Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Decorating Trends, Are They Trends

Hi everybody. I am so glad you came by this evening. It is time for a coffee break, so I love your stopping in. A cup of coffee is good anytime of the day, but a little pick me up in the late afternoon or early evening is just special. We're having French Vanilla today. I don't use it often, but thought this was a good day for it. We have just had a thunderstorm and it smells so good outside. With the coffee it smells good inside too. Anyway I have to admit to being a blog hopper. I love reading blogs and seeing how other people decorate. You never let me down. I get so inspired when I see the little vignettes you assemble. Your porches and gardens, as well as just your over all decorating. I hear people more often than not painting everything black. I didn't think I had much black, but found a piece or two. I also hear people asking is stenciling out of style. It is my opinion stenciling will never go out. I have none in my house, but hopefully one day Deb will decide she is going to do a room or two for me. She doesn't stencil, she does free hand.I'll show you some of hers in her house, in another post. My decorating philosophy, oh my I didn't even know I had one,lol, is do what you like and love. It is your house do what you want. If you want to paint it purple do it! What ever makes you happy. There is so much turmoil in the world, our homes are our sanctuaries. Make your home yours.
I will share the few black pieces I have with you. I don't have many.
A black candle stand.
My black heart, on my wall of love.
A black German Pub chair
 Black chairs in the dining room. A craigs list find by Deb. Six chairs, two with arms for are you ready? $120.00! I couldn't believe it. I love how they sit, but man they show dust! I had mid 1800 chairs before and they sure were pretty, but not too comfortable to sit on! These are really comfortable.
Black patio set. As I said I don't have much black.
This is my favorite black thing.Dasko.
Well, I hope you enjoyed our little visit half as much as I did. I will be visiting you to see what you are doing too.
Thanks for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
ps I want to thank all of my friends for allowing me to use their wonderful flag displays for my last blog. Thanks so much, you are what makes blogging fun.


  1. Beautiful black pieces! I just love the punch black gives to a room! Dasko is a cutie, sweet pooch!

  2. And you do do black well Betty Dear!! I love black....and the more time goes on, the more so I love it....I adore your little black candle holder the most though!! (Oh...and Dasko of course ~ What a cutie!!!) Have a wonderful evening!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Betty, I feel the same way about our home. If I see it and like it then it will fit into my decor. I love some of every style of decorating I think. Modern would be my least favorite but if I searched long enough I am sure I could find something there I would like. It's our homes and I don't follow a trend. Love what I love and hopefully when friends gather they respect that.
    Love your touches of Black. Read somewhere long ago every room needs something black. My most favorite furniture in the house black is my bedroom suite. Waited years for it and when black is no longer popular, I will still love my bedroom. Thanks for the coffee and enjoyed my visit.

  4. Betty,
    I love all your black decor. I seem to have a lot of black things too. I looked around and I guess I do have quite a few. Black just grounds the room I think. Thanks for the tour and the coffee.
    Have a nice evening.
    Country at heart

  5. I think that is a great philosophy Betty, I also think that there is always something to tempt us into the next phase. Now, it's the whole less is more~ I just can't seem to get that way! LOL! I am getting out the stuff I don't need~ it's not that I don't like it, it's just I already have SO much. Anyhow, I love your Dasko! He's a sweetie pie! I like black, it's easy to go to that, but I don't want all black either. I enjoyed my visit, and I love all your posts always!

  6. I have liked black for a long time. Not many people around here into prim decorating or black. It did not go over well with my Hubbys family. But as you said use what you like it is your home. I am very happy with all my black prim pieces. Your Dasko is cute. Blessings!

  7. I so always enjoy coffee with you friend. You have such beautiful things.I like splashes if black and red. I especially like your Dasko!
    Thanks for sharing Betty!

  8. Hi Betty! I love French Vanilla! And I love your black items. I am very fond of black. It goes with everything. Your black pub chair is amazing!
    I totally agree with you about your decorating philosophy! Our homes should be our sanctuary.
    Enjoy your evening!

  9. hi, Betty~
    Beautiful blackk~ but ya know I love black!!
    My fav is Dasko~ just want to give him a big hug!! pretty chairs, wonderful price!!!
    Always a nice visit~

  10. Girl you don't have to ask me twice do I like black! lol I love it and loved seeing your black treasures..the black furbaby is a special treasure for sure...won't find that color on a paint chart! Thanks for coming by sweetie...hope you are having a great week....Picket

  11. Hi Betty! You have lots of black :) Love everything, great deal on those chairs, wish we had the same luck on our craigslist! Oh and Dasko is so sweet, it makes me think and miss our rottie Jasper that we lost in May, but Dasko makes me smile in memories :) Hope you are having a fabulous week and French Vanilla goes well with the fresh scent of rain!
    Hugs, Trish

  12. I have so many black painted pieces and you are correct...dusting is such a pain!!! However, now I'm trying to incorporate more natural wood antique pieces, I love the way they look together.



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