Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"Sunshine On My Shoulders Makes Me Happy"(and a confession)

Good afternoon and come on in. Are you as happy as I am to see the sunshine? Well If I could I would jump so high and click my heels, but instead I will just keep on smiling! Grab a cup of coffee and come sit down. But first I have a confession. I am sure Angela won't rat me out, but I will go ahead and confess. Yesterday I had special company.
Yes, Holly, Angela and Darbee Rae came to visit.  We visited and then went to lunch. It was on our way to lunch  I realized I did NOT offer Angela COFFEE!!!!! Can you believe it? I always offer company coffee. Well, I can't say that now can  I?  Anyway we got a good laugh about it. I am sure you are familiar with their blogs.Thru Nana's Window . Holly's Hobbies and Darbee Days
BTW, Holly doesn't drink coffee, but she could have had a glass of tea! If you should come to visit and I am remiss again, please say something.lol I always enjoy being with them. Darbee Rae is just precious. She really is just a well mannered, delightful little girl.
I am so happy with the weather the last couple of days. Mid 60's, how could you not be happy? After all the cold days and all my complaining I just am happy as can be. I had a student once who was just a pistol but soooo cute. If he thought you were upset he would start singing," Happppppy Day", as loud as he could, SO I have wanted to be like John today and just sing Happy Day.
After I put my hearts away, I thought it looked a little bare. Especially the mantle. So I stuck my little chalkware rabbit in the middle of the tray. It is one I bought in a little shop in Springfield Il, called Fizziwiggs. It closed and the owner moved back to Ma and I believe she told me she was going to work at the Seraph. Anyway she made this little fellow and I think he is so cute.
A bit of spring in other places. Not much but it is enough to brighten a space. Here are a few pictures.
Lambs say spring, don't they? I love the face on this one, that Sharon made a long time ago.
Another bitty little chalkware bunny. I love this Sebastian figurine. It is a family sitting around the fire listening to Dad read a story. It is called, A Family Reads Aloud. I have been thinking I am going to put my Sebastians back out. Somewhere. I really  like them and I have had them packed away for a long time. They depict Early America.
Well that is it. I will wait awhile to put out anything else. When are you all putting out spring?
Angela brought me a beautiful heart pillow she had made. It says: "Things I love" and has all of them listed. She said she did it a long time ago and was reluctant to give it to me now because it has Dasko on it. That just made me love it more.
I think it is just perfect and it is so true, I love everything on it. This is where I put it.
This chair holds some special things. A pillow made by Sandi, A basket of wool sent to me by Audrey, and now this heart. The chair should hold special things, as it itself is very special. You know the story.
Well I am so glad you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS:Look what I saw peeking their little heads out
The bank is full of them. Isn't this exciting?
PSS: I hope the weather where you are is getting better. This has been a horrible winter for all of us.Hasn't it?
PSSS: Lets please continue to pray for our fellow bloggers who are still having some hard time.


  1. Thanks for the 'wishes', Betty, but we are just this minute ending yet another storm. It snowed all day long, and we received about another 8" of dare I say...? Beauty?? And, we may be in for another 3-4 in the next couple of days! This Winter is certainly happy in it's home here in New England this year. Glad you had a nice visit with the ladies, and don't worry...I wouldn't be shy about asking for coffee if I came to visit..lol! Envious of your crocus peeping out in the garden. Maybe I need to put some Spring decor around and Mother Nature may take the hint...Enjoy...Lynne

  2. So glad you are enjoying this beautiful weather, Betty! Love the photos, especially the ones of your special visitors!

  3. Hi Betty, oh how I laughed when you said you didn't offer any coffee or drinks to Angela and Holly, we are all human aren't we? Love your little touches of spring. We had a beautiful day today and tomorrow with temps in the 40's but we have a blizzard watch for Thursday...I wonder if it will ever end?
    Be blessed,

  4. Hello Sweet, Sweet Betty.....I won't apologize for my sporadic communications...you must, by now, know the apologies by heart. So beautiful to see green peaking out....heck, it's so good to see just brown dirt.... We got another 3" (unexpected as the forecast was "clear and sunny - 0% chance of precip) on Saturday, and another 6 or so inches yesterday......Today it got above freezing and few icicles dripped....and froze again tonight....and now they're saying we could get another 12" Thursday. Here in Nod, we're accustomed to a lot of snow...but even for us Nodians, this is getting old....especially when one of our snowiest months is still lurking around the corner. So glad you got to visit with Angela, Holly and Miss Darbee....what a treat to meet our virtual friends in real life...one day, I hope to meet at least one or two!!! I appreciate so your comments, and I know your continued prayers.....they are sorely, sorely, needed.... Smiles & Spring Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Betty,
    So glad you had special visitors and enjoyed a spring afternoon with friends. I had to smile about your "lack of manners" (LOL) because I've even baked something special for guests and realized after they leave that not only did I forget to offer beverages but I forgot the treats that were on display in the kitchen. I really like your touches of spring and the sweet bunny on the mantle is just too cute. I'm hoping that we've seen the last of old man winter and your flowers peeking thru just gives me so much hope.

  6. Morning Betty, how wonderful to have such great visitors, so sweet.....You are lucky to see signs of Spring, will take forever here I am afraid. ....I love the sweet heart with all your loves, so special, Blessings Francine.

  7. Oh no!!!
    No coffee!!
    Oh you are too funny.
    I'm sure you were all so happy to see each other.
    What fun and laughter must have been shared.
    Oh I am dreaming of sunshine...
    Warmth..red geraniums and sweet tea..
    Watermelon too.
    Woolie hugs to my friend

  8. Oh Betty, you are too funny. I never even thought of coffee until you brought it up. We really didn't have time to drink coffee as we were talking so much.{smile} Such a wonderful visit we did have. Love your touches of Spring. I already have a few things scattered about for spring and bought a few more on this trip. Today has been a beautiful warm day..Tomorrow we are to have storms. Take care


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