Saturday, December 15, 2012

In the wake of tragedy, we are filled with confusion and indignation. We want someone to blame; we want someone to pay. We inevitably ask the question that will likely never be answered: WHY?

Why would someone do such a horrible thing? Why did someone not see this coming? Why didn’t someone stop it? Why would God allow this to happen?

I do not presume to speak for God – and God certainly does not need my defense – but I can imagine a conversation . . .

“God! Are you there? And if you are, how could You let this happen? Don’t you even care about those children, about their parents and families? God? Are you listening?”

“Yes, I am here . . . and I was there. I was there, embracing the frightened children, huddled together in every corner. I was there hearing the prayers of children and teachers, crying out to Me in sheer terror. I was there, guiding the adults who were desperately seeking to protect the children from harm. I was there, receiving innocent lives, taken far too early, not by Me, but by the senseless act of a tormented soul. I was there.

“I was there with the parents as they learned of the tragedy in those panic-stricken moments until they held their loved ones safely in their arms. I was there, My own heart breaking with those of parents who learned their precious children had been taken.

“I was there, reaching out even to the lost, confused, angry, and tormented souls who perpetrated this heinous act – trying to guide, trying to reach him even till the end, for he, too, is My child whom I love.

I was there . . . and I am here.

I am here to offer healing families whose lives have been shattered, to survivors whose lives have been forever changed, and to a society that continues to produce individuals so disenfranchised, so embittered, so detached, so deranged that such an action is even possible.

“I AM here . . . and I AM listening . . . and I AM reaching. Will you turn to Me?”
 I wanted to share the e-mail, with his permission of course, that church members received this morning from Mark.
Mark McCoig is the pastor of my church, Sharon Baptist, Knoxville Tennessee. He has 3 school age sons, a wife who teaches elementary and his mother in law is a teaching assistant. His mother retired from the schools central office. My church is full of teachers retired and still teaching. Several serve the schools in other capacities. 
As Mark said, everyone will not agree with this, but I wanted to share.
Love and prayers 


  1. I love this Betty. Thanks for sharing.

  2. thank you for sharing dear.
    love and blessings x

  3. Hi Betty......Wow! It does make a person put things in better perspective as we try to understand this. My heart is hurting for everyone involved.

    I thank you for putting this on your post. It will help so many people.


  4. Thank you Betty...and again I weep...we are always in Gods heart and hands.

  5. Thank you Betty. I was wondering. -Steph-

  6. Thanks for posting, Betty.....

  7. Beautiuflly and wisely put. Thank you - and your pastor - for sharing a bit of comfort. Hugs ~ Robin

  8. Thank you for sharing that with us. I told my husband last night that if we Believe in God and the Bible then we must confess that God knew when those children were conceived and He knew when He would call them home. But, yes it is so hard to deal with this lost, it is time our country turns back to God and be the country we once were where God was important part of our everyday life and the basics of all of our decisions. Merry Christmas and Thank your pastor for sending this message out today..

  9. Yes we tend to forget he is always there especially through tragedy.He is in the midst of everything sometimes you just have to look harder.Thanks for sharing!~Amy

  10. Betty thank you for sharing!Hugs and God Bless,Jen

  11. Thank you for sharing! I volunteer at the Women's Prison and two weeks ago, the message was entitled "God, Where are you?" In the midst of sadness, troubles, and things which we humans can not begin to understand we often question if God is listening. Yes, he is.

  12. Oh Betty your Pastor wrote a beautiful email and I thank you for sharing it with us. It takes great faith to get us through tragedies. We must continue to pray because only God can make everything better.
    Be blessed,


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