Monday, September 2, 2013

What Color Is Your House?

Good morning and come in and visit. As you know I love sitting around drinking coffee in the mornings. (As well as late evenings)Yes, we are having the "drunken donut." It is finally September, and fall is coming. It is a little warm outside this morning though, so if you don't mind we can sit in here. I have my inside fall decorating finished. There may be a tweak here or there. I did change my mantle. I didn't like the sconce I hung on either side of the mirror, over the mantle, so I changed them.

These are much better in my opinion. Yes, they came from the Hen! Can you see the door box in the mirror?lol My house has been called The Speckled Hen
I have been wanting a school masters desk for a long while. I really have no place to put one, but that didn't stop me. I found one at the Spring Festival in Clinton, but Curtis died, and other things happened, so I wasn't able to get it home. Barbie and Clay Good have a booth inside Corner Antiques and they have the most wonderful primitives. Anyway, they held it for me and Clay brought it to me on Friday. Deb came up Friday evening and we moved furniture all over the house trying to find a place for it. Finally we found, what to us was the perfect place. Before I show you where it ended up, I want to show you the desk itself. It is not really a school masters desk, but works for me. It came from an old general store, in Indiana. (not even a southern piece). It is an early 1800's and the dove tailing is what sold me.(Along with the tin mouse hole repair).lol
don't you adore that dove tailing? Some one hand made this all those years ago and I now will enjoy and appreciate it.
Here is where it ended up. I want to keep my lap top in it.
Now to the title of my blog? What color is your house? I think our homes all say a color.Or a season. To me, mine has always said fall or Christmas. It doesn't photograph well in spring or summer. I don't know why. To me it shines from fall through the Christmas holidays. I will take the buntings down this afternoon and it will go from this:
to this:
This says, the end of summer. Now I need to get some fall outside, as it looks sad.  So tell me what color is your house?
I will leave you with the rest of the Church/House we were so privileged to tour.
I hope you enjoyed seeing the rest of this wonderful home. I want to say, even though she used a lot of whites, you didn't get the feeling anything was off limits. It felt warm and inviting from the parking lot into the house. She showed us her work area, his office, and even offered us chocolate chip cookies. Now you can't beat that for hospitality! So, again I say thank you Lois,aka LoLo Moore for the wonderful tour.
This afternoon Deb and I had a long float in the pool. Those days will soon be over, so we have to grab them when we can. Earlier, my friend Shirley and I went to the hospital to see a friend and to Cracker Barrel for lunch. Had my favorite. Pinto beans, chow chow, and macaroni and cheese. Yummy.
I am so glad you came Through My Back Door where life is good. Now tell me, "what color is your house"
PS: Remember my buddy Josh? His Dad is critically ill. Would you say a prayer for him?
PSS:I have told you how Mollie loves Shirley "Trample"(Temple) Here she is wanting to look like her.
Is this just too funny?
PSSS: I cannot post today without wishing my Andrew, a happy 7th birthday. When he was born 7 years ago, I knew he was going to be special, but just didn't know how special. He has helped his "Mamaw Betty," get through some tough times. I love you Andrew and wish you a happy birthday.


  1. Well let's see my house is red cedar. It is always fun to visit you. It's been some time for me. The little ones are cute. Happy B Day Andrew. The new sconces perfect. Love what you did with your desk. I used to keep my laptop in mine but it's made it to a table with drawer my living room. My burnings will be coming down soon. Leaving the gazebo bare. I'll try & check back for your fall porch. Maybe give me an idea for a fall gazebo. Guess you could say I'm a copy cat. Blessings!

  2. I love the desk.. it looks perfect where you placed it. I agree...the time between Summer's colors and until Fall brings in its bright a blah time..I am sure you will have your outside looking beautiful! Praying for all those in need. Me and my hubby and daughter are down with a virus...It hit hard and is whooping us...Please say a little prayer for us. My daughter was just in visiting for Labor Day. She is to sick to drive back to her home for work. Your home is looking wonderfully Fall. Blessings!

  3. yup your home is looking so sweet.
    happy fall time
    hugs x

  4. Happy Birthday to your sweet Granny Boy!!
    Love the desk. I am sipping pumpkin spice coffee this afternoon with finally a cool breeze blowing in my window.
    My house is brick and tan.
    My hubs and I would love to paint the tan a warm green one day.
    I love the new red I painted indoors.
    I too love my home in the fall and Christmas the very best.
    Woolie Blessings

  5. Love your desk Betty and the spot you put it.

    Actually my house looks like it may be the same color as yours - blue gray with red shutters. Isn't that neat.

    I need to take my bunting down and get some mums and pumpkins. Can't wait till the bittersweet is ready.



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