Friday, January 17, 2014

Life Through My Back Door and Lovin' Red

Good morning and come in where it is warm. It is frosty outside but we didn't get snow. Get a mug, you know where they are and you can have that piece of cherry pie if you like. I had dominoes here yesterday and one of the girls doesn't like cherry pie so there is a piece left. It won't be long until I will open the Christmas coffee from Curt, Death By Coffee. I can't wait to really see how strong it I do like my coffee and tea strong.
Yesterday was Clays birthday and the family dinner is coming up. He always likes homemade pizza. I always make the dough and it is an all day job. I am going to do that today so it will be ready when we need it. (No pun intended lol) It does take a lot of kneading though.
I had cards last night also. We were kind of on stand by because Fran was having it and they are expecting a granddaughter(their first) momentarily. Anyway, we had it, but they are ready to head to New York regardless of the weather when she comes.Ed just retired from the police department so weather doesn't bother him. I do get my dog fix over there. Love their furbabies and they are so well behaved. You know my card group has played together over 28 years and I remember when this mama to be was born. When our group started we had no idea we would be together this many years, but our bond is strong. We have seen a divorce,(years later a remarriage) 2 more marriages, 7 babies, high school and college graduations, and this year a wedding with one of the children and this new baby. Talk about going through life together! We have also seen deaths of parents and a spouse. They were with me from the get go of Curtis' decline, always encouraging, always there. So, having friends like this is a blessing straight from God.
One of the girls had taken this picture. (You have seen it before)  I guess I am saying to you younger girls make friends and keep them for life. They are a constant and love you when you are not lovable.
However, you always know they have your My domino group has played going on 4 years.
Life Through My Back Door has been good, since I got over my cough. I was told that it was a "form" of the flu. I am glad it is gone. I am ready to feel good and get some projects going here.
I did get a few hearts out. I will share them later. However if you have been reading my blog very long you know I love RED!!!! Here is a bit of red from Through My Back Door

I never see a picture of my bed that I don't think of when Country Sampler was here filming and Bill called Gloria in to see the shot of the bed and she said,"It looks like a runway!"lol He did some changing and met her approval.
Well I think you have seen all you really want to see today. I will share some more later, but I am so happy you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I want to share something good. Many years ago in the rural community we lived in, which I have shared stories with you about, I kept a beautiful little baby girl. We loved that child so much and Deb and I have wondered about her over the years. Well Deb found her mother on FB and we have reconnected. Ursula is a mother herself now, and we are all going to meet as soon as we can. Deb and I are so excited. I LOVE FB!
PSS: Please keep praying for our fellow bloggers. Lots of them are having some difficult times.
PSSS: Again I am humbled by your coming Through My Back Door


  1. Hello Betty. So glad you are feeling better. I think it is wonderful that you and your friends stay in touch and do things together. I have a few and it is so much fun when we meet for lunch or take a road trip. My swelling has almost stopped finally,,,,I am on my last few antibiotics and as soon as Holly Nd Darbee Rae come in from school at noon we are headed out for a girl's trip for the weekend. I am so excited. Hope you have a great weekend as well

  2. Hello Betty, a coffee would be great, cream? .....happy to hear your feeling better, so many nasty stuff going around....hoe lovely to get together with friends, good the heart pantry cakes, prim perfect.....Take Care, Francine.

  3. Betty~ Glad you are feeling better.The pizza sounds yummy.Yes good friends are such a blessing.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. It's so nice to have great friends to go through the good and the bad with.

    Love all your red


  5. You sure have lots of beautiful reds....and cherry pie sounds good right now as well.Am so glad you are feeling better...have a wonderful weekend hugs lil raggedy Angie

  6. I love to make homemade pizza too:)
    Can't wait to hear how that coffee is.
    Have a wonderful time with your family.
    How blessed we are with our friends.
    Woolie hugs and love

  7. Hi Betty! I am back and so happy you are well. I know how important old friends are...I have recently reconnected with a group of high school friends ...we were lunch hall buddies way back then...funny how easy it is to talk to them even though it has been many years. Loving your fave color too!...Jan

  8. Betty, I just LoVe reading your blog. Its like we are sitting in the same room. You have a gorgeous home, so comfy and cozy and full of prims.
    Where would we be without our friends? we play Domino 's too & have so many laughs, as we play & catch up on our lives.
    I love the reds too!

  9. Ahh! So pretty Betty, and so warm. I think you should get the friendly blog award, if there is one. Blessings, Trisha


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