Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lazy Days of Summer

Hi, and come on in. Would you like coffee or tea? The choice is yours. It is always nice to have you visit, I just love it when you do. This young man is waiting for you.
He is looking to see if that is you coming up the driveway. He loves company, even if they don't like him. It isn't they don't like him, some people are just leery of  rotties. (My burglars weren't, were they) He is such a sweetie and is feeling much better. It won't be long until I'll have to the "chase." Oh my!
We have been out here, he and I, just enjoying the view.

I love this little Cape Cod bird house. It is a Claire Murray and designed after a real house. I would like to live in one just like it. It would have to be bigger of course.
See it is just a lazy day to be enjoying the view from the front porch.
This is what was in my field,looking out my back door. You have to look hard to see them.
Can you find them? There were probably 15 babies and two turkey hens. One is white. They have been here for a long time. I was on the bank as I didn't want to scare them. My camera died just after I took this.I hope they stay safe. When I came home from church they were down on the creek bank. There is also a mama deer and a fawn down there. I just pray they they are safe too.
So this is what what I have been doing on this lazy summer day.
What do you put on top of your pieces of furniture? Tall pieces, I mean. Here are a few examples of mine. I'd like one day, to take everything off and have nothing, but for now this is mine.
Remember when I asked you if I should go red or navy? Well guess what won?
I just love red! Know what else I love? You coming through my back door where life is good.
PS: I will be posting some new pictures when my new camera gets here. I can't wait.
PSS:Most of you know Linda, Behind My Red door, and know she lost her father several days ago. This morning she learned her father in law had passed away. Remember their family in your prayers. That is a lot to go through is such a short time.
PSSS: I want to wish my friend Anna Ruth Thompson a happy birthday this week. She can tell you where she was 33 years ago on on her birthday and where she was 10 years ago. 33 years ago she was at Debbie and Michaels wedding and 10 years ago at Amanda and Clays. Yes Amanda and Clay got married on Deb and Michaels anniversary! So happy anniversary to them.


  1. Enjoyed your "lazy day" pictures. Such a pretty place. What kind of camera are you getting? I have a thing for cameras. Could get a new one every day. Ha! Hope you have a happy afternoon.

  2. Felt like I spy looking for the turkeys but I found your lazy days.Mine will come when Fall gets here,Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. Hi, Betty,
    What pretty pictures. I love the woodsy scene you look out upon, it almost looks like a touch of fall... I love all the things you have put on top of your cupboards, and the new red coverlet is beautiful. I can't have coverlets because cats love to pull at them, I see other things too that they would destroy, like the dried yarrow and stuff in the black firkin

  4. I like what you have on your tall furniture Betty. I don't have any tall pieces so I had shelves installed around the upper walls of my living room so I can set my stuff on them.


  5. Lazy days are the best, but you know me, I am not lazy, however, I never seem to get all that much accomplished! LOL!
    Those babies are sure sweet and I hope they make it. I like your cupboards, and I always enjoy your posts as well.
    The coverlet is beautiful!
    I am very sorry to hear about Lindas' FIL now passing as well. So many people going through things, it is these times especially, we have to really lean on the Lord.
    Bless you Betty and your family.
    That Dasko is sure a sweet guy!
    Have a good night.

  6. Love the view from your porch, and enjoyed my visit today, take care.

  7. Hi Betty! That Dasko is quite the handsome fellow! Our older son adopted,as his FIRST pet, a half Rottie and half Chow--Colonel was 12 and had been badly abused. He was afraid of everything but adored Craig as much as Craig adored him! Craig gave him the best 2 years of his life until his organs began to fail. So sorry about Linda's FIL__that is tough--my parents passed 3 weeks apart and I remember how difficult it was. Always love your house pics--I'm looking for a large antique basket now for on top of one of my tall cupboards--saw one, but the lady wouldn't sell it. :( Have a happy week!!--Jan

  8. Betty: Enjoyed your post and love a picture of Dasko! He is a handsome creature. Love your arrangements on furniture and envy you that red coverlet...I still can't seem to get my bedroom just like I like it...but I am making progress. LOL
    Sorry to hear about Linda's FIL...I,too lost my parents 3 months apart and then my MIL right in between them. Bummer!
    Have a great week.

  9. Love the red coverlet and Dasko's pic!!

  10. Hi Ms. Betty,

    I'll take the sweet tea please! :)

    So glad Dasko is better. He looks to be enjoying himself. You have a beautiful yard!

    Yes!!!! Red won! I love how it looks. One day I want that same coverlet for my bed when it's time for a redo. Did you get it from Sharon?

    Didn't know about Linda's FIL. Thanks for letting us know.

    Happy Anniversary to Deb & Michael & Amanda & Clay!

    Have a great week!

  11. I knew you would go red:) Beautiful. The view from around your yard is so realxing. I think your tall pieces look just fine. I need to find me some tall pieces:) Thanks for such a fun post. -Steph-

  12. Hi Betty, you tell Dakso to just keep looking. Hoping to visit with you one of the days before your beautiful homeplace sells. Such a peaceful view you have from your porch. Mr. P would love the creek and that wildlife. Go glad you chose red for your bed. Looks beautiful. And your tweaking is always perfect. Don't have too many tall pieces but am never satisfied with what I display on top. Hope you have a few lazy days to enjoy this week. Did Deb find you a desk on the longest yard sale?

  13. I am very sorry to read about Linda's FIL.Their family is having such a hard time-it's is such a shame.
    I've enjoyed my tea with you,Dasko and Boo.When are coming for tea here?


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