Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Old Man Winter Has Come Calling

Good morning and come on in. Sit by the fireplace and drink your coffee. Grab a mug and a cookie or two and get warm. It is so cold outside. 22 when I got up this morning. As you know Boo is an outside cat more than an inside one. I made her stay in last night and she went out this morning and came right back in. She is such a sweet cat, just wants to be left alone. Usually if she does stay in she gets me up at 5. Not this morning.lol
This was our frost yesterday. It looks like snow.
I made pizza dough yesterday for Clays birthday dinner last night. We had a wonderful time and the pizza was so good.
I hadn't been able to go to the nursing home last week because of weather, so Sunday morning Deb and I missed church and went down.(It is an hour away). Deb has been sick, so she and Renda went to their house after breakfast at Cracker Barrel and Dodd and I went to the Nursing Home. They had gotten new furniture and we played house all evening. What fun. I will share a few pictures at a time.
This dry sink is wonderful. It 5 boards and in excellent condition. They have a wonderful house and she is finally getting it like they want it. She and Dodd both love antiques and that makes it nice. I am so blessed because all of my kids like to collect and it makes me happy we all enjoy the same thing.
Renda shares my love of red. This is their bedroom and it is beautiful.
I hope you enjoyed the visit with them today. I will post more pictures when they get the upstairs finished. It is finished, they are just changing bedroom furniture. Dodd found the most wonderful rope bed a few weeks ago, that I cannot wait to share. BTW, all of the Johnston Benchworks came from our favorite prim shop. The Speckled Hen, Clinton, Tn.(You can get there from my sidebar)
A couple of posts ago I showed you some furniture polish I had found at Marshalls. Well Deb went on the hunt and found the original one I loved so much.
She ordered us all two bottles each. She and Renda both liked it as much as I did. Anyway as soon as she brought it I used it and my furniture screamed THANK YOU! This is wonderful for antiques. Not for anything lacquered, or highly polyurathaned. I can tell such a difference in the look of my furniture, boxes, and all things wood. It repells dust and you don't have to use it often so those 2 bottles will last us a couple of years. (In between using it, just use a dry cloth.)Thank you Deb. You made your mom very happy. I am so low maintenance.lol
I did a bit of tweaking. I cleaned off the short wall completely.
See how it shines with my polish? I like to use it on painted pieces too.
I love my heart box, another Pam & Frank creation.
I am so glad you stopped in and visited this morning. I love to have you come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Tamra is having her surgery today. Will you pray it goes well and no lymph node involvement?
PSS:Next time I want to show you more calendar pictures. They will certainly bring a smile to your face.
PSSS: I also want to give a shout out to Ashley. She is a young mother(one of Amanda's friends) of triplett girls. She was at a baby shower I was Saturday and she reads my blog. I told her she needs to start one herself. She takes one of the girls with her when she goes to functions she can, so they get special time. Think about it Ashley.


  1. Keep well dear and stay warm..
    Hugs xx

  2. good morning betty! i just poured myself my first cup of coffee and here i am! its a cold -18 here in mn so will be a day in for me today too but i need to do a few things today. i caught up on blogs and magazines yesterday. you are so lucky your children enjoy collecting too! a fun thing to share!! my one son was watching me cook over christmas and said mom, how can you make food so good using all this old stuff? i told him thats why its so good! hopefully they will catch on! love the house pictures and the color red is my favorite too! enjoy your day today betty! stay warm and hopefully the kitty will come in and warm up too!

  3. Betty I get so prim thrilled to look at wonderful pictures you shared today. LOVE LOVE LOVE the red bedroom!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Stay warm and have a great day!

  4. How I would love to come have a cup of coffee with you (and maybe a cookie too)! It was 2 degrees here this morning with a wind chill of 15 below. No school for Holly. I'm so glad that this is my home sewing day - just might stay in my jammies all day. The pictures are beautiful. What is the big cupboard next to the staircase? Tomorrow I'm going on a field trip with our rug hooking group to a "master hooker's" shop by appointment only. Can't wait to see everything! Dick is going to "man" the shop for me. Well, time to start sewing. Talk soon, Dawn

  5. Good morning Betty. It was very cold here this morning too! Down into the twenties as well. I have chili in one crockpot and baked potatoes in another. :) Having mama and daddy over for supper. Wish you could join us. We are trying to plan a trip up that way soon. Love the red in the bedroom. Our bedroom is just about that same color. Have a good day. Stay warm!

  6. Pizza sounds yummy,I've been craving some.The red looks lovely but I would never be brave enough on the walls I'm a tan latte girl..smile..I'm going to get some of that polish my old pieces need something and I never knew quit what to use.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  7. 5 here in Rome.....
    Fresh pizza sounds so good. We have a tendency to eat frozen but our daughter always makes fresh. I really should do that, too...
    Loved the tour. Thanks.

  8. We still have snow and more falling now and then. Ronda and Dodd's home is beautiful.I am glad your furniture got a good feed as did you all by the sound of it.I love pizza.Keep warm.

  9. It was 12 degrees here this morning. So glad you kitty slept inside..Ronda'a home is lovely. I love her new furniture. Your house looks great a usual. Blessings and stay warm!

  10. Hello Betty! Thanks for sharing the pics of Ronda and Dodd's home! It is a case of falling in love with it instantly! I'll look forward to seeing more!
    And your own home is awesome too!
    God bless

  11. It was 17 degrees here this morning,boy am I ready for Spring.LOL! Loved seeing the pics..such a beautiful bedroom!Will be keeping Tamra in my prayers.Hugs,Jen

  12. Hi Betty, thanks for sharing the pictures of Dodd and Renda's home. It is beautiful- can't wait to see more.
    Stay warm,

  13. What a beautiful home.
    Brrr loving the winter weather by the fire.
    Praying for Tamra.
    Woolie Love & Big Sweater Hugs

  14. Betty, what a wonderful home! oh my! it is a cold one here today too... Knuckles still wanted his morning walk, but we didn't go far at all... stay warm! OLM

  15. Wow your weather sounds warm from where I am sitting, it was -12 this morning and the last two days we had wind chills between -25 and -35. yesterday our high was -4...brrrrrr. I guess it is cold all over. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures, so cozy!
    Be blessed,

  16. Oh what lovely pics....I love everything! I was getting excited over each one, just like I do with your home photos! :)

    It's cold here too...about the same as your weather I think.

    Have a great rest of the week and stay warm! :)


  17. Anything below the freezing point is way to cold:( The house is pretty. I love all the beautiful reds and pretty woods. For a minute I thought it was yours for the colors are very similar and some of the furniture too:) Wising you a warmer weekend. -Steph-

  18. What a beautiful home, thanks for sharing the pictures!

  19. Thanks for sharing the pics of Rhonda's home. It is beautiful.... so is yours. I am always amazed at all that you do to get your decor just right. I wish I had your ambition.
    It has even been cold for us here in CA.... not as cold as for you of course but it has been getting into the 30's at night. We are worried it will kill our fruit in our orchard. I hope it will survive.

    Have a great week. Hugs, Lura


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