Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Some Things That Bring A smile

Hello everyone and come on in. Pumpkin Spice coffee and it is so good. It has been a wonderful day here in East Tn, and I hope yours has been too. You can just feel the hint of fall and it makes you happy all over. Actually it just makes you smile, and it made me think of a blog post. Some things that bring a smile. What makes you smile? I am not talking faith, family, or serious things here, all though they do make us smile. I am talking things you live with everyday, that when you see them they bring a smile to your face. Maybe they trigger a memory of a happier time, or a trip, or just something that brings you a warm fuzzy. You all know I believe strongly that you should only have the things you love around you and that includes people. There are so many people that make me smile, but I am actually talking about things this time. Here are some things that make me smile.
My great wheel, from Tennessee. A gift from Curtis many years ago.

Curtis' great grandmothers egg basket, she made from willow branches, many years ago.
My Daddy's little cupboard that hung in his shanty when he was drilling wells.
My great, great grandmothers spoons, that  were left to me.
A corner cupboard built by a son in law, and a dresser refinished(it was painted green) by Curtis because he knew I loved it.
The Mirror. Remember it always  hung in my paternal grand parents home.
Two cupboards made in Germany in mid 1800's brought to America and separated, then brought back together again.
Mother, a just because gift from a fellow blogger.
These are some of the things that bring a smile. Are there smells, that trigger your memory? There sure are mine. We can talk about them next time.
Well, your coming Through My Back Door where life is good, ALWAYS brings a smile.
PS: Guys, we have a mission. We have to pray for Erin, a 28 year old mother of two little girls, and a RN, who has Gastric Cancer. We have to pray hard for her as she has been fighting this for a while. She is a good friend of my friend Marla's. Marla's d-i-l and Monica, and Erin have been best friends since elementary school days. I know you will pray.

PSS: Tamra has started her reconstruction and still needs prayer
PSSS:  Thanks guys in advance  and remember to think about things that bring a smile to your life


  1. Oh Betty you have such beautiful things, they would make me smile too. I do have a few things but nothing as beautiful as your things. Thanks for sharing!
    Be blessed,

  2. What an awesome great wheel, if I had your address I would send you some wool for your wheel, take care and thoughts and prayers to those that need our help.

    Take care I always smile coming thru your back door into your lovely home.

  3. Aww dear everything is just so beautiful and it made me so happy too.
    Sending you hugs
    Cucki x

  4. What beautiful items! Don't you just love items with "memories"? I sure do!


  5. Prayers on the way. What precious keepsakes you have. They would make me smile too. Have a great day. Hugs, Lura

  6. Well, my dear friend...your blog posts make me smile...not to mention the new "Fall" design of your blog itself. It is really cute! I love your things that make you smile... and it has given me an idea for my next post. Is it OK if I borrow it? Also, do I see some "Byer's Choice" carolers on one of your cupboards...looks like the "Salvation Army" group. I have that, too...we like the same things! Have a great weekend. {{HUGS}} Joy

  7. Wow what great family treasures you have Betty. No wonder they bring a smile to your face.


    Praying for Erin


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