Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Blog Full of Bits N Pieces

Well, I have been on a blogging marathon lately.I don't know why.  I am so glad you stopped by, so lets have a coffee break okay? I am so ready for a cup. Had I known you were coming I would have had the Bunn ready. I had lunch with my friend Alice today and she brought me some coffee called Spring Fever, an English toffee, and I would have shared it. We'll have it next time as I am dying to try it.We enjoyed our lunch at Lulu's Tea Room, here in Powell. It is so nice to visit with good friends. Friends who knew you when. She and I had a good time and some good laughs.
This week, this whole year has been  different. I have learned, (you would have thought I had already learned) what is important. I have  found, and I hope I already knew, there is more to life than decorating. Don't get me wrong. I still have the love of antiques and tweaking. Even though I am trying to sell my house, I still tweak. But, family and friends are top precedent. If you want to read a wonderful blog, written by a young blogger, go here.
Stephanie has her priorities in order. It rained on my face when I read her blog.
Many of you know I worked in Special Ed for 30 years. I was a teaching assistant and had the worlds best job. I swear there times I should have been paying them to let me work, not them paying me. You know the story of my Danny calling me genius. He also called me his "sweetpea". He made it several syllables long when he said it. We had no idea why he called me that. I swear I can still see that smiling face, his hair in his eyes. Oh dear. This week another of our little angels passed away. She was an angel and that was her name. She was 40 years old. Know what? She was still that pretty little dark haired girl to me. It made me think of several of my former students, (I absolutely loved working with those stubborn downs syndrome children. I loved them to pieces) I remember Davena, who always called me Cloe and told me I was crazy! Jerry who always high fived me,Alecia who thought if she pointed her finger at you and hissed, you would go away, and the list could go on, but it won't. I remember so many others who made my day. One telling me I was old as dirt! One who called me and still does(we are friends on FB) baby crowe. I just want to thank each person, each parent who entrusted us with those precious children. Each person who gave me the opportunity to be a part of their lives. What fun we had and those kids will never be forgotten, as they brought so much joy to those of us privileged to work with them.
I hope I didn't bore you with this, but Angels death brought it all back. Some day I will have to share my International Special Olympic experience and attending the Eunice Kennedy Schrivers luncheon.Wow!
My camera is broken. I can't take pictures, but I am going to share some of my friend Sandi's home. Her PT is Daybreak Place and lots of you know her. Enjoy her beautiful home.
It won't be too much longer until I will be having coffee on this front porch.

Sandi, Deb, me, and Carla in front of the old Speckled Hen. Well thanks for coming Through My Back Door today where life is good.
PS: I should have said Sandi's. NO she has no idea I am putting her pictures on here. None at all.lol
PSS: I am getting a new camera, so watch out! There will be lots of pictures to show.
PSSS: It is so nice of you to drop by and leave a comment. We are such a close community, we bloggers. If you aren't a blogger maybe you should give it a try.


  1. What a wonderful header, to start out... and a wonderful tribute to your former students. I can tell that they were much loved!

  2. You know Betty, you and I have a lot more in common than I thought:) Before I had children I was a licenced Child Developmental Specialist. Oh, how I loved those kids to bits and pieces. I recently was able to visit the facility I worked at and after so many years some of the same clients were there. What a joy to see thier progress, get many hugs, and to enjoy thier spirits again. I remember rocking one little boy and stroking his hair and he made me cry when he looked in my eyes and said "my only friend is you". Or how great it was to get them all dancing in the lunchroom at the same time during the lunch hour. Or the best Garth Brooks impersonations I got from the funnest Down's boy on earth. How the memories are coming now. Oh the cheers we gave over the simplest of tasks that were accomplished.
    Thanks for this sweet post. I think I will pull out my pictures and do some reminicing.
    You are so sweet to mention me on your blog. -Steph-

  3. You miss your job. I am sure you were great at it.
    Love the pictures you showed us today.

  4. Love the log cabin, thanks for the coffee, see ya next time.

  5. Love this post. When I was in collage many years ago I had a job on weekends at a Developmentally Disabled Group home. They were all so special and I still see some of them now that I am working at the Pharmacy. Thank you for sharing your memories.
    Love Sandi's house...can't wait to see all the pictures with your new camera. Have a great week
    Be blessed

  6. What a beautiful log home! To sit on that porch......

    I didn't know that's what you did for 30 years, Betty! That's a wonderful job!

    Congratulations on getting the new camera. You're going to have fun with it!


  7. Hello Betty, loves me coffee to. Great log home and porch.Wonderful prim decorating, inside and out.Blessings Francine.

  8. I never get tired of seeing Sandi's home. I can't wait to sit on that porch with you girls! I'm sorry to hear about Angel. I'm sure those kids loved you as much as you loved them.

  9. What a special job you had! Those children are so special!

  10. What a sweet post. You have such a big heart:)
    I loved looking at Sandi's home. How beautiful!
    Good luck with the new camera. Blessings~Sara

  11. What a Angel you are Friend.
    You have such a big loving heart. How blessed we are with your friendship.
    Oh I love your friends home.
    Just wonderful.


  12. Hi Betty--How wonderful that you worked with special children. Brian's ex-girlfriend's younger brother is a Down's child. brian adored him and sometimes I think he misses his best bud Jake more than he does Rachael!! Jake was sweet, and hysterically funny. He constantly was running up to Brian for a hug...and I think Brian liked it more than Jake!! Such a treasure. Your friend's home is beautiful--so prim perfect! Have a beautiful day!--Jan

  13. What wonderful memories you have of your students. You can always carry them with you. I love your friends home it is sooooo beautiful. Have a great week Betty.


  14. Another wonderful post Betty.I wish I could come with you to Sandi's beautiful home too. Have a fabulous time and remember to take your new camera with you.

  15. I bet your students loved you just as much! Thanks for sharing the pictures of Sandi's home, love it!

  16. Hi Betty, Thanks for sharing Sandi's home with us, its prim perfect. I think my keyboard is wet from drooling over the pictures. You go on so many neat trips. Hugs Vicky

  17. Your friends home is so pretty. Blessings!


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