Monday, January 13, 2014

Life Is Good (and so much warmer)

Good morning and come in, have a cup of coffee and lets just sit and chat. I have the fireplace on and we can have a cookie also. I need to quit eating sweets and start trying to be healthier. A lot of my friends are doing just that. I have such a sweet tooth, it isn't funny. Also I think life is short so eat dessert first! Anyway, it is so much warmer here and that makes me a happy camper. (I am so not a camper, never have been, never will be. Don't know why I used that expression)My idea of camping is at least a 4 star hotel!lol Anyway I am so happy you stopped by. Today I am going to play house.  I want to do some "tweaking". I have to do some Do you know I don't think I ever used that work(tweaking) until I entered this world of prim/colonial  Here is what I want to do. I need to do something with my stove board. I want to put an arrangement on my table that is different.
 My stoveboard has been like this forever! I need to gussie it up! I am getting ready to get my hearts out. I LOVE hearts and I know a lot of people think they are 70's-80's decor, but I love them. I think of how the heart symbolizes so many different parts of our life. Love, home, children, most of all God. As the song said, "You Gotta Have Heart." So slowly my hearts will come out and be placed. One heart stays out all year on my wall of love, which has changed a bit.Not that I loved what I took down any less, it was just time for a change.

This heart stays out all year long and will always hang. I did a bit of change last week with my sieve.
Angels from Trace, OLM and Amanda and Beth. I call this Angels Watching Over Me Oh Lord.
My friend Alice brought me this last summer when I had my colitis attack. I think she is perfect there.
I kept this basket of wool back by the spinning wheel, but was showing it to someone and thought this is too pretty to be hidden, so I like it here. It is so soft and beautiful.Tombstone Tidings.
Go visit Audra at her blog and see her beautiful sheep. I am just in awe of all she does. I also won a book from her and it was an Erma Brombeck, whom I loved her columns as a new mother. I have enjoyed it.
I am horrible at vignettes, as you know, but this is one of my favorites.

 Not sure, I am going to leave this.

Time to get this out. Remember I had 2 of these eaten by Hillary, my rottie before Dasko, and I found it on Amazon last year. It is by Mary Emmerling.
Just a taste of "hearts" to come. My heart is filled that you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
I have to show you another picture taken by my neighbor Jackie.(Yes the Halloween cookie neighbor)She took this today, before I got up. Look at the reflection in the creek.

PS: I just want to encourage you to pray for so many. I have never heard of so many seriously ill people. Young people as well as older.
PSS: I am so happy for warmer weather. Are you?
PSSS: I don't know about you all but there are a lot of bloggers MIA. I have missed so many and some I have e-mailed and they don;t go through. We are a close net work in blogland so please know you are missed.


  1. You had me cracking up from the beginning... I never used the word tweaker either until I entered blogland and actually still have a hard time using it, haha!

    How dare you say that you are horrible at vignettes... you are NOT! I think you have done a wonderful job at tweaking and with all your vignettes. I brought out the hearts last night also. Not very many, just a few but I like the pops of red. Love what you are doing, keep it up girl!

    P.S. I have missed blogland terribly and so glad to be back to catch up with you! =] Have a wonderful week~

  2. I like all your tweaking Betty. Beautiful sunrise pic. I too have noticed alot missing from blogland. I think they have gone to facebook. I like blogging better.


  3. Dear Betty,
    It has been 4 days since my emergency gall bladder surgery. I don't feel like doing much traveling but I do have the energy to come through your back door for a little visit. Your home is so lovely and cozy. Even when I am down, I enjoy a visit with you.

    My sweet daughter Erin and her family came for a fun visit in our warm climate. We had all sorts of things planned. I was in the hospital just 3 hours after they arrived. I'm sad that I've spoiled their fun week but she has been a great nurse maid.

    I don't drink coffee and I'm not up to a cookie yet but I do feel better just from visiting you. Hugs, Lura

  4. Tweaking is a word for bloggers only lol. Your home is always cozy and welcoming. I to am glad for warmer weather. I think storyboards are a open canvas so to speak for our creating wonderful displays. I like to change mine up each month.

  5. You do a great job at "tweaking" Your home is cozy and inviting!
    I LoVe the chest in the last pic and what a gorgeous sun rise picture. Thank your neighbour. They get the best pics:)
    I love reading blogs too & yours is always exciting!

  6. I love your home and all your touches.
    Isnt it wonderful knowing Him and that he gives us angels to watch over us.
    And to encourage us.
    Warm Woolie Love


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