Forge with my friend Sandy Merriman, so I didn't go over with Renda.) We did go up to the grand Hotel and it is gorgeous. Lots of shops in the lobby(pricey) but I always enjoy going there.
Renda and I in front of it upstairs.
Isn't this stunning? Look at the view
I hope you have enjoyed traveling with us this far. We have had so much fun and I will share a game we played in the car. Dodd made it up. We would start the words of a song and when you stopped singing the other one had to start another song beginning with the last letter in the word of the song you stopped? Get it?lol We laughed so hard, and one of us tried making up songs, and it didn't Yes, I admit it was me.
Next post I will share more adventures and malls. We found one in Hummel that was awesome. Lots of wonderful stuff and the workers were so nice. In fact met a dealer who had been to Clinton to the Pioneer Days show in September. I want to say hi to Connie Gleed. She gave Dodd and Renda a great deal on jug crock. Thanks Connie.
I am so happy you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I can't wait to share our day in Philly and Lores chocolates. Oh my
PSS: Dodd is running for county commissioner in Blount County. If you would like his page, Dodd Crowe for county commissioner on FB.
PSSS: I just want to say, I saw the most beautiful homes in Pa. There are so many old ones and in the towns I loved the row houses. If you live in one you are truly blessed.


  1. Good Morning & Welcome Home!!
    Oh my goodness I so hear you about the Antique stores anymore.
    So sad..My aunt and I were told we couldn't bring in our purses.
    Well no purses no money meanies..
    You sure are blessed with a beautiful family :)
    Wish I could of met up with you.
    Woolie Spring Blessings
    P.s your in my prayers

  2. Good morning Betty! Sounds like a wonderful trip.That is too bad about the shop owners. I would feel very uncomfortable. The pictures were great and I can't wait to hear more. Have a great weekend.
    Be blessed,

  3. I enjoyed hearing about your trip, you made me feel as though I was right there with you! I know what you mean about unfriendly shop keepers,they do take the joy out of shopping.

  4. Happy Spring Betty, looks like a wonderful time you had, so great.... Thanks for taking us along:) Blessings Francine.

  5. Happy spring's look like a wonderful trip :)
    Big hugs x

  6. Great post, Betty! Looking forward to the rest of the trip!

  7. Your room is very comfy where you stayed!!!!
    Enjoyed your post...always do.
    ~Happy Saturda~ Off to Spring Plantings show all day

  8. Sounds like you had a wonderful time..I am so glad.It is frustrating when you run into unfriendly store clerks.Thanks so much for sharing it.Have a wonderful weekend.Hugs,Jen

  9. Glad you had a great time. My aunt works in that hotel. Did you see the street lights shaped like Hershey Kisses? Pity the stores weren't open in Lititz. Its such a quaint town.

  10. Glad you had a great time. My aunt works in that hotel. Did you see the street lights shaped like Hershey Kisses? Pity the stores weren't open in Lititz. Its such a quaint town.

  11. I'm so happy you had a wonderful time in my fair state. You were only about 2 hours from me.

    Isn't the Moravian House neat. I've been in there and the Moravian church beside it is so beautiful. You should have tried to go to Days Gone by Creations. She has some beautiful things too.

  12. Sounds like a fun trip. I want to visit that area one day. I know Darbee Rae and I would LOVE the chocolate factory! :) Can't wait to hear more.

  13. I love Hershey! What a fun trip, thanks for taking us along! ;)

  14. This would be my kind of vacation, hope I can go there someday!

  15. Loved the trip! I love seeing pictures of other's vacations, I just saw places that I didn't see while I was in PA....I have been there 3 times and I would love to see more! Thanks for sharing and so glad that you had fun!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  16. Betty, It looks like you guys had a wonderful time! We took the boys oh so long ago to Hershey and Lancaster. I would love to go back and just take in more of the history this time! OLM


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