Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Missionary, Is She or Isn't She

Good morning and it sure is good to see you on this cold, frosty morning. Dasko got me up so early, (he went to bed early and I KNEW he needed to go out, when he awoke me) So the coffee is good, plain old DD, help yourself,(you should feel right at home, here, by now) and I just wanted to share one more Thanksgiving thought with you. I have done two post on Thanksgiving thankfulness, and I am sure you all are aware of the thing I am most thankful for this year. I have eight grandchildren and I love them all very much. It has just been Amanda has been the core of our families thoughts and prayers this past year. You all have prayed hard for her and for us. Gina sent her a hat, we love all of you for those prayers and thoughts. I just wanted to share this Amanda thankfulness.
When she was a little girl she was always concerned for those hungry and lost.She and Beth did a Bible school one year for those less fortunate.(I baked a lot of cookies for that) I always had the fear she would be called to be a missionary into some war torn country and be in imminent danger. I truly did. She was always bringing someone to church, especially during revivals. (One who she was responsible for  getting there, is now a youth pastor). Anway, I just KNEW she would grow up to be a missionary.
Fast forward 17-18 years and a cancer diagnosis at 29 years old. She vowed she would use it for God's glory and she did. She NEVER once complained, she was always "alright", even when she wasn't. But the world became her mission field. She witnessed every where she went, about God's working in her life. She bought a lot of copies of, Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young, and gave them to every nurse, her oncologist, her surgeon, lab technicians, and even gave one to Guliana, when she met her. You can see the book in the corner here. I use it myself every morning.
So I guess I have answered my own question. Yes she is a missionary. She was indeed on a battlefield, fighting the fight of a lifetime. She was witnessing to everyone, the cashier at Target, the person in front of her at Walmart, church and most of all to her family. What a missionary she was and continues to be. So I end my Thanksgiving Thankfuls, with a thank you to my granddaughter, for being the person she is. I also say Thank You to God for getting us all through this previous year. Again thank you to you for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
Happy Thanksgiving
PS: I want to share a picture from yesterday, putting up the Nativity at Deb and Michaels. This was always Michael and Curts project, but since Curt has been away at school, Andrew has stepped in.
PSS: Christmas pictures next post!!
PSSS: I am thankful for each  and everyone of you I have met in blogland. You have made my life richer by every e-mail and every comment. Happiest of Thanksgivings


  1. happy thanksgiving to you and your family xxx

  2. Thank you for sharing this,Betty. She is indeed a missionary and how God glorifying her life is!
    God bless you and you loved ones this Thanksgiving!

  3. Wishing you and your's a happy Thanksgiving, Betty! Amanda's story is heart-warming.... she is definitely a missionary and a truly amazing person....
    Blessings to you and your family,

  4. Beautiful post! Her going through the cancer only made her light glow stronger.Happy Thanksgiving!~Amy

  5. Oh Betty I loved visiting you today - what a wonderful story and the ending with the nativity was perfect.

  6. SHE IS A MISSIONARY AND A SWEET ONE, TOO. Happy Thanksgiving, Betty ...to you and yours!

  7. What a wonderful post! Happy Thanksgiving
    to you and yours. Blessings ~Sara

  8. Yes, She is a missionary! A wonderful Thanksgiving post Betty. Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. A wonderful post Betty! Yes she is a missionary in every sense of the word.Happy Thanksgiving,Jen

  10. Evening Friend
    Now you know I am bawling.
    What a special woman is your Amanda.
    I have prayed for her so many times I feel like I know her.
    She is a true special gift from GOD! A Missionary!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you Betty, Ammanda and your whole Family!
    Woolie Love & Blessings


  11. Happiest of Thanksgivings to you and your family Betty! Katie

  12. Betty-I want to thank YOU for your prayers and comforting words. I also want to thank you for letting us get to know your Amanda...with your words we all can "feel" her character and giving nature. I'm not surprised how you cherish her!! Oh...and keep the pics of Molly and Andrew coming! Love them!! Happy Thanksgiving!----Jan

  13. Happy Thanksgiving Betty to you all.

  14. Reflecting on everything I have to be thankful for and wishing abundant blessings for all my friends and family.
    ~May the good things in life be yours in abundance Not only at Thanksgiving but throughout the coming year~
    Simple Pleasures

  15. Beautiful post, Betty. Yes,we are all thankful for cures and the people who discover them. I imagine you had a lovely day today and hope to see you soon. (I finally posted! Yea!) Love your Christmas background!

  16. What a beautiful post Betty. We need more missionaries in the world today. Your blog looks so festive. -Steph-


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