Monday, October 7, 2013

More Going On's Through My Back Door.

Good morning and come on in for a cup of coffee. It is still DD and we have nothing sweet to go with it. It was all taken down to Debs for the weekend and it is NOW I made these.
 Pumpkin squares.My family loves this. Well all except Amanda and Michael. Deb starts calling for them in late September, but I don't make them until This is a recipe from my Mother and Ila. The caramel icing is all Moms. They are easy to make and oh so delicious. I will try to post the recipe next time.
Friday I spent the day at the Hen. It was a wonderful day full of nice people.  I enjoyed it so much.
Friday night my Sunday School department had a cook out. What fun and oh my goodness the delicious food.
Saturday was spent at Debs as Beth, Ryan and Amelia were here.  Curt and Lindsey also came for the weekend, so you can imagine the fun going on there. We also took Christmas pictures(even though we almost collapsed from heat exhaustion) Saturday night we had a soup supper. I made Curt his favorite Broccoli soup. Dottie had sent home made fudge home with me Friday night and they were all excited about that.
Sunday was a repeat of Saturday, minus Christmas pictures and Beth, Ryan and Amelia. They have all gone home now and it is  strangely quiet  again. Amanda is always sad when Beth leaves. They are closer than twins and enjoy one another so much. It is wonderful to see them together.
A while back Dodd bought me a leaf blower. Light weight and electric. I have certainly appreciated it this year. The leaves are falling faster than they are turning here. I just came in from using it.
This morning I met the high school friends for lunch. We went down West to the Olive Garden. It is always so much fun and we laugh almost  as much as we did in high school. We call Patsy our fashionista. Here is she and Alice when they got there. See her shoes match her top.
The four of us. I am always on the outside(left handed) and the one closest to the camera always looks the biggest. I am sitting inside next time! So there!!!!!!lol  I am truly blessed to have these women back in my life.
They always humor me and let me get our picture taken. I tell them I need blog 
It will soon be three years since I started this humble little blog. I cannot believe the friends I have made since then. As you know I have been so blessed to meet many other bloggers and forum members. I never in my wildest dreams thought anyone would read what I have to say. It seems to me I am so not interesting. I am grateful though for each and everyone of you. I have been blessed to meet some of my followers and readers. My blog fairy has made my blog look good, I just need to power it up and make it more interesting. Yet, again I say thank you to each and everyone of you for hanging with me. Only time will tell how much longer I will continue, but for now I love having each of you come Through My Back Door.
I am getting ready to change the furniture around. Hopefully I will have pictures soon. I have been on the go so much I have not had time to do much in the house. The weather today is gorgeous. For a few days it was too hot again. 
This is my rosemary bush. someone told me they had never seen rosemary bloom. To the reader who asked me about the name for the humming bird plant(you were a non response) she said she just had always heard it called humming bird plant. If any of you missed it, here it is.
I am going to leave you with a few fall. If I have shown you before, chalk it up to old age. I will deny it, but you can go ahead and chalk it up.
I am so glad you took time to come Through My Back door today where life is good.
PS: This is Gabe. Isn't her the cutest?
PSS:Remember October is breast cancer awareness month. This is Andrew walking for his mama last year.
PSSS: Please join me in praying for all those affected by our Government shut down. Even if they get paid later, it is hurting now. The National Parks closures are affecting lots of vacations as well as weddings in our area. Also for those families affected by the Front Street Baptist Church bus wreck in our area last week. It was a terrible tragedy. Always remember our fellow bloggers who need our prayers.


  1. My dear friend sound line you had a fun time ...
    Beautiful flowers and your home is looking so cozy.
    Sweet hugs xx

  2. You've had another busy week! I'll take some of those vitamin tablets you're on please! I'm glad you all got together and look forward to seeing your family Christmas photos.

  3. Hi Betty, You certainly are busy! I love visiting your cozy home and reading your post, I sure hope you do not stop!

  4. I too would like some of those vitamins.

    As for our government I think the next election we need to vote them all out. Every last one of them. The last time they shut down the national parks didn't make any sense to me. Think of all the tourist dollars they turned away. I know Yosemite gets lots of international tourists. There are park fees, souvenirs to buy, food, lodging, fuel. I think if the National Parks were under a stand alone budget and not the general fund they would show a profit. But no, money in the general fund get squandered away on other things.

    Have a good day Betty and once again enjoyed the visit thru your back door.

  5. It always amazes me what an active life you have. I never have anything interesting happen to me to put on my blog.

    Love your posts.


  6. Betty I hope you don't give up blogging!!!!! I always enjoy reading yours...even if i do not leave comments all the time.

  7. Morning Dear Friend
    Oh your home looks Fall beautiful.
    And the pumpkin bars oh my.
    What beautiful friends you have.
    You ladies shine.
    Woolie Fall Blessings

  8. Your home looks nice and cozy. Glad that
    you are enjoying fall and friends and family.
    You are blessed.
    Those pumpkin bars sound yummy.
    It is so sad to hear about the Government issues.
    Luckily my son in laws are considered essential as
    they work for the hydro dams here.
    Wishing you Fall Blessings~ I love to visit~Sara

  9. Betty...that vine is either a cypress vine or a cardinal climber...can't remember which...they seem so similar to me! LOL Donna

  10. It is always a joy to visit with you Ms Betty. I always leave feeling happy....I shared your blog post with the ladies in the Prison camp a few weeks ago..."what do others take with them..." The Lord really spoke to me and I started my study off with that story...such a deep we affect others.. do they see Jesus in us.... Love the pumpkin bars...they sound yummy. I have been missing in much to do around here and just in a blogging funk....not much to say or share. Pray for us....we are not getting paid for October.. Hubby works as chaplain in Federal prison. The past paycheck was partial and if things do not change no pay for October..Our nation is just in a mess! Praying for all and miss you greatly. I will always stop by for a visit. Blessings My Friend!

  11. Hi There Ms. Betty! Congrats on 3 years! I am so glad we have become friends! I just made pumpkin squares last night... I crated my own pumpkin butter cream frosting...but oh caramel?yummy! Hope you are out having a great time! OLM

  12. I love reading your blog... Now, starting off with pumpkiny treats that we can only virtually eat. Awww. You are beautiful, Betty! You have such a gorgeous smile. You are so sweet, kind, and humble. I am honored to be your friend! Thank you for being mine! Thank you for the reminder about the needed prayers!

    I am so glad you had fun with your friends (fashionista...Hee hee... I am lucky if my shoes match each other!!!!) Love and hugs, dear friend!

  13. Betty, please do not stop blogging!! I feel it's becoming extinct. So many bloggers are leaving and doing FB. I enjoy FB, but this is much more personal. I feel I know you better thru here.
    Your cake looks delish!!


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