Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Hi everybody, come on in Through My Back Door. We are having a glass of limeade today. It is hot and the limeade is just tart enough to be refreshing. I like to put a maraschino cherry in it. I know I just posted yesterday, but I wanted to share these melted candles with you. I came home from cards last night about 9:00.(I play cards with a group of women. We have played together for 28 years) Any way when I came in I had no electricity. I sat on the porch for a little while, then came in and lit candles. We have had this discussion before, I LOVE candles. Well they burned a long time and this is what they looked like when I snuffed them out.
It was pitch dark in here except for these candles. I took the pictures of the ones below today.
Look at how the wax has run down the side.
Isn't this different? It just fascinates me.
I just love the way this is dripping down the side of the candle.
Well I just wanted to share this with you. I thought is was so neat.
Tomorrow I am hosting my domino group. We host it every five weeks. That means you do lunch every five weeks. Well, I love those gals but let me share this. Their food issues leave a lot to be desired!lol(They know I feel this way)One doesn't like chicken, tuna, nor eggs. One can't eat shell fish, one is a diabetic, get my drift? It gets to be oh my what can I fix! It was this way for me this week, sooo, we are having broccoli soup, pasta salad, iced tea,and orange cream cake for dessert. Nah,I cheated. I didn't make the cake. It is a bought one.
 Here we are at Dotties wedding. She is the one wearing the corsage.
Well that does it Through My Back Door today. Thanks for looking at my candles and see you later.


  1. Good evening Betty, Thanks for a cool drink,limeade sounds great. I tried a new recipe from an old Southern Living Mag. for lemonade tea over the weekend and I really liked it also. It was tart, yet sweet. Holly liked it but Darbee Rae still ask for her heavenly tea. Thought of you as we took our day trip yesterday. We were about 80 miles from you. Hoping we can meet one day. Love the candles. But I wouldn't have wanted to burn mine. Aren't you glad that isn't the only way to have light these days?
    Have fun with your group of ladies. Your menu sounds great. You all look like a fun bunch of ladies to be with.
    Have a great evening.

  2. I love the wax melts down a candle, makes them look so real and useful,,,

  3. What a beautiful picture of everyone!
    Sounds like you have the lunch all figured out for group...that would irritate me too! ;)
    The candles are cool! Love the look of the wax dried on the sides!

  4. Love the candles....I have some from the 70's that are multi colored and they are made to drip down bottles. They are so cool! Sounds like fun to have a group to play cards and just have fun with! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I just enjoyed the visit at your place, like always.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  5. Love the candles Betty. SO cool. But my favorite things is the beautiful picture of you and your friends. Nothing like a good friend and you have many.
    Hugs Trace

  6. Your candles look so neat! Funny how some of them melted. It seems almost impossible how the wax drifted and hardened. I love candles too!
    Have a happy day!

  7. I love candles too Betty.Loved seeing yours.:)

  8. I agree Ms. Betty, there is something so peaceful about candles. When I was a young girl, I can remember going to stay with my Grandmother. She did not have electricity. We would light the candles and the oil lamps. I always felt so peaceful and happy there. The lunch menu with the girls sounds yummy! Enjoy and blessings!

  9. There is nothing quite as comforting or warming as a candle....Yours - and the wonderful candleholders you have them in - are gorgeous!! Love them! You menu sounds exquisite as well....I've little patience for fixing "around" picky eaters - medically necessary diets are one thing - but just "don't care fors" send me over the edge and, well, make me "cranky!" ;o) Have a wonderful day!! (Limeade....mmmmm...haven't had that in years!) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. Betty, Looks like you will need to restock your candles. I hate when the power goes out. Sounds like fun with your lady friends. It is hard to fix a meal when there are special diets, but people who are picky shouldn't complain about the menu, they should just eat what is served and go on.
    Have fun.
    Country at heart

  11. Betty, I love candles, too. If you ever read about Tasha Tudor, well, she made her year's supply out of beeswax in the Fall. Over 500 at a time! I love the aroma they leave behind, I love the light, I love the bit of warmth in the Winter.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  12. Betty
    I am loving your candles~ so very pretty~ Wonderful picture of the Domino group~
    thanks for the cool drink~ enjoy the day~
    keep cool~

  13. Love your candles Betty! I love burning them too, and it saves on electricity! I make my own tealights, votives and jar candles but I have yet to learn how to make tapers... The group pic of you and your friends is wonderful and your menu sounds super... something that will suit everyone! Have fun and hope it cools down for you!
    Hugs, Trish

  14. Betty, I LOVE candles too! I love to burn them, they are interesting to watch. I think it's wonderful that you all have gotten together for all those years, how neat! It's alright to cheat once in awhile! The Limeade sounds good too! Refreshing!


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