Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Want To Take Another Walk With Me?

Good morning and again don't you just love these cool mornings? I do. It is so nice to sit in your pj's and just enjoy your coffee. I always read my devotions and have my coffee. I love My Jesus Calling
it is not cute little stories and it has scriptures to go along with the days devotion. I always read those and start my day with prayer. It seems my prayer list is growing and growing. I don''t know about you, but I consider it an honor to have someone ask me to pray for them or someone in their life. I suggest this little devotion book for everyone and wish I could afford to send each of you a copy. So many days I think she wrote this just for me.
This past Sunday in our SS lesson we talked about judging  people by the way they looked, dressed etc, and it made me think of a special man in my life. I wanted to share this with you.Several years ago Curtis' job took us into a rather rural area to live. It was a very small community and I didn't know anyone.I had come from being active in school, church, and PTA, lunch with friends,you know the routine, to nothing. NOTHING. Well there was an old empty building across the road from the post office and it had an old broken down car seat in front. This old(in his 70's-80's) gentleman was always sitting on it. I told my kids, who were all elementary school age, not to have anything to do with him,(I am so sorry for that now) however they assured me he was harmless, just the town drunk. I was still leary. Well to make a long story short, somehow and I swear I don't remember how it started, I got acquainted with Charlie. I often sat on that old car seat talking to him. He was brilliant. Literally knew the history of the area and was always eager to share. Told me which books to get and read, shared lots of info. Well one morning when I went to get the mail, the postmaster told me that several people had commented that I needed to stop sitting with Charlie. It didn't "look right." I swear this is true. I have to say, I was furious, then  cooled off but continued to visit with my friend. Someone in his family lived across the road from us and he was over there a lot. One day my family was visiting and my grandfather(who loved his soaps)lol had the TV on rather loud. As usual on a soap opera someone was arguing loudly. We heard this hard knock at our door. When I went it was Charlie. "Who is quarreling at you,?" he asked. I explained it was my TV. He turned and walked off the porch and with an expeletive, said," ***********nobody better not be quarreling at you". We enjoyed this for years to come. He had to walk about 3 miles to get his beer. I am not sorry to say that on his SS check day, I would just "happen" to be going to the same store he would be walking to  and would give him a ride. He was going to get it and this way I knew he was safe. We only lived there about 3 years. When we moved he came to tell me good bye and he cried. It broke my heart. BTW no one else cried when I moved.lol I will always treasure my friend ship with Charlie and I never have nor will judge anyone by the way they look. I learned more than history from him.
I have told you the house is off the market in 2 weeks. I have never liked the arrangement of my furniture for showings. Saturday I put it all back the way I like it It feels like home now. Even Dasko seems happier.lol
Just like it used to be! As I said it just feels better.
This is where the bench from Daybreak ended up and the floor cloth. They belong together.
This is where I wanted the bench to go in the beginning. I am much happier now.lol Is there a "Charlie" in your life? Someone who taught you about life, in a good way?
It was so nice having you walk with me down memory lane again and come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Doug came down and he is going to take some trees out for me. I will have  new pictures to show. It will be after the leaves fall, but this place needs to be cleaned up. We are going to take the trailer out too. Changes are coming.
PSS: Lindsay is blogging up a storm. Please check out her blog and encourage her, if you will. It is on my side bar.The Jenkins Journey
PSSS: Please and I know you are, continue praying for all of those who need our prayers right now.


  1. Hi dear Betty, This post made me tear up a little. It went deep inside of me. I called my husband so I could read it to him. Yes, we have had several people like this in our lives. They are gone now. But we both learned so much from them. They were our friends and we were their friends. Betty, you are such a wonderful person and really , really good writer. I enjoy your posts so much.

    Yes! Change your house around the way you want it. You have made me think that I should do that to mine. I really don't like how it is...LOLOLOl!

    Have a good day and I am a prayer ...so I am praying!


  2. Such a touching post ...
    Sending you lots of blessings my dear x

  3. I loved living in that little town!! And still have warm memories of friendships made there!

  4. We find friendship when we least expect it.Charlie sounds like he was a great person with a genuine heart. It's unfortunate that so many people judge by looks alone.Great post again Betty.

  5. I know you were an angel in Charlies life. I think you were sent to that small town for more than Curtis's job. Bless you!

  6. Evening friend.
    Enjoying my coffee with you this evening and your wonderful real life story.
    You are a blessing.
    And your home is beautiful.
    Woolie hugs
    ** I too enjoy that devotional in mornings :)

  7. Oh Betty! I so enjoyed this story! I have tried really hard in the last couple of years to to just be nicer in geeral, smile to people helping me and say have a great day :)... I think right now, for me... you have been my Charlie! I enjoy your stories, and they make me want to be a better person! hugs! OLM

    1. OOPS! Please forgive!! I worded this all wrong! hugs! OLM

  8. PS... oh your furniture... simply love!! It's my hearts desire, that style... broke my hear to hear Johnston benchworks went out of business...but I will find something :) OLM

  9. What a wonderful post Betty...how sad that no one came to his side except you - and you are so right about judging someone...we have found this out so many times in life. And it is such a wonderful feeling to find out that 'this someone' who was judged so critically did not deserve it...except by the way they looked. It is a shame isn't it. I know you made a difference in Charlies life too.

    I like your furniture arrangement - what do those realtors know anyway...lol
    You have a large Burgundy wing recliner like ours...exactly!



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