Monday, March 10, 2014

Let The sunshine In and Decorating

Good morning guys and come on it. You can have a cup of DD and a cookie to celebrate beautiful days here in East Tn. We have had some gorgeous ones and the sun is shining Through My Back Door. I am so happy after those cold, cold days we had this winter. So many of you had so much snow. My friend Marla lives in Wisconsin and she sent pictures of more snow than I have ever seen. It actually covered all but the top of her son's car. So even though I complained I am happy we didn't have that. Anyway I am so happy to see you this morning. I know it's Monday and laundry day, but I did mine Saturday. I took one of those FB number test and it said I was a non conformist. I was shocked as I had been called that before. Hmmmmmmm. I have told you before my Mother and Grandmother would be appalled that I am not doing my laundry today. (Yes they both had washers and dryers. My grandmother got hers in the early 50's. she was the first person I knew that had one)
Anyway, I am glad you are here, and lets talk decorating a bit.  Are you decluttering,like so many people I know. I am trying.It seems I still have so much stuff. I love my little house and attempting to make it comfortable for family and friends.
This is all I have on my chest/coffee table. It has been suggested I use runners, etc to break up the wood. I really love the look of wood. I have a runner on this table. I liked this because the pattern is called, Tn Trouble, Hamblen County,Tn.
Another Bare piece of furniture
I do use a runner on my table. I think it is all in what you like. I love the look of worn furniture. The patina is enough for me. What about you? Do you prefer runners or not? Another decorating concern of mine is people painting everything black. I am on a couple of decorating pages on FB and I admit I am stunned(and appalled) by some of the things people suggest be painted black. In my humble opinion an antique should be left alone. What are your thoughts? I saw a picture of a beautiful kitchen and people were suggesting they paint the cabinets black. They are so pretty the way they are. Oh well. I personally have very little black in my house and do  NOT like what I have. Black shows dust!!!!!!!NOW I said it and hope I haven't offended any body. I know we all have our own taste and what I like you may not, but one day people are going to have a hard time removing the black paint from these nice pieces. It was suggested to me on page(I am no longer on) that I paint my German Cupboard and Corner Cupboard to make a splash of color on either side of my mantel.
This is an old picture but you get the idea. I said you cannot paint a mid 1800's piece of furniture. Then removed myself from that group. There are a lot of fun decorating groups on FB. I enjoy the ones I am on. Be selective and find one that fits your ideas and enjoy it.
Some of the blacks, I have.
This bench is no longer here, but it shows my black recliner too.
Black chairs. See I do have some black, but I wish my chairs were red and my bench mustard. Do you think I can persuade Deb to paint them one day? I don't want to offend anyone about painting things black, but I just don't understand so many people wanting to paint good
Okay, I have vented and thanks for allowing me to do so.
Last post I asked if you all thought bloggers were braggers and was so happy to read your e-mails and comments.  I enjoy reading and getting decorating tips and apparently you do as well. I don't have many tips to offer(just don't paint everything black)lol as I am not a decorator. I just do what I love.
Well, I have a trip coming up pretty soon. I hope the  weather is nice.
One more thing.I am a huge Lady Vol basketball fan. Love it. Well the SEC tournament was this weekend and they have aged me 10 years! Had to come from a deficit to win every game and (some bad officiating in the championship game) but they have won their 17th SEC Championship. Thanks for letting me brag.I still miss seeing "the legend, Pat Summit" on the sidelines.
I am so happy you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I cannot wait for days to sit out here
PSS: This Friday night,  on Wheel of Fortune two of my friends are on. Please watch and cheer them on. No, I don't know how they did, I will find out with the rest of you. Lisa is Josh's Mother. Remember this picture?

PSSS:This is my beautiful new Great granddaughter.


  1. Hi Betty, you can count me in as one that loves wood! There is something about the patina of older pieces that just calls out to my heart. I have a couple of painted pieces but they started out as painted pieces. I'd only paint a piece if it was beyond repair or was a reproduction type item. And as one that has painted kitchen cabinets, I say good luck to them because that's a painting job that just never seems to end. Everyone has to follow their heart when it comes to their home but as for me and my house, we'll take it in a wood finish because it will stand as timeless. I don't want to be stripping items when the "trend" changes again. LOL!

  2. Afternoon Betty, I me too, love wood so much. Even with nicks, wee holes, warms the heart. Your home is so inviting and welcoming, beautiful decorating. Blessings Francine.

  3. I am not offended. I do love black and have a lot of black pieces, but I agree, do NOT paint those lovely pieces of yours for a splash of color!! The splash can come from a decorative piece placed inside or something. I do like runners too but I try not to overdo them. I love the look of wood.
    It makes me cringe on those home shows when they paint trim or old pieces!!
    Have a wonderful Monday and enjoy your laundry-free day! ;)

  4. I love your treasures.
    I love all thing but so agree you don't paint beautiful antiques ever!!
    Im so ready to sit outside and plant some flowers.
    Spring is here for two more days and cold weather comes back Thursday.
    Woolie Blessings

  5. Goodmorning Betty, what beautiful great grandbabe!! So fun to have babies in the family! I am going to try watch wheel of fortune friday! My son hurrys home from work to watch it so will tell him your friends are on. Love you furniture and decorating! I too tend to keep my antiques as they are.. Just dont understand painting them.. I also dont use alot of runners etc.. Like them plain. Enjoy your day Betty! Thanx for the fun read w my coffee!

  6. I love your comment about Monday being laundry day, I remember as a little girl everyone doing laundry on Monday and ironing on Tuesday. You have a beautiful new Great Grand daughter! I agree with you about painting antique pieces, I like them original! We have had a change of plans about our trip this month.
    We are going to Mt.Dora with our boat club and will plan our trip to Tenn. a little later.

    month, we have decided to go to Mt. Dora,fl. Our boat club is having a display their at the Annual boat show.We will plan a trip to Tenn. a little later.

  7. Hi Betty, I love both wood and black. I would never cover a beautiful wooden piece in any paint color but I do have some cheaper know with the hearts in...those I painted black. It is all a person's taste. I haven't gotten to any decorating yet but it is on my list! Enjoy your week!
    Be blessed,

  8. Hi Betty, finally blogger let me get back in. I've got to have someone take a look at it. I have so missed seeing your beautiful posts. Wish you could come up for our Spring Plantings show on the 22nd, but I am coming to TN in September. Maybe we can finally get to meet! Love everything you're doing in the house, Dawn

  9. Hi Betty. Congrats on your beautiful new great granddaughter and yes I remember that neat pic of Dasko with that young man.

    I love your house. It's so cozy. I am not opposed to painting things what ever color it might be but I would NOT paint an antique piece of furniture. That is just plain crazy.


  10. Betty, You lucky gal!! We got more snow today...UGH! We did hit 50 on Monday... so excited to see some of the snow melt... BUT this am... more...sigh.... Now for black, I like pops of black... to paint everything black, NO! Love the wood! I go back and fourth with runners covering, and uncovering... I can never make up my mind, hugs! OLM

  11. Hi Betty, I too can't understand why someone would want to paint a beautiful antique. Seems like it is the younger ones wanting to do that. I have black windsors & they show every speck of dust & cat hair! I like a little black for an accent but I love the look & feel of old wood. p.s., you don't need to declutter. It's just perfect! Faye

  12. I love seeing all of the beautiful pictures of your lovely home and decor! So homey and warm...thank you for sharing! God bless you, Cheryl

  13. Betty. You and I think alike. I cringe when I see that someone has painted beautiful wood furniture. There will be a lot of sorry people when this fad is over. You have a lovely home . Wish I had all your antiques. What a beautiful great granddaughter you have . Nothing better than grand kids . Yarlette


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