Thursday, August 9, 2012

Oh No! Another Post

Good morning and I am so happy to see you. Isn't it fun to have coffee and a visit in our pj's! I have the mugs and the coffee out for you, so help yourself. Come on in and get comfy and I want to tell you I am one happy lady. My new camera is here. When Deb called and told me, I went right down there and got So I have taken just a few pictures to show it
This is the first picture I took, down at Debs. I want to take some and share her wonderful home on my next post. They have a beautiful home and have done it all themselves. Not only that, they have some gorgeous pieces of furniture I will share.
I took some quick pictures here just so I could see how they looked.
I love these gourds. I would like to have some with really long handles. Can't find them around here.

You don't see this recliner often, but it is vital! I use my reading nook if I am not watching TV. That is where I blog, use the computer, and read. Every one needs a reading nook.
I am getting the look from Dasko. He hates medicine and you CANNOT hide it in something. He picks all around it and then leaves the pill/capsule. Anyway he has been on an antibiotic for  two weeks, and then this morning his allergies were horrible. He  woke me up in the night scratching, so I gave him his allergy meds, skipped the antibiotic for the moment, and he laid down and gave me the "look." Usually if he sees the camera, he gets in the way, but obviously he did not "smile" for this
The coverlet looks redder in this picture.
I used to collect bears, but only have a couple of Stieffs out now. I have a beautiful snuggly Steiff put up for Mollie.
Well I hope you enjoyed the coffee and the conversation through my back door where life is good.
PS: I have a few more trips coming up. I am looking forward to them. My sister in law and I are going to Niagra falls and Ohio Amish country. She has been all over the world, but never to these two places. I haven't been to NF either.
PSS: I also am looking forward to spending a few days with my friend Sandi at her wonderful home. I can hardly wait for that.
PSSS: School is either starting or has started. So many of our bloggers are also teachers. will you join me in praying for them? And the students.


  1. Good, clear pics Betty. You will have a blast with that new camera.

    Poor Dasko. Hope he feels better soon.

    I know you will enjoy your time at Sandi's. Wish I were going but maybe another time. Have fun and please tell everyone I said 'hello'.

  2. I am happy your camera is fixed, I love to see shots from around your lovely home! Your coverlet is just beautiful on your bed.
    I have just one of the long neck dipper gourds and I found it online. They look great on the door.
    Have a great day!!

  3. Betty, Love your pictures, take lots, love looking at your home. Love the red couch and the little area where the punch tin lamp is, nice grouping of pictures. Hope you have a nice trip, take lots of pictures. Vicky

  4. So happy you can take pics again. I have been having trouble with my camera. Some of my pics are blurry :( I just love looking at your beautiful home. It will be fun to see you share your daughters home as well. Hope Dasko is feeling better soon. Blessings~ Sara

  5. Betty , Thanks for the visit I enjoyed your lovely home and sweet Dasko ...I have some of those gourd seeds if you would like I would gladly send you some so you may try to grow your own next year :0) Wishing you a wonderful evening with your new "toy" hugs lii raggedy angie

  6. Beautiful as always, Betty.
    Sorry it has been so long since you heard fom me. I have been stopping by but not leaving my normal comments.
    I apologize for that. Hopefully soon I'll get back on track.
    Enjoy your upcoming trips and have fun with your new toy.
    Ya know how us Bloggers love seeing gorgeous eye candy.

  7. Well Betty, that's the kind of visits I like...nice comfy in my pjs! :)

    Congratulations on your new camera. It takes really good pics and the photographer did a great job. :)

    Hope Dasko gets better soon so he doesn't have to take those nasty meds! He's pretty smart!

    I just love that cabinet with all the quilts....ahh..those quilts!


  8. Oh Betty I am so happy for you that you got a new camera! It is so fun to take and share pictures isn't it? I love your house! Thanks for sharing and have a great Friday!
    Be blessed,

  9. Great job with the new camera! You'll have lots of pics to share now. I agree, Deb's home is beautiful and so is yours. I can't wait to see Sandi's "in person", too! You'll have to leave the camera packed, though. Remember, no makeup! See you soon!

  10. Hi Betty~

    Love the pics. Such a beautiful home. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a wonderful weekend~Becky


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