Sunday, February 16, 2014

February So Far Through My Back Door

Good afternoon and welcome Through My Back Door. What a week it has been here, but I won't complain because it could have been much worse. I will just share. Oh goodness get your coffee, we are back to DD because the Death Wish Coffee is gone. There are no sweets, and it will be that way for a while. When I am stressed or house bound I eat. When I am happy or sad I eat. When life is not so good I eat and when it is good I eat. I eat, I eat, so pounds have been added. 6 in all and they have to come off or I will not have any clothes to fit. You know how it is, 5 here, 5 there and all at once you notice nothing fits. So anyway there will always be coffee but no sweets for a while. Now that I have confessed, on to the past week.
On Monday my oldest son Doug, called me and said he was in the hospital in Johnson City. He had a suspected heart attack and they were going to do a heart cath. He hadn't called me earlier because he didn't want to worry anybody. I could have wrung his neck right then and there!lol Not to worry, I didn't. Deb, Michael, and I went up there.(It is an hour and 45 minutes away) To make a long story short he had a "substantial blockage" in the main artery in front of his heart and they put in a stent. He is home now and doing well. I am so grateful for prayers that went up for him. I knew he felt okay because he was a bit grumpy because he hadn't gotten to But yes he had had a heart attack. Thank goodness Douglas was up there to bring him home because they discharged him on the day we had the biggest snow in 18 years.
Cooking his frog legs on Christmas day. He is a good cook but what a mess he can
On Wednesday we got our big snow. They were predicting it to be a wet snow with power outages, so Deb wanted me to come down there. They have gas heat, where I have a heat pump. So off I went. I made sure Boo was taken care of. Well did it snow! It snowed and snowed and snowed. It was beautiful, but in case you didn't know, I am over winter. I want spring time, well really summer with buckets of geraniums and sweet tea on the porch. First however, I have to let winter run its course.
I was gone, but my wonderful neighbors, Jackie and Phil, took pictures of my house. I was elated because I was bummed I wasn't home to take them. We got around 7 inches.
Mollie and Andrew really enjoyed playing in it. Actually I think their mama and daddy did
Today is Amanda's birthday. We had her dinner at Debs last night. She ordered pinto beans, fried potatoes, and macaroni and cheese, along with cornbread of course. Andrew was NOT happy and he ate vegetable I do want to wish her a Happy Birthday and Amanda I am so proud of the woman you have become. I knew you would be a wonderful person, but you have exceeded any of my expectations. I love you. You have more courage and strength than anyone I know, and your grandmother has learned a lot from you.
Tomorrow is going to be a fun day. Some blogging buddies from out of state are coming to visit. Yes you know them and more will follow next We are going to lunch but haven't decided where yet. Maybe Lulu's Tea Room. I am sure there will be pictures to follow.
Another surprise to me was Dodd and Renda called and asked if I wanted to go on another trip real soon. Of course I said yes. Then he told me we were heading to Gettysburg, Hershey, and other places. I just hope the weather Of course it will be a few weeks. It is something to look forward too, especially as Deb gave me a Coach carry on and some wonderful organizers to use when I just needed somewhere to go.
I have put the hearts away,(that I don't keep out all year) and my house looks sort of sad. I have a question. Are you all changing your decor in anyway? Perhaps less and more color? I love color
Last Saturday there was a baby shower for my granddaughter Lindsay. This is her mama, Deb, Linz and me.
She is expecting a little girl in about 3 weeks. She is Doug's daughter.
Yesterday was Clay's sister little boy, Blake's first birthday. We went to his party.
He loved his cake and would just clap when we all laughed at him. He is one of the prettiest little boys I have ever seen. His big sister Emmy(almost 3) would help open his presents and squeal,"Mommy look what Blake got". It was so much fun.
The first Saturday in February we went to Chattanooga to Gabes party. It was a riot! So many kids and he was having a blast. These young mothers go all out to make these kids parties memorable.
His was construction themed and absolutely the cutest.
I don't have a picture of his cake but it was huge and looked like a construction site. His mama is so talented. I tell you I love this smile. His grandma(in the picture with Linz) has red hair.
Anyway that has been what is going on Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: The sun is shining bright here this afternoon and high 60's are coming next week. Can you guess I am smiling?
PSS:My package I sent to Afghanistan finally reached it's destination
PSSS: Ahem, a couple of my FB/blogging friends have blamed this last storm down East on me. Just because it came from  the south. Can you believe that?lol I will say they are much better prepared to deal with it than


  1. So sorry to hear about Doug, but I'm glad he is much better.

    Looks like you've had some amazing parties that you attended.

    I'm off sweets too and I have more than 6 lbs to lose.

    Now Miss Betty you need to visit my blog and read my last post, it pertains to you.


  2. Better prepared perhaps, but just as "over it" as you are, Betty! This Winter has been a bear...we expect storms from the west and north, but 'you' sending that last big one from the SOUTH just sent us over the edge! LOL!

    Glad you have been having some fun times now that you are feeling better and your son is on his way to healthy again as well! The babies are all sweet and can't wait to see pics of the new little girl coming soon!

    ps..after this weekend there won't be too many sweets around here either... ;) Enjoy watching your snow melt! Lynne

  3. Betty, I'm so sorry to hear about Doug....but glad he's on the mend. I'll be sending up prayers for him and your family for a very speedy recovery for him.

    Sooo, your headed up to my neck of the woods are you??? If you have time in your schedule maybe we could meet up for coffee and some sweets in Hershey - And trust me there are PLENTY of Sweets in the "Sweetest Place On Earth" I'd love to finally meet up with you since we never quite were able to all get together for those Primitive Pantry Gatherings were we? I miss that forum, sorry to see that it closed...we had quite a nice tight-knit little family going there. Oh well, maybe one day Kathy will decide to open it again.

  4. Morning Friend
    So glad Doug is doing better.
    Happy Birthday to Amanda.
    Oh wow our WInter.
    I too am ready for Spring and flowers.
    But now I will thank HIM for my warm home.
    More snow is on the way.
    No sweets here either.
    Woolie Hugs

  5. Morning Betty!
    Who is this you Just me, Karen. Yep it has been ages hasn't it. Sorry about that. I just haven't been on blogland hardly at all except to make a long over due post.
    Something has taken away my mojo but hopefully it comes back soon. It could be this long, cold and snowy winter, not sure...JUST SAYING!

    Oh I'm so happy your son is okay now. I understand why he didn't make a call to you at first but being a mother I understand that too...we need to know how our children are immediately.

    Such fun birthday parties - you do get around and have so much fun. I do believe you live a charmed life my dear friend.
    Oh how I wish I was one of those blog friends visiting you! One of these days!
    When we head to NC to visit our friends I know we will make a point to stop in and visit you too.


  6. So glad Doug is on the mend so have been busy but nothing sweeter than lil ones birthdays...stay warm hugs lil raggedy Angie

  7. So glad Doug is doing better and hope he continues to improve. I really enjoyed our visit today. It is so nice to sit and chat with you. It always seems like we've known each other forever.


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