Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Week In The Sun

Good evening to all of you and welcome Through My Back Door. I have been gone to the Florida Panhandle for a week with Deb, Michael, Amanda, Clay, Mollie and Andrew. Can you say good time? The weather was perfect and we all had a wonderful week. BTW help yourself to a cup of coffee. Sorry there is nothing sweet but I just got home last night. We did so many things and took a cruise on the Pirate Ship, the Buccaneer. More about that next post. I wanted to share some beach pictures with you. The weather was perfect and the beach was secluded. Just a few people.
Of course we ate at Dewey Destins. The kids loved it. So did Amanda and Clay.
Mollie was patiently waiting for "shrimp. seaweed, casserole and key lime pie". That is what she said we were having every time we went to I had drilled the shrimp and key lime pie, but she came up with the seaweed and casserole on her own. lol
Here is the gang at Stinkys. Andrew couldn't wait to eat here, instead of just wearing the shirts.
The Back Porch.
This was after the Pirate Ship Cruise and everyone was pretty wiped out.
Clay, Amanda and the kids on the condo steps.
We had so much fun and taught Andrew to play 5 Crowns. He beat us the first night we played!
Today has been so chilly here, this has been on all day.
Have no idea what that is on the floor cloth!
Before I close I need to ask if you will remember Dasko and me in your prayers.
This fellow is in the doggy hospital in renal failure. He has a 50-50 chance of getting better. As you can imagine my heart is broken.
I am so glad you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I will be doing a post on the Pirate Ship Cruise soon. If you are in the Destin area and have children you need to look into it.
PSS:The house is off the market and I am fine with that.
PSSS:Thank you so much for the prayers for those of us who need them


  1. Betty...I am in tears for sorry to hear about Dasko. I will pray for the best for him no matter what that turns out to be. And, for you prayers and love...Lynne

  2. Oh, I am praying for you and sweet Dasko! :( Hugs to you Betty!!
    Your trip looked fun! Seaweed casserole, yum! ;)

  3. Looks and sounds like you all had a great trip. So sorry to hear about Dasko. Will be thinking of him and you too.

  4. Once again I have been too long gone, and come back to find out my prayers weren't there when you needed them most. Please know that I will be praying double duty for Sweet you and Sweet Dasko.... I so know the pain....That is what my little Gazoo went through....and it did rip my heart out. It still does and I still can't think of him without tearing up..... Yes, I remember the good days....and the wonderful memories he gave us....but, Lord help hurts like heck to be without him. And I know your Dasko means just as very much to you. Holding you close my friend.... Glad to hear you found some joy in family times....Your trip looks wonderful. I soooo need to get "away." Hugs....and More Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Betty, I have already said a prayer for you and Dasko and I will keep on saying them. These animals are our family and companions, aren't they? I pray all will be okay and soon.

    Happy you all were able to get away . My husband and I have always wanted to go to the panhandle. The water looks simply wonderful and we like it where it is not so busy.

    Take care, sweet Betty. I know you are worried.


  6. Oh Betty of course Dasko will be in my prayers, I know how much he means to you and his companionship is priceless.

  7. Oh ...I am praying for you and cute dasko..
    Sending you all big hugs x

  8. Oh no.. I am so sorry to hear about Dasko.. Praying for you. It is so hard when our pet family members are hurting and sick. So happy you had a relazing time in Florida. Please keep us updated on Dasko. So glad I stopped by today. Praying your Sunday is blessed!

  9. The trip sounds dreamy and great family time to have.
    So sorry about doggy!
    Hugs Betty!!!

  10. Looks and sounds like the perfect family get-away! So glad you had a great time....
    Prayers for you and Dasko. I'm so sorry that he is sick, and I know how hard this must be for you. Our furry friends are so special..... Get well soon, Dasko!

  11. Awww Betty what a bitter-sweet post.
    Such fun is always had by your family - I'm so glad everyone got to go. The places you go to look so inviting. Maybe someday!!!
    I'm so sorry about Dasko...he's been your pal for so long and like a shadow. Praying for him.


  12. Praying for you and Dasko! Sounds like a wonderful time with your family in Destin. We love it there too! It is only about a 2hr. drive for us.I like visiting your area much more though!

  13. Oh Betty I sure will! Poor Dasko, it's just so hard when our furry family is ill and hurting... I so hope and prayer he recovers quickly!! hugs my friend.

  14. Prayers for you Betty and Dasko. Your room is so inviting. Glad your happy with staying. The house would not be the beauty it is without you.

  15. Morning Friend
    Not sure what happend to my comment I left yesterday :(.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers.
    What wonderful new treasured Family memories.
    Hugs to you


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