Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Good morning and it is cold here today and going to get colder as the day progresses. I don't mind certain temperatures but single digits just aren't my favorites.lol Come in get a cup of coffee and lets sit by the fireplace and visit. Oh, you can tell I have made some changes and you now have someplace to put your cup when you sit on the sofa. BTW you can have hot tea or cocoa if you prefer. I know all of you aren't coffee drinkers, so help yourself to the hot drink of your choice. I will share a little secret. I drink coffee out of mugs, as well as hot chocolate, BUT I want my hot tea in a china cup! Have no idea why. So you get the cup of your choice, snuggle in and lets talk about hearts.
As you can see I moved the walnut blanket chest in front of the couch again. It hasn't been there in a long time. I also moved the couch back over a foot to make more room where we sit. There is nothing behind the couch now, which is a first. I like it so far.
See. I like it, do you? I also moved the bench back into the kitchen and put a chair where it was.
I had it there during Christmas and got several comments from friends that they liked it there. Well that is it. I moved furniture and cleaned, mopped, etc all day yesterday. I am not used to it and had a few sore muscles to prove it.lol
Now on to hearts. I love hearts. Hearts represent so much to me. So I will share some of mine.
This candle stick lamp is one of my favorites as well as the tin revere lantern with the heart
Love taking food someplace in these. Have a casserole dish not included here.
Love this old brown bowl with hearts on it, remember I found it at a yard sale in Ohio.

Hope you have enjoyed me sharing my "hearts" with you. There are a few more for later. It is wonderful to have you Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS:Remember in my last post I mentioned bloggers MIA? Well I am happy to report three of them have since blogged. Tammy at Country Girl at Home, Angie from Berry Homespun Primitives, and Jan from Life on Buttermilk Hill. I was so happy to see them posting again.
PSS: Please continue prayers for all our bloggers. Tamra has been cancer free for 1 year now. Thank you for your prayers
PSSS: If you are tired of hearts you want want to read my next post, as I will be sharing more.lol


  1. Hope you have a great day today! Love all of you hearts. Hope to see you soon!

  2. I am just like you, want my coffee and cocoa in a mug but tea has to be in a china cup! Love the hearts!

  3. Wonderful hearts! I'm a mug girl put do enjoy fancy teas from time to time. Warm Blessings! Amy

  4. Good morning, Betty, It's only 10 here this morning, and the Sun isn't supposed to help raise the temp...they say we are "goin' DOWN" ! Brrrrr...another good reason to be happy I have to stay in today. Love all your pictures and the changes. I don't drink tea as a rule and when I drink my coffee, I like a mug...the bigger the better!

    Hearts are everywhere especially this time of year, and I have quite a few lurking around all year as well...Stay warm, baby those sore muscles a little and have a wonderful day, ....♥♥♥, Lynne

  5. Love the changes you made in your living room. Your home is so welcoming. You have some very special heart items. Love them all. You worked hard yesterday. Enjoy your day today. Sit in your favorite place,snuggle in, and stay warm

  6. Your home looks so cozy and warm for a cold day.

    Love your heart collection too.


  7. Betty, it's always such a pleasure to visit with you and see your beautiful home.
    Your hearts collection is darling I can't wait for the next post, stay warm and cozy and enjoy your day...Hugs lil raggedy Angie

  8. It made my heart happy to visit you today. I love when you share your home and your heart with us. I love hearts, so I will be looking for your next post.

  9. Stay warm Betty and I love the changes you made. I finally put a table in front of my sofa last week because I got tired of balancing my wine glass when we have guests over...lol!

  10. Hello Betty,I will have a cup of cocoa today.LOL! It just might warm me up,it is a tad bit cold today.Right now we are having a windchill of 6 * .Love the changes you have made.It is always fun to peek into your beautiful home.Such great collection of hearts,really loving those crocks.Stay warm! Hugs,Jen

  11. Evening Friend
    Oh it's snowing and so cold here in Pa. today.
    Please pass me a big old mug of coffee.
    Love the cozy changes and most of all your dear hearts.
    I think you are fibbing and did put me up for adoption! :)
    Woolie hugs

  12. Gosh, Betty...I think I could look at pics of your home all day long! Love all your hearts and the fact you have such a big one of your own....Jan

  13. Betty it is a beautiful room!!! Love your colors......and hearts.

  14. Hi Betty... I LoVe your furnishings. Hearts just warm the soul:)
    And your posts just warm mine.I LoVe coming through your Back Door :)

  15. Your home is so inviting. How I wish I could come through your back door, sit on your sofa and have a cup of coco

  16. My iPad froze up before I finished the word cocoa in my last comment.... Ha.... Maybe my iPad thinks I shouldn't indulge in a mug of hot cocoa with you???
    I love hearts too. Thanks for sharing some of your hearts with me... I will be watching for more. I see a lot of heart in your blog even when you don't show us pictures because I can tell you have a big heart

  17. Oh how I love your home, Ms. Betty! It's so cozy! Anything you do just looks wonderful! I love all the hearts!

    I'm certainly going to try to get back in the groove! I've missed my blogging friends! Oh and my countrygirlathome email was hacked and totally messed up and wouldn't let me log into it. It ended up having tobe deleted. So many things..computer crashed. Anyway, it's just frustrating. I am going to have to come up with a new email address for contact for my blog. I'll post it when I do.

    Thanks for thinking of me! Have a great week! :)



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