Saturday, January 19, 2013

Life, Through My Back Door

It is so nice to see you this Saturday morning. Please get your cup, yes, the redware one, and help yourself to some oatmeal raisin cookies. Come in, sit beside the fireplace and lets just be. This has been the strangest week! Went from 70's last Saturday, when we had our working to 5 days of rain. Four of those days the rain was torrential. Thursday we had snow. Yes SNOW! I didn't go to dominoes as it was 12 miles away. Oh yes they called me names, BUT, they only got to play one game because it started getting Michael works in Halls, and he had a hard time getting home, so for once in my life I made the right decision. The snow was beautiful, but I did lose my power. Fortunately, again I had made the right decision, and brought in our little kerosene heater just in case. Dasko had never seen it and he acted like I had thrown him in a gas chamber. (I even left the door open, when I lit it because I new it would smoke. It hadn't been lit in several years)Dodd tries to make sure it is in working order should I need it. Anyway, it came in very handy, as it was so cold, but we stayed warm. I had my Kendal I could read in the darkness, so all was well. Plus I had those fresh homemade
My miracle occurred about 3 hours later, when it was restored. I always pray for the lineman who have to work in bad weather to keep us going.
I don't know if you can see the size of the flakes or not.
Anyway we got more than this, but not a lot. It didn't look anything like my beautiful header.) Since it had rained for days everything was ice. I called my power coming back on a miracle. I don't mind being stuck  at home, but I don't like not have electric. I am not as prepared as Curtis always was.
Thursday, I cleaned and organized my pantry. Yes, I admit, I alphabetize my canned goods. It looks so  much nicer when you open those doors now. I also made cookies and baked a homemade chicken pot pie. I was Suzie Homemaker. Why does snow make us want to cook, bake, and clean? Women are nesters at heart.
Remember, when I did the post on our stray chicken,Henrietta and my Mothers Day gift of a goat? I found this tiny picture.
 I also found one Dodd posted of Bo Jangles.
He got so big! Don't you love the old toilet? The shed with the green roof sets where this once did. I didn't want it torn out, but I lost that fight.
Thank you to so many who responded on my last blog. I didn't mean to imply I was going to quit. I just was wondering and still do why I do? I have to admit I enjoy it. I certainly appreciated all of the wonderful comments, and I want you all to know I value your friendship.
I have done a bit of tweaking the last few days.
This stack of firkins make coffee drinking so easy, in my
Another stack. Don't you just love firkins? I do.
Well I want to tell you about a catastrophe that happened yesterday. I LOVE Keepers of The Light, Almond Buttered Pound Cake candles. I have one of Irvins electric jar candle burners, I have used for years. I have had this particular jar candle for 2-3 years too. You can use them over and over.
Well, yesterday afternoon I noticed my candle smelled so good and off and on I would think it.(It sets on the short wall that divides the kitchen and great room) About 7 pm I looked and there was candle wax built up and running down my wall on both sides. It was the worse mess! It took me an hour to clean it up and I was so thankful there was no fire. I want to say, there was nothing wrong with either product, the jar had just cracked, probably because it had been used for so long.
It scared me to think I would leave it on when I was gone.
I am so excited Dodd and Renda have invited me to go to Williamburg with them. Have you noticed when you say Williamsburg every knows where you are going? You don't have to include the state!lol This is certainly not meant to offend  those of you  who live in Williamsburg, Ky. I am looking forward to this so much.
Well this fellow and I thank you for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Tamra has her surgery next week. Please pray for her. Also another dear friend has been diagnosed. So please add Patricia to your prayers. This woman is one of the nicest, sweetest, people ever.
PSS: Cindy over at Cindi's Country Corner is going to do a special blog series in February. I am going to join in. 
PSSS: The house sale is going very slow. Just not the right time of the year, I know God has a plan, though so I will be patient.


  1. So glad you and Dasko made it safely through the first winter storm of 2013!
    Love those firkins!

  2. Glad you got to see some snow Betty. Holly brought the leftover soup here on Thursday, we called down a friend and we all had soup for lunch and stayed on "SNOWFLAKE" {notice snowflake is singular}Watch all afternoon. We were all so funny. Little Darbee Rae kept going in the sunroom looking so hard for snow and needless to say it never happened. But we were all cozy and enjoyed each other's friendship. Glad your power wasn't off for too long. Love your firkins. I don't have any but would love to find some I could afford one day. Love them stacked like that. Wow, I bet that melted wax was a mess to clean up. I love their Gingerbread scent candle. Will have to look for the one you wrote about. We went to Williamsburg many years ago and I loved it. Also to a Pottery place close by. Don't remember the name of it but it was a huge place. Maybe you can google it. Have a safe and wonderful weekend.

  3. Be careful with your candles, lots of house fires start due to unattended candles. Take care, good you stayed home from dominoes, I stayed home last Thursday from fibre group, went out to feed, sun was shining, and it was raining, hailing and even had a few snowflakes for about 5 minutes, nothing stayed on the ground.

  4. I need to read your last blog...I hope you never stop blogging!
    Yout tweaking looks wonderful.
    We are suppose to get to 50 here today and tomorrow low 20's and teens for the next week...BRR!!! Wierd weather for Michigan.
    Have fun!

  5. We had snow too which is unusual.It looks pretty until it starts being inconvenient.You did the right thing staying put.Love that photo of Dasko. Have fun in Williamsburg.That's on our list of places to visit next time we visit the U.S.

  6. Hi Betty`

    It was nice to visit you today. Love your firkin stacks!! So glad to hear you and Dasko made it through the storm safe and sound.

    Have a wonderful weekend~Becky

  7. Hi dear So glad you and Dasko made it safely through the storm...
    Love those firkins...hugs x

  8. So glad you weren't without power for very long. We haven't had much cold weather. Love all of your firkins. The stack by your chair is perfect for a coffee cup.
    Stay warm,

  9. Evening friend
    I've tried to leave comment three times :(
    Hopefully this one will go through.
    Oh yum homemade pot pie and cookies.
    You have had a week friend.
    Truly a PJ Week.
    I so enjoyed visiting you and Dasko.
    Woolie Hugs

  10. Hi Betty! Can I say I love your dog? He is beautiful! My dad has a Black Lab and it is the sweetest dog ever. Scary about your candle. Thank God you are ok and so is everything. You have had quite the weather for sure. Today our temps fell and fell bad. The wind is gusting to about 40mph and it is about 10 degrees. We have an advisory out because the windchills are going to be so cold tonight. I am so thankful for a nice warm home.
    Thanks for mentioning my blog series!
    Be blessed,

  11. I've been keeping up on your weather from my friend down there. She said it was just terrible with the torrential rains and then snow/ice. Glad your power came back on and all is well. Yup, nothing like nesting on those cold, snowy days. Enjoy those cookies, Dawn

  12. Hi Betty! Wanted to stop by and see how things were going. Glad to hear you made it through the storm. We ALWAYS lost power in our old house in Maine...really don't have to worry about that anymore:)
    Ugh, the wax! I have had a burner crack and melt down my wall and chest I had it on as well. Recently my son threw a foam football in the house and hit another burner, which resulted in splattered wax all over the wall! It is really a big mess and very hard to cleanup!!
    Have a great week:)

  13. Glad you made it well through the storm.I have always wanted to be in a little cabin in the woods in a snow storm, my family tell me that I would not like it, but I think i would! Be careful with candles, I love them too! I have started using the battery ones.

  14. Hi Betty. We got a proprane heater that can be used indoors for Christmas. They say it has an alarm on it if the air goes bad. I still don't trust it though. Glad you stayed warm and cozy during the darkness. I bet Dasko is great company when it gets like that. Rearranging, and cleaning, and baking, and making a home a home is what women were made to do:) Somewhere we all got off kilter and decided to try our hand at breadwinning too!!! I am glad to be able to stay home and do those kinds of things. My brother recently moved from Williamsburg where he was attending law school. I regret never taking the opportunity to fly out and see him there. Getting around is difficult with three young ones though. Hope that the storms have subsided or you may just have to rearrange the whole house. It all looks lovley. -Steph-

  15. hi betty! glad you and the pup got your electricity back on and survived the snow fall! i woke today to -22 yuk! staying in and warm! just wish everyone else would too. enjoy your day!!

  16. Love your firkins Betty. I passed up a chance to buy a beautiful painted blue one at an antique shop in Maggie Valley one year we were there. Now I could just kick myself.



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