Tuesday, January 28, 2014

And The Beat (Temps) Goes On

Good frosty, snowy cold morning and hurry on in where it is warm and toasty. You can have a cup of
Death Wish Coffee!lol It is strong and the first pot I made was a bit too strong for even me. I have mastered it now and it is perfect. I am truly enjoying it. Curt lives in Nashville, so I didn't ask him if he bought it there or on line. So any way try it and see if you like it. If not you can make a K cup or have a cup of hot chocolate or hot tea.I want you to have the drink of your choice. I am so sorry there is nothing sweet, but it is confession time. These cold days I have eaten and have gained 5 pounds. I don't usually share this kind of stuff,lol, but I was shocked. SOoooooo, nothing sweet. Anyway the fireplace is on and we can visit. I have  stuck a few springy flowers out and about.
A close up
My favorite. Boo looking at Tasha Tudors Garden Book.
I shared my favorite vignette in my house on a decorating group on FB that I belong too. I will share it here too, although I am sure you have seen it 100 times.lol In fact a couple of posts ago.lol
This is my second favorite and I see it is very similar!
This is almost a Pam and Frank Hendrix (Civil Folks blog) picture. The sheep, valentine box,and paper feather were all made by them. The glasses are 1800's(early part) and the book a gift from Sue Beck(PrimSues Heart and Home) I do like this.
Amanda, Deb, and  I were all dressed and ready to go out for a girls day. Well SNOW interfered with our plans. We all laughed and said we were all dressed up and Deb said she was having a really good hair day, and everyone who knows me, knows I HATE to waste a face. Make up is just too expensive to waste.lol Oh well, we will try another day. I am out of milk and that never happens here. Hope it doesn't last long . Oh my, I just heard it will stick around a couple of days!!!!! Oh well, guess I'll cook.lol BTW yesterday they said we would get a dusting.lol
Two of my favorite cultery totes. Hearts!
Well my heart is happy that you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I am thrilled to have some new followers. It humbles me to know people actually read  my rambles and if I can make you smile I have accomplished what I wanted too. I have made some really good friends through blogging and I am grateful It seems every time I think about "closing the door", I get a comment or an e-mail that leaves it open. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
PSS: So much heartache in blogland right now. Please continue to pray for fellow bloggers. Some who were missing have returned and I know we are all happy about that.
PSSS: I hope everyone stays safe and warm


  1. Betty, everything always looks so nice. Glad we could be a small part of your sweet décor. Pam

  2. Glad you're home, safe and warm. Glad you have some milk now too! :)

  3. Stay warm Betty! My daughter in Konxville said it was really bad out.. the kids are stuck at school.. buses cannot run because of the slick roads.. She made it in to get her kids...they made it home ove an hour later.. should have been a 10 minute drive.. so stay in and stay warm.. you should have taken a pic of that beautiful face...your home looks great as usual.. the coffee sounds strong.. I am not a fan of dark strong coffee.. I am having trouble finding a coffee I like these days..Always a pleasure to stop by and visit with you.. Keep praying for Kalissa. She turned herself in and is in jail.. needs our prayers...she is positive and realizes that God is with her.... I appreciate your prayers.. Blessings!

  4. Oh Betty, your home looks so welcoming and cozy, coffee and you would be wonderful, Keep Warm Francine.

  5. I thought perhaps you would be happy to get snow. Angela, Holly and Darbee are having a great time.

    Love all your hearts and pops of red.

  6. Enjoyed the visit Betty. I meant to tell you I love the pewter on your mantel. Think I like it better than any arrangement you have had there. I have got to find some pewter for myself. Everything looks so pretty. A girls day out gives you something to look forward to next week. It is almost 8 pm and Holly and Darbee Rae have gone back out in the snow. And Stacy just got called back in to work. A busted water main and he will have to go to lab and do a sample. Glad we are here with the girls.

  7. First, Steven wants me to tell you he had a piece of pumpkin pound cake for you.. and everyone else I think! LOL! Sweet yikes, I have been addicted, need to stop... but how? it all tastes so good...but the jeans are getting snug! Always love visiting!!! Hugs, stay warm! OLM

  8. Love visiting through your back door. It has been such a rough winter, so cold! I usually love winter but this year I am already ready for spring...guess I have a couple of months to wait yet. Guess I will just take a hot choc and visit with you in your BEAUTIFUL home!
    Be blessed,

  9. Oh my..my jeans are tight too.
    But oh so good are cookies and coffee.
    I love the photo of Boo and Tasha..hehe
    Warm woole hugs

  10. Hi Betty: I've gained 8 pounds since Christmas...feeding my nerves is what I call it...I want to thank you again for putting comments on my blog...I don't have many "followers" and some of them are "following" over 200 blogs so I know what that means....Marshel in Alabama

  11. Hi Betty! you don't have to tell me about gaining in the winter! al and I have just had a conversation about how we feel like eating ...or sleeping...all the time. I think it is the cold...makes you want to hibernate....after a good meal ;). Love the pics!!...hugs, Jan


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