Monday, January 28, 2013

It is Coffee Time

It is Monday morning and once again I am not doing laundry. I may not adhere to my Mother and Grandmother's housekeeping routine, but  I do think about it! I notice I always sound almost apologetic for not doing it on Monday. Anyway it is coffee time. I am starting my Monday slow. I have had my devotion and prayer time, but am still having coffee. I am so happy to see you and to visit a bit. Sorry there is nothing sweet, but I have eaten it all.(Shame on me)
What a week last week was. We had extreme cold then on Friday an ice storm. These pictures were taken from my front porch.
The butterfly bush is touching the ground. I just knew my power would go off, but by the Grace of God it didn't. I was one thankful person, let me tell you.
I finally put out some valentine decorations. I love hearts and keep them out year round.(some of them) The house on the market restrains me from going over
Just a few incorporated hearts. The cast iron heart in the middle of my wall of love, stays out all year.
As you can see not many hearts out this year. I do love hearts and will share some of my favorites before Valentines Day.
I want to share some bits and pieces with you. If you belong to Facebook, Elsie Bailey has a page Decorating With Antiques. If you are an antique lover, join this site.  I have met some wonderful ladies with some gorgeous antiques on here. I have got to wean myself from it, because I spent too much time there last week. I don't mean from it, just can't stay on there as
Another thing, my granddaughter Olivia is in Canterbury until April. She is chronicling her experience on her blog.Logically Ludicrous.
You may enjoy life through the eyes of a twenty year old. I know you will LOVE her blog design.  Prim Doodles
is still doing her give away until the end of this month. If you haven't visited her, please do. You don''t even have to tell her I sent you.
I have had some e-mails inquiring about Tamra. She had a bi-lateral mastectomy last week. The doctors thought the lymph nodes looked clear. They are awaiting all of the reports and then after a while will start the chemo. Please, please continue to pray for her and her family. They are all devout Christians and God will get the glory for her healing. Her grandparents , Anna Ruth and Jimmie Thompson have been our friends for 45 years. I know how they are hurting and know prayer is what will get you through.Yesterday Jimmie and I were saying this time last year they were praying so hard for Amanda, Never thinking it would be theirs we would all be praying for, equally as hard,  this year. I and they, thank you for your prayers. I will try to post a picture soon, so you can see who you are praying for. I find that helps, do you?
Amanda's family has all been sick. Mollie had a sinus infection and was "snotty", (for lack of a better word). Anyway she contacted a stomach virus and threw up. She looked at it, then at  Deb, and said,"Look there. It has my nose in it."
Thanks so much for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I hear birds singing and it is to be 68* tomorrow.
PSS: Today is Old Lady Morgan's birthday. Why don't you slip over and wish her happy birthday.
PSSS: There are still others of our blogging friends who need our prayers. Our pastor's sermon on Jesus Miracles yesterday, helped make me aware of all the miracles we witness in blogland. Maybe we all need to post about our own personal miracles someday.


  1. Good morning! What pretty pictures. Sure glad your power stayed on. I will be sure to visit Olivia's blog. Would love to follow along on her adventure. Hope Mollie is feeling better. Isn't it funny the crazy things they can come up with and say? Keeps us laughing. Hope you have a good day.

  2. Good morning, Betty! It sure has been some winter this year.... Snow, rain, ice, sleet... you name it, and that's what they seem to be forecasting for us today. I will be running out to a friend's house for lunch, and I sure am hoping the roads stay clear.
    Hope your family feels better soon.... there is so much going around. I will continue to pray for your sad all these young girls facing cancer....
    Your hearts look great.... I hope to get a few out later today... the box has been sitting in my DR waiting for me to unpack it for days!

  3. Betty,

    I'm so glad you didn't lose power! I like the snow, but not the ice and freezing rain!

    Love all your hearts...I love those year round as well. I can't say that I even have any decorations for Valentines Day....not sure why I never have done that.

    Very cute what Molly said...hope everyone is feeling better soon!

    Enjoy your coffee...and unfortunately I'm doing laundry today. :)


  4. I need to do some laundry today matter of being necessary, LOL.

  5. Afternoon Betty,we got ice too,so glad it is gone.We are getting rain today but that is so much better than the ice.LOL! Love the hearts,your home is always a treat to see.Prayers for all.Hugs,Jen

  6. We had the "ice" too. It came very swiftly and life just as quickly..It shut down things for a day here...the roads were just miserably unsafe...Love the hearts..So glad to hear the faith of Tamra family. I know they are trusting God in this matter..Continued prayers.. Yes, it is amazing to see God work among our lives vis blogland...To Him be the glory! Blessings to you!

  7. Such a sweet post..
    Love for you x

  8. Oh, Betty, so many trials...
    They are all lucky they have your strength to rely on. Lucky you--birds singing and warm weather.
    Nothing like that here -- yet! :)

  9. We don't get ice storms over here but, once a winter it will thinly sheet over during the night making everything slicker than Mollie's snot. Ha ha. So many car accidents and kids late for school. Glad you didn't lose power again. Thanks for the fun links. I am always on the lookout for more things to divert my attention from "Laundry Mondays". I had to laugh because I have a designated day of the week for just about everything from grocery shopping to laundry to volunteering. Mondays just so happen to be laundry days and it's been that way for years. My friends laugh at me:) Have a great day. -Steph-

  10. Evening friend
    I so could use a big hot cuppa right now.
    We have a fire going and I a, still freezing.
    So happy you did not lose your power.
    We had ice snow and rain today. Granny's were all here.
    Praying for Tamra and family.
    We both know the power of prayer.
    Woolie love and blessings

  11. I always enjoy your beautiful home and
    your beautiful spirit. So glad that you
    will have some warmer weather, the ice
    is no fun. I think we had an ice storm or
    snow storm every other day the last year
    we were in NH. It sure made our move to
    California all the more easier.It is such
    a privilege to pray for our blogging and
    cyber friends.

  12. Hello dear Betty, it is always so nice visiting with you! I love the little touches of hearts you have around your house. I thin the envelope with the hearts in is so so cute. Thanks for sharing. We too had a wicked ice storm on Sunday, then last night we had thunder storms (in Minnesota in Jan?) now we are going into the deep freeze with temps below zero for a couple of days...odd winter this year.
    Enjoy your week my friend,
    Be blessed,

  13. Hi Betty, We had awful storms here last night. I am thrilled to be safe this morning! Hope all is well with you. Your blog is so pretty and interesting!

  14. Hi Betty! Uh oh! I'm falling behind on my reading again...I've been painting fast and furious to keep warm!! Love all the pretty pictures and your hearts. We had that awful storm too...oh MY!! That wind!! The last time I checked the clock was 4 AM. I just can't sleep when the wind is howling like that. Poor Mollie...I sure hope she is feeling better now and has got her little nose back!! ;) I will continue to pray for Tamra...our lives can change in an instant, can't they! Sigh....Jan


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