Saturday, July 9, 2011

Prim/Colonial Lighting

Hi everybody and welcome Through My Back Door this afternoon. I have a pitcher of ice tea with pineapple ready and the glasses are right next to the cups. I am becoming addicted to this. I make a pitcher of regular tea and add pineapple nectar. Not juice,but nectar.It is so good and refreshing. I love it.
When we decorate our homes we always have to consider the lighting. Not just accent lights but the overhead as well. I thought I would share the ceiling lights Through My Back Door as well as some others. we'll start with my house. Okay.I have had my ceiling lights for years except in one bedroom. Deb and Michael bought me one for there just as a sweet gift.I really like it.
This is Michael doing the Ta Da dance after installing it. Andrew always does this after he helps his granddaddy do something. So now we all do it.
This is over my workspace in the kitchen.
This is over the dining table. I would love to have new ones, but we don't discard perfectly good items to get something new here. So I guess I'll be using these a long Aw shucks
These are in the living room. Let me say here and now I totally dislike my ceilings! Can't do anything about that right now.
This is in the end of the great room I call my reading nook.
This is in the guest bedroom.
 These are all the ceiling lights here. Now I am going to take you on a field trip and show you some more fabulous lights. These are in the home of my friend Sharon who owns the Speckled Hen, in Clinton Tn. You are going to see pictures of her private living room and dining room as well as some wonderful lights she has in the Hen. All of these lights of course are from the Hen.
Here is the entrance to the best little prim shop
This hangs in her private entrance hall.
This is in the living room. Don't you love this room. I'll show you another side of it.
Don't you like those sconce?
This is her dining room and this picture is dark, but it is my favorite room in her house.
This is her Whaler lamp over her dinning room table and another view of the dining room. I really do love this room.
I hope you enjoyed seeing all the lights. I am going to show you some for sale in the shop.
This is actually in the shop
I hope you liked the field trip and the peek into Sharons' house.
Thanks for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.


  1. Beautiful lights Miss Betty!! And the Speckled Hen - oh my, what a delightful place - inside and out!! So wish it were closer! Funny what you say about not being able to replace some of your lights because there's nothing wrong with them....I can empathize...When we moved in here 23 years ago, they had the most awful hodge-podge of lights - no 2 were the same style or era, and with the open floor plan, it looked hideous. Several years ago (when I still had a paycheck!), I convinced the DH that we needed to replace the lighting...Which we did...but now I wish I had made better choices (It was at a time when I wasn't quite sure where my decorating "taste" was going....) But, it will be a long, long, time before I will be able to replace them again!! Oh well...another case of "Choose thy love, love thy choice" I guess! Thanks for sharing...and that tea sounds delish! I'm going to have to scout for some pineapple nectar!! Have a great evening! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Love the photos Betty! Isn't it funny how lighting can change the looks of things? Saw you had stopped by a few days ago. Thank You
    and have a wonderful evening!

  3. Love you lights ....and your home. Your friend has beautiful lights in her home & her shop. I enjoy reading your blog......xo

  4. You have some gorgeous lighting in your home! I wish I had more like those but I need ceiling fans...old home = no central air...need as much help as possible for the window units. ;)
    I love the whaler light! Someday I want that for my dining room!
    Have a great weekend Betty! BTW, going to have to try the tea with pineapple nectar. TFS!

  5. Thank you for showing all the lights, they are truely beautiful!

    Take Care,

  6. Love those awesome lights. Would love to start slowly replacing mine..A girl can dream.
    Thanks for sharing Betty!

  7. Loved seeing all the lights ... your's & Sharon's! Although I have no need to travel to Knoxville anymore, I may need to try to talk John into a trip to Clinton just so I can go to "the Hen" & visit my fave antique store there. By the way, that pineapple iced tea sounds delicious! Blessings, Shirlee

  8. Loved the tour of Sharon's home and shop.You have some awesome lighting in your home as well. I have been trying to convince hubby that we need to change our lights.Hugs,Jen

  9. Good evening Betty, Funny I was just on mapquest to see where Clinton, Tn is compared to Knoxville. Sounds like a neat place to visit the next time we come thru there. Love all your prim lighting. Sorry to say, I still have ceiling fans because 35 years ago when we built our house, we were kids and never thought about air conditioning. So... we were hoping to move once we no longer had to care for mother and daddy as we built across the street from them, but now the economy, we may just be here forever. Mr. P. is talking seriously about having central air installed. Have made it this far with window units so why rock the boat. You have a great Sunday.

  10. Hi Betty, love your lights and your friend's lights! Wish we could find something up here like that which is affordable! For now we work with what we have, lol. Your iced tea with pineapple sounds wonderful, I think I'll have to to try it!
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
    Blessings and hugs, Trish

  11. Betty
    Beautiful lighting~ Sharon's home is breathtaking~ thanks for sharing~ Your Home & her's a very inspiring(love your bedroom!!)
    thanks for the cool drink I needed that~ yum!

  12. Well Betty,
    You already KNEW that I have a slight light obsession! LOL! I LOVE all the lights in your home and also The Speckled Hen! I like that Whaler~ those are so neat, they give such a nice ambiance. I will have to do my house a little at a time! I just got the hubby and BIL to get the ceiling fan going in the bedroom~ it only sat there for a year! LOL!
    Thanks for sharing with us!

  13. Hi Betty,
    Me again! Yes the photos you asked me about are in Shaker Village in Ky.....The place is awesome isn't it? We loved it needless to say...I thought people might like the photos..
    Have a nice evening and Thank You for stopping by...

  14. Great as always Ms Betty! Your friend has a lovely home. Of course, I would love to come by for a glass of I am drinking lots of sweet tea myself these days. I am trying to cut down on the diet drinks. I do not think the sugary tea is better for the waist but sure taste good. Blessings and thanks for the tour.

  15. What a wonderful tour! Thank you for sharing!!

  16. Hi again Betty!
    We are about 3 hours from Pleasant Hill..We did
    get to watch a couple ladies making the rugs...SO neat! They told me that a couple times a year there is a rug-hooking convention/meeting there! What fun that would be. I am not sure what the weekend deals are. We were only there one night. I will add their address to this ok? Have a
    wonderful evening!

  17. Love all the lights Betty, but your 'light' shines brightest to me.


  18. Hi Betty, If you or your friends "dress up"
    prairie style please post photos..I know we would all love them...I will do the same..Have a nice weekend!


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