Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Rest of the Trip

Good morning and come on in. Grab a mug and a wonderful molasses cookie. They are so good. My friend Carol Flanary made them and brought them to a game day Saturday. I am embarrassed but I ate so many she brought me more on Sunday. They are the best. I thought we would finish the Pa trip today. I need to begin this post with the statement, I LOVE Pa. The people were wonderful. I had a bad experience in 2 shops only. Some shops were closed early in the week, but the shops I visited people were so nice, except the 2 I mentioned. In one shop the worker even looked up hours of a shop for us. I think that was the candle barn. Anyway, I don't want you all thinking I had a bad experience everywhere I went. (If that were the case I would have to examine myself, wouldn't I)lol
On Tuesday we were off to Philadelphia, I had been but Dodd and Renda hadn't. It was wonderful to go again. Of course we started the day with breakfast at Funcks. They have a FB page btw.
See the snow.(and our snack bag)lol
We were delighted to see this covered bridge. There was a beautiful stone house on the right.
I took this very quickly as there was a hill behind us and we didn't want to get rear ended.
I love this bell. All I can think of is Let Freedom Ring! The guard here was the nicest person. He represents his town well. He offered to take our picture.
That was one thing that had changed since I was there. Security. I find it so sad that the times we are living in has come to this.
I am blessed with a good daughter in law. Dodd even said he was glad we loved one another so he could spend time with both of us.lol We do get along and enjoy a lot of laughs. We all have so much in common traveling with any of my family is just "a journey" as Renda calls it.
We went over to Independence Hall and Dodd was touched by it. He said to think 5 of the greatest men in our country's history were in this room at the same time.
Going up the stairs. I didn't get any pictures. These are some Renda took of Dodd and I.
These are all I have of Independence Hall. I don't know about you all, but I find a reverence in these sites. Their halls are hallowed and when you think of all the work it took to make our beautiful country and in this day and time to see our liberties being destroyed a bit at a time, breaks my heart. I asked Dodd if he thought George Washington, John Adams, James Monroe, William Blount,Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin,(to name a few) ever thought they would be remembered and respected so long after there helping form our country and he didn't think so. It is fun visiting historical sites with Dodd as he has taught American History for many years and always has wonderful tidbits to enhance whatever we have seen. I told him he needs to be docent somewhere when he retires.
After we left there we went to eat lunch. Of course it had to be a Philly Cheese Steak! I am sorry I don't remember the name of where we ate, but it was wonderful. After eating we were heading to the car and passed a candy shoppe. Renda said lets go in here. Oh My! Lores Chocolates have to be the best ever.
The women running it were the nicest. Two were dressed in period attire and I asked if I could take their pictures. They said of course.
It is a wonderful candy store. I truly felt like a kid "in a candy store".lol They too have FB page.
On the way home we stopped at a bulk food store and bought cheese, turkey, etc and ate at the condo that night. We had done a lot of walking that day. It was nice to just sit and relax in front of that fireplace.
Can you tell it was really cold and windy that day?
On Wednesday we started to Gettysburg. The keyword being started. It was so rainy and cold, but we stopped at several antiques stores. We had a leisurely breakfast at Funcks, then began our "journey". After several stops we found a wonderful antique store(mall) in Hummel, (I think) They had the nicest things and the women who were working were so nice. Yes, they let me use the restroom.lol. We were in there forever, with Dodd and Renda finding some treasures. I just don't have room or need anything, but I enjoy looking. As we were getting ready to leave Renda wanted to show me a crock. When we went to the booth the dealer was working in it. She Gave Renda a good deal on a crock, and we began to talk. She asked where we were from and she said she had only been to Tn once and that was in September to Pioneer Days show in Clinton. I had to laugh as I said I only live 12 miles from there. So Connie Gleed and I soon realized we belong to several FB antique and decorating pages! lol It is indeed a small world. We stayed so late in the shops we never made it to Gettysburg! I had been several times but Dodd and Renda hadn't, so I hated it for them. Anyway we had wonderful day. That evening we were looking for a place for dinner and went into what we thought was a sit down place but it was a deli. There was a lady walking in the door who when we asked told us where to go eat. It was Nicks114. Oh my goodness! What wonderful Crab Cakes I had. It was a great experience, as the people behind us in the booth, heard us wondering what we were going to have and they suggested the crab cakes. The waiter assured us they were not full of filler, and they weren't. He was so cute and reminded me of a grandson. His name was Ray. We enjoyed chatting with him. It wasn't long before Nick came out and said he heard we were from Tennessee. He was so friendly and so nice. Renda asked if she could get a picture and he willingly obliged, I look horrible, had been in out of the rain all day. My blouse was bunched up, but what the heck.lol
When we left Ray hugged me good bye. As you can imagine we left feeling very happy about our day. Oh yes if we were ever back in the area, we would eat there again. Thank you Nick for making us feel like we were guests in the truest sense of the word.
We went back to Hershey and enjoyed our last night there. Family trips are good for many things other than just having a good time. When you are in a car several hours you can have some serious conversation, as well as lots of laughs. Dodd should have been home campaigning but chose to spend time with his wife and his mama. Thank you Dodd.
Our trip home was uneventful and we did stop at several antique shops. I am grateful for a son and d-i-l who will spend time with me and make me feel so loved. I am also grateful for each of you who come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I have to share this with you. You know I have complained about putting on 6 pounds over this winter. Well after walking so much last week I decided I would continue when I got home. Yesterday there were 5 of us who walked the church walking track. However, only 2 of us went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast after! Yes it was my friend Dottie and me. lol That isn't all. Last night a group of went to Shoneys for dessert. Yes Dottie and I were in the group. Today we walked and we each went home.lol I can hear you laughing now.
PSS: Oh the tragedies of this past few days. Let us pray for the families of the people on the missing plane and of the mud slide victims. We are so blessed.
PSSS: It is cold here today, but spring is coming. I have seen the most beautiful blooms on my way to and from walking. We have HOPE and lets not ever forget it.


  1. Hi there Betty!
    It has been awhile for me visiting here and I've really missed quite a bit.
    I did go on back and read the Two previous ones just to catch up.
    What a fantastic trip. Even though you have been to some of these places it is still fun to go again - I remember all of them! I think we have done that trip about - well, many times...LOL
    Such a wonderful son and dil you have - we both are so fortunate to have such wonderful thoughtful children.

  2. Oh Ms Betty, you are just to much!!! You have such a wonderful vibrant Spirit!! Who could not just love to sit and talk with you.. You represent TN well.. Your trip sounds great! I am taking that trip some day soon.. Me and my hubby. I am determined to do it! My computer has been on the blitz so I have been mia for awhile.. As always you are a true blessing!! Snow here today.. can you believe it.. I have had some wonderful flowers peeking out of the ground and lots of fat robins in the yard.. Spring is here... Winter just does not want to let her alone...lol Have a great week. Many blessings!

  3. wow very sweet trip :) i truly love reading your sweet poct.
    blessings and love for you x

  4. I have never been to Phila (shame on me) but I sure would like to go. I won't drive there though. I'm so glad you had a wonderful trip. You are making me homesick to go antiquing.

  5. Hi, Betty, thanks so much for sharing pictures of your trip in south eastern Pennsylvania. Looks wonderful! I have never been. My late husband was born in Gettysburg and we always wanted to go back to visit. Alas, it was not to be. Glad you had such a great time.

  6. What a wonderful trip. I am so glad that you had this fun time with Dodd and Renda. Having loving family is such a blessing.
    I am having a bit of trouble getting back on my feet but I am working on it. Have a great week. Hugs, Lura

  7. Betty,

    What a wonderful trip! Antiquing and eating, seems like the perfect trip to me with family, bonus! I have everything crossed for daughter in laws that I will get along with :) ! Hugs! OLM

  8. Dreaming of blooms here friend.
    Such wonderful fun with your family.
    Oh my the sweet chocolates and candy.
    Cookies oh my ..
    Woolie Blessings

  9. Wonderful post Betty. You have been good to your family and now it is their turn to be good right back to you. You are very lucky indeed. You don't always hear the good stories. Oh, I wanted just about every bit of the chocolate in the candy store. Lol!


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