Monday, November 5, 2012

Ready or Not, Here They Come

Don't you love the first couple of days after the time change? You get up early and have so much time? You don't want to go to bed but your body says go?lol Time change just wears me out for a few days, then of course I adjust. Come on in and get your cup, pour your coffee and lets visit. It is cold here this morning,35, but the coffee is hot and the house is warm, and we can just talk about the coming holidays. Ready or not, they are here. I love this time of the year. I have to admit it, I have been listening to Christmas music since Friday. Holly had to remind me it was playing.Holly's Hobbies and Darbee Days. 
Thought I would share some of my favorite fall this year as
I am getting ready to take the fall down and put the Christmas up. I will only do minimal decorations this year with the house being on the market. It will be fun seeing how minimal I can go, because I LOVE decorating for Christmas. Deb said I did it long before it became the thing to do. My Dad loved Christmas, more than my Mother, so I guess I got that from him. Anyway, I am starting this week. Today, after you leave I will store away my fall. As I put them away I will wonder, where they will come out next year. I have never had to think about that before, but I am for sure not going to worry about it. Yes, I know and believe with all of my heart, God has a plan, and it will be fulfilled in His time. If my house doesn't sell, I will be right These were some of my fall favorites this year.

One thing for sure. Where ever I move, I will have a red door.
I really like this old box with the pumpkins. These pumpkins were made by Linda Stinson, who makes the best things. I just love what ever she has crafted. I want to use something in this old box for Christmas and I am open to suggestions. I was thinking bottle brush trees if I can find 3 more the size I have. As I said, I am open to suggestions. What would you use? Remember I am going for
I always have 7 trees up. Not counting smaller feather trees. This year that isn't happening. This one for sure won't be put up, until next year. Yes, I will miss it, but will put it up again next year.
It goes in the bedroom and I am not putting one in there. This one won't go up either.
Don't think this one will either. I may put the big tree here.
I am only going to do one tree and the kitchen tree. I do enjoy having my little tree in the kitchen.
Well I am in for a lot of decisions when I start the Christmas this year.(this week)lol You can just bet I will miss a lot of things I normally put out. It won't matter so much about the decorations will it? It is the friends and family who come Through My back Door that make the holidays. The music, good food, laughter, you can't beat any of that. Decorations are important to we prim lovers, but we know the real meaning of the Christmas and Thanksgiving Holidays. Now that is the important things.
A couple of things I will put out for sure.
My Daddy's worn out bible and the Byers Carolers
This handmade nativity was made by my friend Linda, who is not
 prim. I love this. It will go out for sure.
Anyway, I won't whine about what I can't do I am just going to enjoy what I can. Hope you do too and through the upcoming holidays I am going to enjoy everything that goes along with them. I will certainly enjoy each of you coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I am getting ready for a girl trip soon. My card group of 27 years is going on our annual trip to Pigeon Forge. It will be a long weekend of good food, good conversation, and lots of laughter.
PSS:Mollie had her 2nd birthday Friday. Pictures
PSSS: Please continue to pray for the Sandy victims as well as all of our blogging friends. We in blogland can and do make a difference with our prayers.



  1. I am enjoying having coffee with you this morning. I love your fall decorations! I am planning a trip to Gatlinburg this weekend,when will you be in Pigeon Forge, maybe we will run into each other!

  2. I started my Christmas decorating this weekend. Turned on the Christmas music and got busy. Still lots to do. I love your display of jars with candy. I think if i really collected anything, it would be old jars. Love them. The nativity set is adorable. Darbee would love it too. I hope we can get up that way with a girls trip soon. Have fun! Wish Mollie a happy belated birthday from Darbee and I. Take care.

  3. I was real minimal in my fall decor this year ... I bought 2 fall oven mitt sets from Walmart & hung them on the cabinet doors in the kitchen ... lol! Christmas will be minimal too. Last year I planned on being gone from the devil's playground this year so after Christmas I wrapped & packed all my Christmas pictures for the moving men to take them without damaging them. I don't know if I'll unpakc them now or not. Of course Christmas is Christmas, minimal or overdone : )

  4. Hello dear I really enjoyed your post and my time with you..
    I love your fall decorations so much
    Have a lovely week xxx

  5. Thank you so much for your kind words, Miss Betty. You are the BEST!! Sure wish we could get together again, well, maybe next summer, getting to cold for me to go out and about!! Just got back from the Simple Goods show, now I am in for the winter, LOL

  6. Hi Betty...your decorating is so wonderful and homey - always makes me want to sit a spell and chat with you - but I guess I kind of just did...thank you for sharing your favorites with us.

  7. Have a fun girls trip to Pigeon Forge and decorating for Christmas miminal or not.

  8. Your home always looks so warm and inviting, Betty! Thanks for sharing your favorite pics of fall, and all the trees you have. I know your home will be beautiful and full of love this Christmas, even if you don't have as much out....
    I do wish you good luck with selling, and I hope by next year you are all settled into another warm and cozy home!
    Have a happy week ahead!

    1. We host Thanksgiving (for Dee's side) here, so I keep Fall decorations up until the Friday after. Then I get kinda crazed because my huge Family Christmas and my annual Christmas ornament swap party are both held here in the first and second week of Dec. I have 5 siblings with big families of their own and my Mom travels from NY to be with us. So that everyone can spend Christmas day 'at home', we gather together early. It does start out pretty hectic, but by the time the actual holiday arrives...I have my own small family to surround me and all is wonderful. Your home looks beautiful as usual, Betty and you have inspired me to take it a bit east and minimalize (sp?) as well. Enjoy your trip with the girls! Wonderful visiting with you as always! ♥♥

  9. You are far ahead of me. I'm not even finished decorating for thanksgiving yet. I hope to fell well enough to get it done today. I decorate for Christmas after thanksgiving.
    I think it is so nice that you put up so many trees. I only do two. It must be hard having your house up for sale. Good luck.
    Hugs, Lura

  10. Hi Betty,your home has always been a favorite of mine.Loved seeing a few of your Fall favorites.Looking forward to seeing how you do with your Christmas decorating.Haven't even thought of how I want to decorate for Christmas this year but I am sure it will not be as much as I usually do.Have a great trip with the card girls.Hugs,Jen

  11. You have so many wonderful decorations but my favorite picture is of your father's Bible - not just an accessory but a necessity - so many precious memories too!
    God bless

  12. Hi Betty, thank you for sharing your favorites. Your home always looks so cozy and inviting. Enjoy your girl's trip - I know Pigeon Forge is beautiful this time of year.

  13. Hi Betty, It looks like we have to postpone our trip, my family has been sick this week and I feel as though I am coming down with it. We may try to make it Thanksgiving weekend! It would be wonderful to meet you in person! Elizabeth


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