Friday, July 1, 2011

Flags Are A Beautiful Symbol

Come on in Through My Back Door this Friday morning. The temperature is just perfect for our morning coffee. Lets sit out on the porch do you want to? The coffee by the way is plain old DD this morning. Here's your cup, it really does taste good, and lets chat a bit. I want to share some flags with you. These aren't all mine of course, only very few are. My friends have allowed me to show you some of their beautiful flags. This is the beginning of a long 4th of July weekend, so what better time to show our flags? I hope you enjoy looking at them.
This is my friend Carla's wood flag. I love that one star.Makes me think One Nation, Under God.
This is at the Ga home of Frank& Pam. Isn't this beautiful?
This is vintage bunting also at Pam & Franks. I love buntings too. don't you?
 Marla's buntings, Aren't they pretty?
 This is my friend Sandi's. Most of you will recognize her as Daybreak Place on PT. Wouldn't you like to have a cup of coffee there?
Next I want to share some things painted to look like flags. We do love our flag symbol, don't we?
My friend Marla, over in Wisconsin bench. Isn't this neat?
Carla's birdhouse. A proud bird lives here.
Doesn't this just say 4th of July and summer? This is Carla's. Have I told you she lives in Illinois?
This is my friend Linda's over at PineRidgeHandwoven's.
 This is at Sandi's too.
I hope you have enjoyed my friends beautiful flags today. I want to show a red,white, and blue very unusual arrangement.
This was created by my friend Lynne, in Wales. She calls them pegs, we call them clothes pins.
I thank all my friends for allowing me to use their beautiful flags today. Don't you love the pride we take in our flag displays. Our flag is a symbol that so many have died that we might have the right to fly it. Where ever you are this  weekend, fly your flag with pride.
Thank you for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.


  1. Wonderful post, Betty! I enjoyed seeing all the beauty of Old Glory & red, white, & blue!

    Happy 4th!


  2. Happy 4th of July Betty!
    I will be right over for some DD coffee..MY FAV!
    Love all the flags. Especially the photo of the one blowing in the breeze.
    We are blessed.
    Hugs Trace

  3. Good Morning Betty, Thanks for sharing the coffee and the beautiful pictures. I love flags, patriotice displays, and the Fourth of July celebrations. Thanks for sharing. Holly's home is just down the street from the high school where our town has their big fireworks display. We can view it from her yard, so they always have lots of friends and family over. Other than that we will be staying close to home and hopefully have a quiet stress free weekend. Hoping you will be with family and love surrounds you.

  4. Betty, sitting here having my second cup of coffee as I check out all the beautiful flags. I have mine up too. Happy 4th! I love red, white and blue anytime! Proud to be an American. Be blessed!

  5. Good morning Betty! Loved your post! I love Americana/patriotic things & so love flags. Your first picture reminded me that I have a wooden flag hiding someplace ... sigh! I'm pretty sure I have some other things out in the garage too. Maybe I'll see if I can find them today : ) Hae a great day & a wonderful weekend! Blessings, Shirlee

  6. Wonderful Americana! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  7. Lovely photos and I enjoyed every one. Love the "pegs." How cute is that?

    Have a nice 4th!


  8. Beautiful post Betty - your friends do our wonderful flag wonderfully proud! Makes you want to put one everywhere!! Have a blessed holiday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  9. Betty,
    Love the pics. I love the red,white and blue year round. But it can be enjoyed the most in the summer when we are all outside.
    I love to sit on my porch early in the morning
    and gaze into mother nature and enjoy all the birds singing. Especially with a fresh cup of coffee. That is a good start to my day. So when I am on my porch I'll be thinking of you on yours.
    Have a good day
    Country at heart

  10. Thank you for sharing the beautiful patriotic photos~~Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!!~~hugs,jen

  11. Beautiful pictures, the last one was too cute!!

  12. Enjoy your holiday weekend, Betty! Have fun and stay safe!


  13. I love all of your photos! WOuldn't it be grand if we could visit every one of these folks and
    see their flags? I could spend a day doing this and love it! Ask Sandi if I can move in? Love the cabin! Have a wonderul weekend!

  14. Fab post Betty.Wishing you a VERY happy weekend!xxx

  15. Wonderful flags! I do love buntings!.I also love the way they wrap a flag around a grapevine wreath. Very clever displays.....
    Thanks, Betty~

  16. I love to see our flag and patriotic red, white and blue. Have a happy 4th

  17. What wonderful flag displays!!

  18. Betty
    thanks for sharing all the wonderful displays~ hope you had a great 4th~


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