Sunday, February 2, 2014

Some Interesting Things About "Super Bowl" Sunday

Good afternoon and welcome Through My Back Door. Have a cup of coffee, hot chocolate, hot tea, or a Coke Classic. I seldom drink caffeinated drinks, but every now and again I like one. My drink of choice is Root Beer or a Coke Classic. NO diet drinks for me. If Andrew is sent to the man room at Michael and Debs to get us soft drinks, he knows what everyone wants with out asking. He always gets me root beer. I have  none here today so it isn't in the I am so glad you came to visit on this "Super" bowl Sunday. We here in East Tenn are excited because our beloved Peyton Manning is playing. You see I don't "know" him but I know him. He is a gentleman and lives the life a sports"hero" should. When he was at the University of Tennessee he took a class  where  he had to go to a community school and read to children. It was at the school where I worked. He came every week to read to students. When you met him he always spoke, almost shyly. We weren't allowed to ask him for his autograph or anything which was fine. He was to be treated like any other person who took a class there. I had already obtained an autographed picture of him for Curt before he came to do this class. He inquired before he signed it if Curt spelled his name with a C or a K. Now that is class. He came to my church once. So see I know him. Anyway we are all rooting for the Bronco's tonight. However if Peyton played for any other team I would be cheering for
Andrew is ready for it.
You can't see it but he has a football in his hands.This boy LOVES sports.
Another  interesting thing  about "Super Bowl" Sunday, was the Super sermon we heard at church. Mark is preaching on the  Beatitudes and I love them. So we heard a Super sermon today.
Another is the fact we have a choir that gave us a "Super" song today. Super Bowl Sunday has just been fantastic. We have coffee and something sweet every Sunday morning. One of the men brings homemade brownies and one of the women will bring homebaked breads. Today some one brought glazed doughnuts. So really every Sunday is Super Sunday, in retrospect.
February is a good month for us. Deb, Amanda, and Olivia have birthdays. I have shared Olivia was born on leap day. I love February for lots of reasons. One I can display my hearts. Also it means red. I love red. I am ending this post with  a few more hearts. Next post REDS!lol
This says Sweetheart

This is the heart I miss
I am so glad you came Through My Back Door on this interesting Super Bowl Sunday, where life is good
PS: I hope everyone is staying warm and comfy during all these winter days. I am so ready for Spring.
PSS: This week take time to let someone know you care about them. Call, send a card, do something. You will be so glad you did. Let us all try to make someones week better and brighter. If you want you can leave a comment telling me what you did. It will make us all happier
PSSS: Lets continue to pray for those who need our prayers. God is in the Miracle business.


  1. love all your hearts, especially the last one.

  2. Your going to have a fun day and month.
    Love the red!

  3. I am like you... do not know uch about sports but I do admore that Peyton Manning is a believer... We are expecting another snow tonight and tomorrow...3-8 inches.....Blah.. I am so ready for Spring too.. Have a great week.... Going to seriously take your challenge this week.. I have been encouraging some girls in need- addiction vis text.. I will let you know how I fulfill you challenge this week.. Blessings!

  4. Sounds like a Super start to a great have so many lovely hearts...Thanks for sharing Hugs lil raggedy Angie

  5. Since I don't drink coffee, I am a Coke girl. Gotta have it! It's my get up and go in the morning. :) Sounds like you have had a super day. It's been a lot like a spring day here and we have enjoyed it! Our trip is getting closer and I am so excited! Have a wonderful week.

  6. We are root beer folks too....but we drink the new root beer 10. It is so good and only has 10 calories so that is a win win for us. I love all of you hearts and I love your good heart too. Hugs, Grammy


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