Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013 Paying It Forward

Welcome through my back door, and yes I am taking part in Paying It  Forward, 2013. While you get your coffee and have a cookie,(leftover) I will try, explain, I don't know what has gotten into me. I did the Merriment chain and now this.  I won't mention any particular blogs I saw this on, because I will leave one out for sure,except I did tell Dawn, at Hollie Hills, I would do it. So like the old Candid Camera phrase, sometime when you least expect it, the first 5 commenters will receive a small token from me. I do promise I won't make it. The only catch is, you have to do the same thing on your blog. You  just have to commit, promise,  to do the same thing. You must e-mail me your addresses. If you want to leave a comment and not be included, just state that, and I won't count you.
I should have pictures of Sandi's highboy next post. It is gorgeous with it's makeover. (They had painted it a spotty white over brown.)
She sent me a partial finished picture last night and it looks good.
It is supposed to be warm here this week and we are having a working. My guys are coming (and gals)Saturday to help get some things done. Oh yes, I have a punch list!
I told you I would show you a picture of my calendar from Andrew and Mollie. It is a wonderful gift and I will cherish it forever. I mean that, from the bottom of my heart.
Here he is giving it to me and he told me,"I worked long and hard on this".

 That is Lindsay and Curt looking on. Love that little boy.
Those are all finger prints, to look like Christmas Lights.
This poem will make it rain on your face!
These are the first 5 months. Now do you see why I was pleased?
My beautiful granddaughter Olivia, is leaving today for the UK. She will be studying there for 6 months. I will miss her, and ask you help me pray for her safety.
This was taken when she came to say goodbye. I had no makeup on so don't look too closely. She is excited and I am happy she has this opportunity, but on the same note, concerned for her.
I have done a bit of tweaking here. Still carrying things out.
The stove board is very simple. Ooops, hadn't raised the shades yet.lol
Dry sink is simple too. I actually have flour, sugar,etc in those firkins. I think I told you, Schwanns ice cream containers make wonderful liners for them and they seal.
See things are really simple here right now. Well thanks for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Please continue to pray for Tamra. I have no update at this time
PSS: I am sorry to say Kathy's husband, Merle, died last Monday.
PSSS: Run over to Prim Doodle and sign up for her blog makeover giveaway. You can't beat that for a giveaway.


  1. Good Morning Betty, Oh I just love that calendar. So sweet and thoughtful. The poem is wonderful. And oh so true. Proud for Olivia, she must be a brave young woman. Will keep her in my prayers. Love simplicity. I must, as I can't get things put back no matter how hard I try since the holidays. I am one of those who just don't participate in the pay it forward things and will later wish I had. Sounds like fun though. Going to be warm her too this weekend. Enjoy your family and hope you get lots of things accomplished. Please say a prayer for Darbee Rae and her school this week. There were 2 suspicious men watching car riders when they were picked up yesterday. Holly was so upset. This morning there was a City Cop watching the school. So unnerving. Have a great week.

  2. Hello dear what a sweet post..I love it so much..
    Have a lovely week xxx

  3. Hi Betty, I have already posted a pay it forward post. What a fun thing to do! Love love love the calendar. Yes, it will be a treasure. Best of luck for Olivia. Will be sending up prayers for her. I am having a hard time getting things back to "normal" in my house this year so things are "bare" and simple right now. Kind of like it! We are looking forward to the warm weather this weekend too. Darbee is looking forward to playing outside. Have a happy day.

  4. Betty, that is the BEST calendar ever! Love it, and prayering for you Granddaughter to have a most wonderful safe time! how exciting...
    For the pay it forward, I am already doing one on facebook. I love the cheer it brings... so please no need to include me... Happy RAK'ing!!! OLM

  5. Betty...I have no blog, so I will not be participating in the PIF, but I wanted to comment on your beautiful calendar. I have a box in which I keep lots of 'silly' grandchild things. At least that is what my son calls them right now, but I hope I can see from Heaven the look on his face after I am gone when he realizes just how special every little leaf, heart shaped rock or slip of paper really is/was to HIS Mom.

    Have a wonderful day and enjoy the warmer days while they last ♥, Lynne

  6. Good day dear Betty! That calendar is so special and I love his face in the picture, so proud. Thanks for sharing it! I would love to participate in the pay it forward, I have one on my blog too that needs people to sign up so please do!
    Be blessed,

  7. What a wonderful gift from the heart! When you get a chance, e-mail me your address for your "sometime" gift. Thanks, Dawn

  8. I love the picture of you and Andrew. The love between you is so apparent. The calendar is precious. No wonder it is a treasure. I wish Olivia the best of luck in her UK adventure. Thank you for being my sweet blog friend. happy New Year dear.

  9. Hi Betty, I love your calendar from Andrew and Mollie - what a wonderful treasure. I will keep Olivia in my prayers.

  10. Andrew's stance says it all Betty.He is so proud of his work and so pleased that you love it.It is a true work of art and a treasure.I'm sure Olivia will have the best time.It'll be over before she knows it though.Time will fly by.It'll be a wonderful experience for her,one that many will never get the chance to do.

  11. Betty,

    Andrew's calendar is PRECIOUS! It's hard to top a gift like that! What a treasure!

    What an experience for Olivia. Praying all goes well for her!


  12. Hi Betty, Beautiful post as usual. And the calendar is wonderful.Keep good positive thoughts about your granddaughter...She will be fine but I know you will miss her. Warm hugs from my home to yours...


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