Monday, July 18, 2011

With A Wandering Mind and Remember When

Good Monday afternoon and welcome Through My Back Door, where the coffee is on and just waiting for you to pop in. Remember one time I said I loved drop in company and just never get it anymore? Well I am tickled to have you. Lets sit in here though today, it is so hot outside. I will NOT complain, because remember when it was so cold and I had been snowed in for days? Man did I ever complain to anyone who would listen! I love summer. I love being out on the porch or patio drinking coffee, reading a book, or just being. I love jumping out of bed and throwing on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. I love eating fresh tomatoes and other produce and I love peaches! Yum! I love not worrying about the house and how it looks, and THAT my friends is a problem. I just need to stop my mind from wandering and get busy. But my mind has a mind of its own, and it has been wandering. When I was in Destin last month with my family, I told you about a wonderful place we eat. It is on the water and this is what you see as you are eating.
Doesn't that look inviting? If you are more into fancy or ambiance, its not going to suit you. If you are into the BEST seafood available there, it will.
This is the other view. If you go to Destin you must find Deweys.
Remember when I said I want to declutter. Well I have. I am selling a couple pieces of furniture to have a less cluttered look.
Today my mind was wandering and I just let it. Heck, I just went along for the ride. lol I was thinking about the Primitive Pantry is going to have a gathering this summer and several people are  going. How much fun to meet your prim friends that you have gotten know to through blogland. I am sure a lot of you have met and formed long time friendships, but I have only met a few. Today I had lunch with a prim friend I hadn't met before. More about that later. But it was fun and I really liked her.I have met Carla and Kathy and just loved them, so I am looking forward to seeing them again as well as several more. I will post about that after we get back. I  will post lots of pictures too. It is a ways off.
Remember when I showed you the birdhouse I got from Deb and Michael for my birthday? Here it is put up.
What do you think? It is going to have a "Not for rent" sign on
Dodd is putting my dinner bell and pump up this week. Pictures
will follow. Things are getting spruced up a little bit. It is time.
I guess you think this blog really is wandering! Remember when I told you I was addicted to Deb Petersons pinkeeps. Well I just never seem to display them right. Here is where they are now. I don't particularly like them here.
They just don't look right to me. I have a collection of wick trimmers and I don't display them well either. Sandi over at Daybreak Place is trying to help critique this display. I can't keep my wandering mind from wondering is there a better way!
Thanks for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
ps A few weeks ago, Tamera, over at Country at Heart did a give away. She not only did the prize she did some runner ups. My name was drawn and this is what she sent.
Two crocheted doilies that say mom and dad, a nice napkin, a candle holder and candle, along with a cup in my favorite color.It has a lid and is perfect for the porch. No bugs! Plus it keeps it hot! Thank you Tamera. Wasn't she generous? check out her blog.


  1. Funny post Betty!! Oh, I know all about how a mind can wander away from the "taking care of business" stuff....Mine has wandered so far off I fear it may never find its way back home!! (Should have left some bread crumbs I suppose...) ;o) Love your new birdhouse - looks perfect!! Your pinkeeps are so sweet - I have a weakness for pinkeeps of any sort...and they've multiplied!!) Ahhh...and wick trimmers....equally loved! Great goodies from Tamera!! She was so generous with everything she gave, and took such time and care in choosing everyone's gifts - what a dearheart! Wishing you a wonderful, wondrous-filled, week! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Love the post Betty! And love those pinkeeps! Heaven help me, you might get me hooked on those ... lol! I also enjoy wick trimmers & bird houses although I don't have any. And the seafood in Florida ... is there any comparison? John & I lived on the gulf coast for about 10 years way back in our younger days. Our rare trips to local restaurants always found us at seafood places. Thanks for bringing back good memories : ) Blessings, Shirlee

  3. You make me smile, Betty. My mind wanders all the time. Actually, it's a pleasant distraction, until you need what ever it was when you first started out....
    I love the ambiance of the open air, on the ocean restaurant. Lucky you!

  4. Great post Betty! My minds wanders alot too, lol, sometimes too far :) Love your pin keeps, I have yet to start my collection, maybe someday. Your birdhouse is wonderful too. You are giving me too many ideas of what I'd like to have, heehee. Hope you have a wonderful week!
    Hugs, Trish

  5. Hi Betty! Girl, if my mind didn't wander, I'd never go anywhere! LOL! I enjoyed your meanderings very much.
    Congrats on your give away prizes. I love your pin keeps & wick trimmers. I'm at a loss of how to improve your display. I think they look lovely.
    Have a great week, or what's left of it. :o)

  6. hi, Betty
    My mind just wanders everywhere~ LOL~
    Love the birdhouse~ So nice for you to meet up with Kathy & Carla~


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