Monday, August 27, 2012

A"Gathering of Friends"

Good morning and come right on in. The DD is ready and if you want Kona, you can have that too. It is so good to see you and I am so excited about this past weekend. It is a little cool this morning, but I love it, don't you? Anyway if you are comfy I want to share my weekend. Thursday morning I left for Grassy Meadows W. Virginia to go visit my friend Sandi Stevens, at her home, Daybreak Place. Friday eight more of our closest friends and some of their husbands were going to join us for a Gathering of The Primitive Pantry forum members. This year only nine members could make it. We certainly missed those who couldn't and hope more will join us next year. This was the second year in row we have done this. When you tell people you are meeting friends from the internet, they look like a deer in the headlights!lol When we had our first gathering last year Deb and I had met 2 of the members and we were the only ones who had met anyone. That was not a problem! We hit it off like long lost friends and still stay in touch. I am happy that out of the nine members there this year, all but two have visited me in my home.Anyway this is where we "gathered", at the farm, at Daybreak Place.
The girls are all on their phones reading the
I will say the husbands had as much fun as we did.
Marla and Sandi did kitchen duty
This was up at Daybreak. Everyone recognizes this window, I think.
Sandi and I on the porch. We didn't have our coffee out there in the mornings because it was too cold. Can you believe that?
We sat around an open fire, ate, drank coffee and visited. We had a wonderful time and already have plans for next years gathering. Seriously, last year when we met, we clicked. It was like old home week. Some of those who came last year, couldn't come this year. We had 3 girls come this year who couldn't make it last year, and they felt like they had known one another for ever. You just need to experience it to believe it. Marla and Randy drove 17 hours to make it, from Northern Wisconsin. Their son Josh came along. Deb and Michael had a funeral Sunday, so they had to leave early yesterday morning. He had to work late Friday, so they didn't get there until Saturday morning. Drove 10 hours for less than a 24 hour visit. does that tell you how much fun we had? If you haven't checked out the forum, you need to. You could be in that group next year.
Sandi's and Phil's home has been in several publications. She also has a PT. None of the pictures do it justice. None. It is a wonderful old house, that gives you a serene feeling when you pull up in the driveway. They have 3 dogs who welcome you with wagging tails. Mollie, Blaney, and Gracie. Gracie attached herself to me.Literally.
Isn't she a cutie? Sandi welcoming me to Daybreak.
This is up on the hill behind their house.
We all came home with happy memories and new friends. I had never sat around a camp fire so long and had never eaten a meal, other than at a wiener roast, until yesterday.  Toddy, Nicole's husband, made us sausage patties. They had brought their own homemade sausage and it was like eating ground pork chops. I sure wish I had one today! Everyone pitched in, I made breakfast Saturday morning, everyone brought food, everyone cleaned up, it was just a perfect Gathering of friends. We are looking forward to next years. Yes, we do know when and where it is going to be.
I have another trip coming up in September, so I decided to do a bit of fall decorating. This is all I will do inside. I have to keep it simple as I am showing my house. The mantle.
Thanks so much for coming Through My Backdoor where life is good.
PS:We will go to Debs next post. We just haven't had time to do pictures. It will be worth the wait.
PSS:My nose is getting better. I have to wear a band aide all the time and it looks awful. It is healing and the doctor is pleased. (This is for all who have asked)
PSSS: Lets continue prayers for all our fellow bloggers who are under going changes in their lives. Please pray for the right person to want my house too, if you will.


  1. Betty,

    It sounds like, and looks like, you all had a great time. I know Sandi and Phil were wonderful hosts. I hope to one day get to visit with all the friends.

    Your Autumn pics are always good, too. I do pray the right person comes along, they will. We are praying for that for ourselves as well.


  2. It looked like a wonderful weekend was had by all.Sandi's home truly is beautiful and I bet she was the perfect host.Loved all of the photos Betty.Everyone looked so happy and relaxed.

  3. Hi Betty! I am so glad to hear that you all had such a great time at this year's Gathering! I know how much you all were looking forward to the weekend! Sandi's house is amazing, and her property is so peaceful and serene..... the perfect setting for a gathering of friends....
    Your house looks wonderful in your autumn decorations! I hope you have a fast and easy sale of your home. We, too, will be putting our's on the market this week..... it is always a stressful time so I will pray for you, and Pam, and us to have the perfect buyers come along quickly!
    Enjoy the week ahead,

  4. What a fun retreat & I love the decor you've shown! I'm going to send you an email : )

  5. Looks like such a neat place and a very fun trip! Love your fall touches to your home. Praying for the right person to "find" your home. Have a good Monday!

  6. Hi Betty,
    Sounds like you had a such a good time.
    Loved seeing all the eye candy. :)
    Prayers going up!!!

  7. Oh it looks just wonderful. I get that look too when I say my prim friends or bloggy friends.People just can't understand but honestly I think we find our kindred spirits and alot of them are closer to us than our people we see face to face regularly..Sending up a little prayer for your house to find someone special.Yes home is very sentimental so of course you want the perfect person to love it like you.Warm blessings!~Amy

  8. Sounds like such a fun time! How wonderful
    for you all to get together. So glad that
    you are doing better.
    Sending prayers for the right person for
    your beautiful home. Loving all of the
    fall touches.

  9. What a wonderful and peaceful place for friends to meet. You know bloggers are the best of the best.....Our connections run deep. You know it is good when the guys havae a good Your home looks usual. Praying for your home to sell to just the right family. Believe it or not...we are considering selling our home too...after all this work...blah but God is moving and when He says just gotta go... Blessings Ms Betty and have a great one!

  10. Hi Betty--You always have the best time!! I know what you mean--I tell people I met a fellow blogger and they don't have a clue why I'm so excited!! In fact, most don't know what a blog is! The sale of your home will be in my prayers--it's beautiful as usual!! --Jan

  11. Morning Friend
    Oh what a wonderful time you had.
    Nothing like new treasured memories with your friends.
    Praying for you and the right family to love your wonderful home.
    God is good always!

  12. looks like a great time had by all!

  13. what a wonderful place to meet love love the setting and that home..very warm and cozy..and the food sounded tasty too..I love what you have done with your fall decorating..your home is always so warm and inviting...where are you going to move once yours sells? and why are you selling? have a great wednesday.)

  14. What a great time you all had. So sad to have missed it...but so glad for those that made it.
    Your decorating is lovely and making me want to get mine out.


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