Saturday, December 15, 2012

Merriment, Day 19, Not Much Merriment

Today, I am asking for prayers for the families and friends of all the victims in the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting yesterday.Even though most of us don't know anyone involved personally, it has affected each of us. We are all hurting, our hearts breaking and  it is hard to be Merry under these tragic circumstances.  I know we are all praying and asking God for strength and comfort, to everyone involved, from the victims families, friends, and to the professional personnel, who are doing the work. My Merry today is, God will hear the prayers. He will answer them.He will comfort them/us.
PS:Found out after reading Misi's blog last evening, that was her school. I know her heart is broken. Personally  I have a son, a daughter in law,  a niece, as well as many of my friends who are teachers. I worked as a teaching assistant nearly 30 years. Schools are supposed to be safe, like churches.
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  1. Tragic, so heartbreaking, thoughts and prayers to all the families, Blessings Francine.

  2. I'm praying with the rest of the country today for the familes and this community.

  3. The air seems like it has gone out of life right now, I'm weepy, and I cannot get the thought of destroyed, heartbroken parents going home without their cherished little ones..only to see Christmas gifts that will never be opened. These parents will never be the same. God protect them as well as all the survivors and emergency personel.

  4. I cried all day yesterday, grabbed my own kindergardener when he got off the bus yesterday and held him tight. I was so out of it yesterday. Thinking of those families. Even today if I read something I start crying again. I pray for all those involved in this horrific tragedy.

  5. No not much merriment at all. Just fear and tears. -Steph-

  6. All I can say is well said Betty. OVerwhelming saddness here too... so senseless, what drives a person to such dark places and think this is the answer...there just are no words... OLM

  7. Amen, Betty, Amen. There are no words that can begin to touch this horrific grief and sorrow. Hugs & Praying in Nod ~ Robin

  8. Praying for the families and all of the people involved. Hug the special people in your loves every chance you get because life is precious.
    Be blessed,


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