Monday, January 6, 2014


Hurry in where it is warm and get a cup of coffee. We haven't opened the Death By Coffee, yet
We have to finish the Kona first. I would like to try it soon though. Like everyone else I am trying to stay warm today. It is 22* here and snow. If I can keep my electric I don't mind the cold. We have a bit of snow too and it is pretty. The world here is very quiet today. No traffic at all. I am concerned for all the folks who are in really cold regions today. I pray for the safety of all those who have to be out.
I am certainly enjoying my jar. You can tell each of them took time to really remember things. I laugh out loud at some, smile at some, and have teared up when reading some. If you can give this gift to someone I strongly suggest it. It just keeps on giving and doesn't cost a thing.

i put all of my decorations away the day after Christmas. It is a good thing, because I got sick and wasn't able to leave the house for over a week. It would have driven me crazy looking at them and I in turn would have driven my family crazy. So glad that was avoided.
Amanda made me another calendar for Christmas. I love them and would have been disappointed if she hadn't. They are another gift that keeps on giving.
Love Mollie holding her dress up so you can see her boots. A few pages
I have not written on these in the past, but decided I would this one. It will be a diary of sorts. I have calendars from when my kids were home.
Since I was sick I haven't done much in the decorating after Christmas. I did get my mantle done.
Not sure it will stay this way, but it is for now. Those of you who know me, know what a hard time I have doing the mantle and vignettes.
Changed places with the red chair for a while. I didn't use a coffee table either. That may change.
I needed something to set this light on. Remember I had eyed this forever at the Hen before I bought it.
Well I am so glad you dropped in this cold morning Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I do miss my buddy. When I need a fix I go over to this blog rottrover.
PSS: Please stay in and stay safe.
PSSS: Lets keep praying for our blogging buddies. I pray 2014 is a wonderful year.


  1. Morning Betty, oh a cup of coffee would be great, so cold out here...Sweet calendar, how special.....I love the mantle, looks warm and inviting as does your cozy home. stay Warm, Francine.

  2. Death by Coffee.....sounds It is cold and wind is fridgid here... I have a Dr appt today so I guess I will brave the cold and get it done....nothing wrong...just regular check up...We have a dusting of snow but the wind is fierce... Your fireplace looks great.. The pewter is gorgeous! I love heartfelt gifts like the calendar. I am determined to make a list of some things I want to accomplish in the upcoming year...I think I get more accomplished. The jar? I missed it.. I take it is a "blessing jar". We do the blessings cup in Women's group.. Everyone writes a positive note for you to read when you are feeling down.. I love it when we can encourage others. You are always an encouragement to me.. Such a positive and beautiful lady.. I love visiting with you.. Please pray for me as I am seeking the church the Lord has for me to serve in here in Winchester Ky.. Since the Hubby is in the prison ministering on Sundays...always.. I am all by myself... it is more difficult than I thougt.. Appreciate your prayers.. Have a great week and be blesssed!

  3. Good morning Betty,it is a cold 7* here this morning and I believe the temperature is supposed to drop all day. So sorry that you were sick.Love the fireplace and that gorgeous pewter,no surprise there because I have always loved your home.Stay warm my friend.Blessings,Jen

  4. I hope you're feeling better, Betty! I love that jar and calendar. I may have to steal those ideas for next Christmas! Have a blessed 2014!

  5. I do hope you are better today. I love your mantle! The calender is lovely! It is always a joy to visit with you.

  6. Betty, I so hope you are feeling better! We are -17 today! No walk for Knuckles today... He was not happy. I took my tree down today... I was ready... I do try to wait to the Epiphany... Didn't think I would make it this year... I did only because I was busy and lazy! LOL... Now the mess of cleaning it all up! Stay Warm. OLM

  7. Boy you are cold down there in TN. Ya'll aren't used to that. I think your mantel looks great. Hope you are feeling better by now. I had a flu bug too, it was nasty stuff. I've just gotten over the cough it hung on and hung on.

    Stay warm Betty.

    Ps Love your calendar.

  8. Sorry to hear you have been sick Betty. Hope you are feeling better. I am jealous..wanted snow really bad this morning but only got a little black ice. Love the mantle with the pewter,,looks great.
    The memory jar is such a great idea. When my friend moved out of stste I did something similar and put things we had done together and fun times our families had shared. She did one a day and it helped in her home sickness. Love the calander too. Such thoughtful gifts. You take care and stay safe and warm

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  12. Sorry Betty, blogger went crazy and just kept on posting my comment.

  13. Morning Friend
    Hope you are keeping warm.
    SO glad you are feeling better.
    My tree is still up.
    I promised my Love I would keep it up till his birthday.
    It is coming down today.
    Perfect day as I am hiding indoors all day.
    Woolie HUGS

  14. Hope you are feeling better! I love the memory jar idea. The calendar too! Such sweet memories. It has been so cold here too! This morning, it was in the single digits with wind chills below zero! Stay warm!


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