Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Why Blog?

Well row, row, your boat and come on in. The coffee is on but the pie is gone. What a week we have had here, nothing but rain.I have been home except to get Dasko food since Friday.
I am really happy to see you this morning. Like a lot of you have stated, I too am wondering why I keep blogging. The blog gets lots of visits during the day, but few comments. I don't think bloggers blog for comments, at least I don't, but you do need to know if anyone reads you. Anyway, I asked myself this week,(lots of thinking time)why do I blog? The truth is I don't know. Some of my favorite bloggers have stopped for various reasons and I am still plugging on. Bloggers who blog about decor do not do it to brag. I KNOW that. We do it to share. We get ideas from one another and others get ideas from us. Anyway I wonder why do you blog? Anyone willing to share?
I have made some wonderful friends since I began blogging. Never in my wildest imagination did I ever expect that to happen. I treasure those friendships as much as I do those I see on a routine basis. I KNOW these bloggers prayed for Amanda when we needed it. I KNOW I have and(am still
am) praying for those they have asked me to. Anyway I am interested in hearing why you blog. Maybe do a post on it.
Okay it is time for hearts. I LOVE hearts. Some say they are out of style, but with me,(and my friend Carol) they will never be passe'.
My favorite heart. I display it on my wall of love.
As you know this wall features pictures of things important to me and my past.
My old brown crockery bowl with hearts around it.
Close up.
Old butter stamp
Punched tin lantern
Little pantry box created by Pam& Frank, along with a lamp with hearts on the base.(I have a lot of Pam & Franks wonderful creations.)
Well I am so happy you came Through My Back Door this morning where life is good.
PS: Please pray for our fellow bloggers who are going through some difficult times.I know you do
PSS:I am so excited, I may have a trip coming up soon! Yeah, I have been home since
PSSS: I want to send wishes for a speedy recovery to Karen Martinsen, who is recuperating from back surgery.


  1. Well dear lady...I know why I blog and its because of friends like you! And your comments at the end of this post...wishing prayers for me and others out there that are hurting or going through bad times.

    Sometimes we get few comments and sometimes many...sometimes I only read like this past week as it has been too hard to comment on them all but I will continue to blog and read blogs for the friendship - I can't tell you the friends I have made and some have even sought me out and sent cards for no other reason than to say HI or to send a greeting. And the inspiration I get from the blogs is wonderful...I may not use all the ideas but I dream...LOL

    So many have left for Facebook but I try and view their posts and they say NOTHING...just a blurb or a photo that doesn't say the 'why' behind story BLOGGI

  2. BLOGGING is here to stay for me.

    My iPad froze on me so had to do another comment

  3. Lovely post this morning Betty.Sweet hearts that you shared,I've been working on a few heart things lately,really love the heart hanging on your wall.That is a good question,I'll have to think about it.
    It has been raining here too for days,I keep telling myself the flowers will be prettier this Spring for it.Have a wonderful day!Hugs,Jen

  4. I do not blog, but there are reasons why I READ blogs and YOU, my friend are one of the main ones. I feel although we are physically about 1000 miles apart, that I really could be sitting in your home with a cup of coffee(seriously, no pie left?) catching up on the neighborhood and family news! Your pictures are never 'braggy'. We all love to peek into someone's home to see all the pretty, warm and familiar things others collect and cherish. The stories behind each piece you share make us all feel happy and part of something special in your life. That you are comfortable doing that makes us feel welcomed by a close friend!

    I know you will be busy with house showings, family, and friends, but please know that your blog is the first I read whenever you post and I hope you keep it going as long as it is good for you! Have a wonderful day...wishing you some drier weather and love! ♥


  5. Betty,

    First I am thrilled to see Karen posted here! She ahs been on my mind and hoping and praying this gives her the relief she so needs. I have been lucky to met up with Karen Love her and Doug! So sweet!.....So...
    Why do I blog... I have been at it almost 3 years now... Wasn't sure what I would say or how I would start... but I loved reading other blogs and so love getting to peek into someone's home and see how they deocrate and such... Love it... so I jumped in, and the friendships, never did I image how many wonderful friends I would make! And all the comfort I recieved when my mom was dieing of cancer..sigh... now FB can be fun, but I think everyone gets way to "catty" out there and mean...YIKES! No one is like that in blogland, and i love to visit, comments a bonus. I myself to respond to each comment, at time issue, but I do read each and everyone... and many times hubby asks too... Love visiting through your back door! OLM

  6. morning betty, sometimes i wonder why i seems more journal like than sharing crafts ect as i sure dont get much done compared to others! i started blogging after my husband passed. the bloggers were there for me while he was ill and i would sit for hours with him. and i just felt like i wanted to be a part of the wonderful blogging comunity and i love it... feel bad when i dont get to check in as much as i want tho.. but something to look forward too! i love your hearts betty and you have them all displayed so nice and can tell they mean alot to you! enjoy your day!!

  7. Hi Betty, you for one know I have been struggling with it lately. When I took the time to stop for a while to regroup, I kept thinking during the day, "oh, I can't wait to share this with my friends". After those thoughts, I knew I had been taking it for granted. I love my bogging friends. They are more real and dear than most of my nieghbors or Church aquaintences. It's like chatting with your sister on the phone or seeing an old dear friend in a grocery store. I, for one, love comments because it's just like talking to friends and boy do I love to talk:) I get sad when I see an old friend stop blogging and never return to the "world" and then won't even answer concerned emails. That has happened more than once. I miss them. I am glad you are here to stay. I am glad you encouraged me to keep on going. You are a real and true friend. -Steph-

  8. Good morning Betty. It is rainy again here too. Are you supposed to get any snow tomorrow? They are forecasting a few flakes here but no accumulation. Bummer. Why do I blog? Hmmm....I think for me it started out as more of a journal thing. I wanted to document all of the days with Darbee. I think I have posted before about having my blog posts and pictures published once a year into a hardbound book. These books are my prized posessions and something so neat to have to look back on. Since I have been blogging though, I have made so many friends and such caring people. Never would I have imagined being able to meet someone off of the internet. LOL! But look at the friendship we have created. Priceless. It is so worth it and a lot of fun as well! Stay dry and have a great day!

  9. Love your collection of hearts. Have fun on your trip.

  10. Hi Betty! Boy, I hope you never stop would be dearly missed by all of us! I started blogging because there are only men around here...and not one of them understands why we like old , chippy things. Haha! I was reading the blogs of most of you for a year before I set mine up, so I already felt like I knew everyone. I soon learned what a caring group you are. I don't know how I could have stay sane without all of you. No one knows what a mom feels like but another mom. I do love hearts and you have some great ones!---Jan

  11. I still love hearts and your hearts are just gorgeous!
    I enjoy blogging much more than Facebook. I agree with Marie in that FB can be catty. I have found so much inspiration from blogging and even though I don't post often, I do check in daily. I wish they had a "like" button on here so when we don't have a lot of time to comment, at least the person knows we visited their blog. :)
    I have met many great gals on here in person and via cyberspace.

  12. I love your collection of your sweet hearts,,
    Have the fun trip x

  13. Hello sweet Betty! I have been wondering the same thing and I will try to answer it on my blog. I just love coming through your back door though, you are always so welcoming and just a great person to sit and chat with, please never close that back door to us!
    Be blessed,

  14. Hi, I love to blog! Really, I enjoy reading every ones post. So many wonderful ideas, crafts, recipes and just friends who share. I am proud to be part of the blogging community. I don't get a lot of comments, but I am okay with that. I sit at my desk with a cup coffee and meet such lovely ladies across the United States. Love your collection of hearts. Keep on blogging my friend! Hugs and Smiles, Anna.

    1. Betty, I forgot to also mention friends in Canada, Italy, Germany, Spain, India. Blessings, Anna

  15. Hi, Betty, Before I get to "why we blog" I want to tell you how much I like your winter header picture. I understand that it is from Lynne, she has lovely things. I started blogging just as a lark, and now find myself racking my brain trying to come up with something interesting to put on it. My life in rather boring and same, same, same. Nothing new is a good thing around here. I find it is very difficult to put up decorating pictures. I love looking at everybody else's, but I can't help thinking when I do it, it's bragging. Also, I used to answer all comments, but then people changing to no-reply, so I figure that means they don't want to be bothered. But, I enjoy it, love to read other blogs, and love to "meet" people from all over.


  16. Good evening Betty, Loved seeing all the photos of the heart items that are special to you. And your question for the day,,, Why do I blog? Well I started blogging because Holly told me I should. At what age do we start obeying our children? {smile}. But I am so thankful I listened to her on this call. I still can not believe how it has changed my outlook on life. I have made so many wonderful friends thru blogging and been so blessed to have met you and Deb. I feel like we have been friends forever. And I love to talk and chat whether it be thru blogland, emails, phone,,, just talk!! Always have and always will. Guess that is where Darbee Rae gets hers. LOL. I love and place my trust in God whom I have never seen, and I feel I love and trust in so many of the friends here that I will never meet in person, but I know they are there to share in my happiness and send up prayers during time of sorrow. Hoping you have a great day tomorrow. And a great weekend.

  17. Betty, I sure hope you continue to blog - I enjoy every one of your posts. The inspiration, encouragement,and friendships of fellow bloggers is what keeps me hanging in there - even though I am not as active as I should be.

  18. I also hope you continue to blog, I enjoy visiting your blog very much!

  19. I started my blog to write down all the fun things my little guy said. Of course you already know that it turned into way more! I met such wonderful people, and people that shared my love of prims! My problem NOW though...with my lack of blogging is first my camera died, and then my laptop! I've been using my sons Ipad for internet access.....and really don't like the blogger format at all on there. Not to mention I can't add photos unless I take them with the Ipad! I'm sure there is probably another way...I just don't know how! THEN enter facebook...I've become friends with so many of my blogger friends on facebook, that I feel like anything I post on old news! I KEEP forgetting the REAL reason I keep a trail of all of Kadens crazy sayings! I don't need pictures for those!

  20. I'm here in MO reading away...keep up the blog!!! It makes me feel like our families are closer! :) miss you!!

  21. Hi Betty, just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog. When it's cold or raining, and I want to go out looking at antiques, I don't have to; all I have to do is visit your blog and enjoy looking at your colonial home. You make everyone feel so welcome. I blog because I always have something to say. Blessings and Thanks, Trisha

  22. Your hearts look sweet Betty.

  23. Well, Ms Betty I would not miss my weekly visit with are one special lady.. I understand how you feel. I think most people search through blog world now for ideas...cheaper than magazines...I leave a comment with every blog I visit. I just beleve it is the Kosher thing to do...If they can post th beautiful ideas I can leave a comment...I blog just for the journal is sorta a record of my life...I have always journaled on paper but a blog is a wonderful way to keep a record of my life. I also hav made many wonderful friends...I may never meet them in person but so enjoy our daily visits.. You keep on blogging.... Love visiting with you.... I agree with you.... great source of prayer partners too. Blessing!

  24. Well the reason I started blogging and the reason I still blog has changed a little. I started because not many folks around here enjoy the same kind of decor that I do, and I loved the little tight knit community online of folks that decorated in the primitive style and sharing ideas. As times has gone on though, I've made so many friends that I really talk about here with my family. I know I can come here and folks will pray. It is also the one thing do for me. I enjoy it. I like writing, photography, my family, and my home, and here I get to share it all, and when I get comments, it's just all the more encouraging. Like you, it is nice to get them just to know folks are reading...... Everyone likes encouragement, right? And if I hadn't started blogging, I never would have met you! :)


  25. Betty you have inspired me to post about why I blog and I agree with you totally - we need to encourage one another. It is a comfort to know there are others who PRAY.
    Thank you for being here and sharing your heart - and prim hearts!!! with us!

  26. I blog because two of my favorite things are writing and making friends. Blogging has gotten me back to writing for pleasure and that has been a wonderful gift. And the friendship is an equally wonderful gift. Whenever I visit a blog I have the potential to make new friends. It's awesome when I think of the friends I have made -- throughout the world -- and it all starts with one comment.


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