Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Christmas In July

Come on in and lets have coffee. I found some Christmas Tradition, and we will use the redware mugs as the Christmas ones are still put away. Now don't think the heat has gotten to me because it hasn't. I have just decided to join Sara over at Salmon Falls Prims.
She is having Christmas in July and I didn't want her to feel alone. Truth be told there is a new FB site called Primitive Lane that has been doing this and Sara and I both have been visiting, getting ideas, and so on. SO here are just a few pictures from Christmas 2011 at my house. Sit back and drink your coffee and enjoy. It will be here before we know
Well thank you for sharing Christmas in July(except it is the 1st day of Aug) with me and thanks for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: To all of my family who reads this, do NOT, I say DO NOT start proceedings to have me evaluated. Beth, I know you have contacts, but FORGET it.As Curt likes to say, "Mom has grey hair and she can do what she wants." Smart boy, my Curt
PSS: You might want to check out Primitive Lane if you love Christmas and are on FB.
PSSS:Most of you know I LOVE childrens Christmas books.  Well there is another fabulous FB site, just started for those of us who love them. It is Christmas Books and Stories. Oh my it is wonderful too.


  1. Hi, Betty,
    Here I sit having coffee, except it is iced coffee trying to keep cool! Just looking at all your lovely pictures makes me feel better...this horrible hot, dry summer can't end soon enough for me. Can't wait for fall and winter!

  2. Only thing good about August 1st in this summer heat is it will soon be Sept. 1st, Oct. 1st, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Then comes January, February, March, green grass, daffodils, foxgloves, and cooler temps.

  3. hi, Betty~ oh, give me a blanket I am a bit chilly from the afternoon air~ Brrr~ giggles~
    Beautiful pics~

  4. Oh Betty, I get the eye rolls from my family! When the four kids were still at home and we were caring for our elderly parents, life was so busy. Especially at Christmas time, with all of the school functions and Christmas pageants and practices....There really wasn't a lot to time to enjoy the season. I would love to take the week after Christmas just to savor the decorations and Christmas music. I have also been known to put Christmas music on in the summer or fall while I am in the kitchen baking. Again I can hear the kids and there comments. It's ok, I am ok with
    Your home is absolutely beautiful all year round but especially at Christmas. I just love the photo looking in the window.I am also going to have to check out the string of lights that you have on your tree. Love them. And as for that Primitive Lane, well that has stolen a lot of my time this past week or so. Wow are there ever some very talented people out there.So many new ideas for Christmas, but that will have to wait as I am busy creating some new fall goodies now. Well have a great week and try to stay cool. It is going to be 104 here today. The snow pictures make me feel cooler for a few minutes. Blessings and thanks for the coffee and visit. ~Sara

  5. I enjoyed your Christmas pictures! I've seen Primitive Lane on FB but haven't noticed the Christmas Books and stories. I will have to check it out. I had to laugh at Curt's theory!

  6. Well,Happy Christmas Betty.I enjoyed seeing your Christmas home.

  7. Merry Christmas in July Betty Friend!
    Oh I love all your Christmas love.
    WOnderful ideas too.
    Hugs & JOY

  8. I have enjoyed reading your blog and your "Christmas in July".

  9. Lol...I figured I had to hurry up and do my Christmas in July post last night so it would still be July! I love your bowl on your table. I hope you don't mind me "primlifting" that idea this Christmas! Kathleen(I signed that way in case you would inform me primlifting is not allowed as my Mother uses that name when I'm in trouble!)

  10. I loved all the pictures! I almost felt cooler just looking at them!

  11. Great Christmas pics Betty. Love Christmas, can't wait.


  12. Yay for Christmas, lol! Actually I've been working at Hobby Lobby over the summer and have been playing in the Christmas since May so now I'm ready to move on to Fall. =] I really enjoyed looking at Christmas in your home, so pretty Betty!

    I just love the Primitive Lane group but I don't get on much. My first love is blogging, then facebook. I'm behind on blogging now so I try not to spend too much time in those facebook groups but it's so hard! Before you know it... 2 hours are gone, lol!

  13. Oh Betty, I could start decorating today and not tire of it even on Jan 1. I am so ready to do fall decorating and Christmas will soon follow. Loved looking at your seasonal photos. It is a dark,stormy,afternoon here at the homeplace. The air has it quite cool inside and I have a delicious tart on. Wonder what Mr.P would do if he came in and I had Christmas music playing? Could I tell him it was your fault after visiting with you? (hehe)
    have a great evening

  14. Such pretty pictures! I just love Christmastime! It will be here before we know it! :)

  15. Hi Betty, I take my coffee with lots of cream please. Love the Xmas tour, beautiful decorating, love Dasko sitting there, Blessings Francine.

  16. Happy Christmas and may God bless us everyone!

    Love the tour. Your home is special in every season,...because you are in it!

  17. Ho Ho Ho Betty!! Your home is beautiful in every season!! I love Primitive Lane too--a nice, enjoyable site. Enjoy your coffee!--Jan

  18. Oh Betty I am going to have to go check out Primitive Lane! Your decor is so pretty. I can't wait to decorate this year, it won't be much because I have just started with my prim things but maybe a few things will be cute.
    Be blessed,

  19. Oh matter what we do I think our families think we have lost it! LOL Love your Christmas in July and if I knew where to find Christmas pictures in this computer I would add some to this cute idea. Somehow when data got transferred...well you know...they are out there in cyber space I guess. Loved all your trees...I just love Christmas and the whole season. Nice Post! {{HUGS}}

  20. Merry Christmas Betty!! ;) Your home looked cozy and warm for Christmas!!

  21. I just love all of your Christmas pictures. So perfect and cozy. Really makes me want to decorate! I am really enjoying Primitive Lane. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  22. Your house is so cozy and snug and just perfect for Christmas! I sure wish I could have visited your home when we were that way. Maybe one day! :) You know how I love Christmas. I missed the July, but wonder if I could still join in? I might do it this afternoon if it's not too late?

    Have a great Saturday Betty!


  23. Fantastic pictures !! I love Christmas and can hardly wait !!!
    Have a great day.


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