Friday, September 6, 2013

Ah, Those Wonderful (or not so)Smells

Good morning and it certainly feels like fall here. It is just gorgeous and as the coffee was making, it smelled so good, I decided to do my post on smells. To me, nothing smells any better than that first cup of coffee in the morning. Nothing tastes any better either. Anyway, it is so good to have you come Through My Back Door. What smells make you smile? Do they jog a memory? Sometimes a certain smell brings tears to my eyes. Does that happen to you? Sometimes a certain smell makes me laugh out loud. One of those smells is Avon perfume. My Mother and her friend Altha, wore a LOT of it. If you took them some where your allergies would be acting up before you were out of the driveway. They certainly went with more is better. Now I would love to smell that smell again.
There are smells that remind of us Christmas. Smells that remind us of Fall. Smells that remind us of summer, and smells that remind us of spring. I love the smells of Fall and Christmas. I do love the smell of the beach in summer. The smell of honeysuckle, flowers, and all of the smells of canning going  on in the kitchen. But come fall, my smell "buds" come alive. I love to smell wood smoke. Love the smell of apple butter simmering in the oven, Pumpkins squares baking, apple cider on the stove. Or better yet in my cup. The smell of fresh peach pie, makes me miss my Mother so much. Her pie crusts were so good and sometimes I wish I could just have one more piece. Is there someone/something  you feel that way about?  A lot of smells are food oriented. Some are not. I smell a certain after shave and think of my Daddy. Smell pipe smoke, specially applewood, and the same thing. Another smell that takes me way back is SenSen, breath mints. Anyone remember those? My Grandmother always had them in her purse and gave me one or two every Sunday. She took ex-lax and would kiss me good night and I can still smell the smell  Ah, smells. They are the gift that keeps on giving. I love the smell of soup simmering on the stove, of a pot roast in the crock pot. These are a few of the smells that I remember. If I go past a race track and smell the cars as they are speeding round the track, they bring back memories of all the hours I have spent at the races. All of these are happy memories for me. They remind me of people and things that were so precious and I am grateful for these memories.
I will leave you with a few more of my favorite things.
The smell of a stack cake, the apple filler, makes me think of my Nannie and my aunt Annie
A gift from Amanda. I just continue to enjoy this. I wanted it at the Hen and Sharon told me it has sold. I was so disappointed I hadn't gotten it. The joke was Amanda had gotten it for
The candle snuffer I hung on it is, late 1700's.
My great grandmother's flat iron and trivet.
My own back door.
Thanks so much for coming Through My Back Door where life is good..
PS: One of the smells I that is not so wonderful, is 2 years ago I was out of my house for days(8) because a skunk got under the crawl space and sprayed. Now everytime I smell skunk I remember those days. Or the time our dog went out in the night, got sprayed and came back in when we had out of state What are your not so smells?lol
PSS: Thank you for prayers for Erin. Prayers work and we are so grateful for everyone you send up
PSSS: My house goes off the market in less than a month. There are some new things going to go on. Can't wait to share with you.


  1. One of my favorite smells is the Turkey in the over at Thankgiving or Christmas. And yes skunk is gotta be my least favorite.

  2. Love the smell of fall leaves in the woods and dirt when the rain just starts to fall oh and I love a good smelling apple candle.


  3. I love the smell of freshly bread homemade baking...smell of cinnamon ...
    And smell of fall :)
    Hugs x

  4. There are so many smells that I love as well as many I don't, but none brings back so many memories as an odd one for me. I don't know if you have a KitchenAid mixer, but my Grandmother did, and when it would first start there was an odor (not especially good or bad...just a smell) that came from the motor. Naturally, after 50 plus years Gram's KA is long gone, and I was pretty sure forgotten! But, lo and behold, years later, when I got my own, the same smell came from mine and every time I use it, I think of my Gram. I know - strange, but it does bring back thoughts of being in her kitchen and "helping" as a little girl! LOL!

    Betty, enjoy this weather and have a wonderful weekend!


  5. I love this post! Yes smells do bring back memories! There is nothing better than the smell of coffee in the morning!

  6. Betty: Enjoyed your post on smells. I just plugged in two Apple Cider scent room aroma-thingys from Bath and Body that I found in the back of a closet when I cleaned out. Even though it is still very hot here (100) tomorrow, it is still nice to smell that fall-ish scent! Getting ready to stage my house after I go to Oct. to find a place to live. I hope I can find something I can get into soon. Glad to hear the prayers are helping Erin and will be waiting to hear when you are teasing us about. Have a great weekend. {{HUGS}} Joy

  7. Hi Betty,

    I don't like coffee but love the smell. Coffee reminds me of my Nanny she loved her black coffee anytime of day. I love the smell of pumpkin or spiced apple candles. Just bought a new one banana nut bread smells yummy. I love to smell kids who have been outside playing all day means they were being kids. A smell I don't like is the sewage plant in the summer or a wet dog.

    I hope your house sells soon. I hope it's a change for the better.


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